I was woken up by the ringing sound of my phone I forced my heavy eyes open to see the caller it was an unknown number. I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone. All I needed was more of my nap. 

I don't remember what happened all I Knew was that I was horny and I used my hand to masturbate. I remember Muzi coming with Hlori and that was it. I had no idea how I ended up in my bedroom or how long I've been sleeping. It was dark which meant it wasn't the following day. 

My phone kept on ringing it was another unknown number. I ignored it and went to take a quick shower. I stood in front of my mirror and looked at the person I saw. It didn't feel like me I was totally a different person I was no longer the bubble and happy self I used to be. I had bags under my eyes my hair was messy. My eyes screamed dread and great sadness. For the first time in my life I regretted my decision. I wasn't the kind of person who regretted anything. No matter how wrong I was I always forgave myself and moved on. But I will never forgive myself for committing myself to Muzi I should have slept with him took cash and moved on to the next blesser. 

It was amazing how people especially on social media wished to be me. They wished to live in a mansion the size of a castle-like I did not knowing I was in solitude a deserted place with a facade of a palace. 

Something brought me back to Earth my body. It was bruised my breasts had scratches it could be me when I felt horny but my arms had marks like I had been grabbed by large hands. I've seen something like this in horror movies something was haunting me… 

I thought about calling mom but I knew dad would give me a hard time so I resorted to her advice… To pray. That was what she'd have said anyway. I sighed… 

It was moons ago since I last prayed I think I was seven years if I wasn't mistaken. I quitted when I realized God had his favorites. Mom was praying every day but we remained poor. What was the point? If God really loved us as Christians claim why would he let his people suffer? I was in this mess because he never answered my mother's prayers. If it wasn't for my poor background I wouldn't have been sleeping with old men to secure the bag I wouldn't have married a man I didn't love I wouldn't have found myself in this servitude I wouldn't be stuck in with the witches. 

I looked at the mirror again the bruises were no more. I took my eyes off the mirror and looked at myself to confirm… My skin was clear. I felt a cold breeze on my back I noticed there was someone behind me He was probably ten feet tall.

Let me paraphrase…there was a ten feet tall a red-eyed shadow behind me! No English words would describe how grotesque the thing was. I didn't even get the time to analyze the creature because it disappeared. The only thing I saw was its silhouette and piercing red eyes. 

Instantly I was on my knees. 

"Please God help me I know I sinned I know I don't like you and I'm not much of your fan but please please…" 

I stuttered I was saying please it was the only thing I could say. I wasn't sure what my plea was but God really exists he'd know already. 

"Please help me Jesus. Please kill whatever this is before it kills me" my whole body shuddered Jesus. Please kill whatever this is before it kills me" my whole body shuddered I was scared"



A peal of evil laughter echoed I closed my eyes before it was too loud.

A foreign language was spoken drawers opened and closed themselves. I sat there in a fetus position and rocked myself back and forth. 

A hand touched my shoulder and I jumped in fear… it was Mbali. What was she doing here and who let her in. If she saw the mess in my room she'd think I was crazy and take me to asylum… perhaps that was where I belonged. 

I realized that my room was clean the drawers were closed. The only messy thing was my bed because I had been sleeping on it. It was official… I was crazy. 

"Mbali what are you doing here?" The question came from a place of confusion but mostly it came from relief. She came at the right time what if she came a minute later? A lot could have happened to me. 

"I wanted to check if you alright" 


I stood embarrassed by my appearance I was still naked. "I'm sorry you found me in this position a lot has been happening and…" 

"It's okay." She went to my closet and came back with a robe.

I hope she didn't notice anything about that episode that happened a few minutes ago. Mbali was not a believer she wouldn't believe a word I told her. 

My phone kept on ringing…

"My friend I'm so sorry—" 

"it's okay it wasn't your fault" I knew she was about to tell me about Nonhle. Even if she knew about their affair there was nothing she could have done. "Nonhle decided to be a bitch and take my man don't worry she will suffer the consequences soon enough. I see she thinks being married to Muzi is a ticket to Paradise." I explained. 

It was fun and games for me in the beginning but look at me… 

"Mbali don't shy away from it. We'll have to talk about it. I know you have no one else except me. There is not much I can do to help but I will be there for you throughout until it blows off. People will soon find something else to talk about and I suggest you deactivate your social media accounts for the sake of your sanity—"

"Wait wait… Mbali. What are you talking about?" 

She closed her eyes and sighed "you don't know do you?" 

"What? Why do you suggest I deactivate my accounts? Oh goodness everyone knows my best friend took my men" 

If that's the case then I couldn't care less. I had bigger problems. 

"Well it's kind of something more…" 

"Just get straight to the point please!" 

Her riddles and cryptics were frustrating me even more. 

She signed again and handed me her phone "Hosi yanga!" I exclaimed and dropped the phone. 

It couldn't be happening No! 

"Mbali this is not me Mbali it can't be" I picked up the phone and watched the video again. It was really me taking my clothes off and grinding on Muzi begging for sex he picked me and went to the house with me. 

When it rains it pours. 

"Who would do this to me?" 

Mbali took her phone and gave it to me again. It was another video of me. 

I was sitting on the outside bench my hand was on my pants and the other one was squeezing my breasts I was panting moaning. I spoke to whoever was holding the camera I was inviting him to my bedroom and said my husband won't know and I would reward him with five thousand rands. 

"Mbali I don't recall anything of this" 

It was the truth I don't remember myself doing any of this but It was me. In the same outfit I was wearing hours ago. 

"Did you maybe have too much wine?" 

I was damn sober even if I was drunk I would never do such. I always had self-control when it came to alcohol. I was actually the one who made sure Mbali never embarrassed herself. She was the weakest of the three of us. 

I looked at her and thought carefully about my answer "I had few glasses" I lied. 

It was the only sane explanation. Alcohol only alcohol could make people behave like that. 

But for me it wasn't. It was something malicious and inhumane but I wasn't going to say anything that will make me look like a maniac. 

"Maybe you had too much and didn't realize it's okay my friend. This too shall pass."

Nothing was going to pass. The Internet never forgets. 

This had Ntombi written all over it. Wasn't it enough that I was trapped in her house I was her slave I was a sacrifice? Why did she have to include the internet? Did she want to prove that she was the only good wife and I was nothing but a whore who always longed for sex with anyone?





The first wife bewitched her… LoL that's what you get for being a homewrecker


Lmao… a hoe will always be a hoe


Her hubby is probably diabetic and can't satisfy her lol. Or maybe a small d*ck


C'mon bby I can give it to you free of charge 


LOL she drank expensive alcohol she is not used to haha


"Okay it's enough. Forget about these silly comments from low lives"

Mbali said taking her phone. I couldn't stop my tears how was I going to face the world? My parents… My noisy neighbors. I was already a disappointment to my father… and these videos were going to hit the last nail. Nonhle was probably throwing a celebration party wherever she was. 

It's true when they say life was a series of unfortunate events. My life was all about problems after problems.


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