Chapter 9

(Nomathingo ran until her feet couldn't take it any more. She sat down gasping for air. She lay down on the grass but minutes later someone woke her up. It was a woman) 

Woman : Wake up. You can't be here

(Nomathingo sat up quickly) 

Nomathingo : Where am I? Who are you? 

Woman : No. Who are you and what are you doing here? 

Nomathingo : They want to kill me. Please help me 

Woman : Who wants to kill you? Wena wenzeni? 

Nomathingo : Please help me. They can't find me

Woman : What is your name? 

Nomathingo : Nomathingo Cetsh… Buthelezi

Woman : Where are you from? 

Nomathingo : I'm from Emalahleni 

Woman : Emalahleni village? 

Nomathingo : Yes. I think they killed my father. There was a war when I left 

Woman : Why? 

Nomathingo : Please help me. I need to go back home. Nzwakele needs me

Woman : Sisi I can't help you. You don't belong here 

Nomathingo : I'm begging you. 

Woman : I'm sorry but I can't help you 

Nomathingo : I understand. I'll go 

(Nomathingo was ready to go when a man who saved her appeared from nowhere) 

Man : Princess! 

( He had a bleeding wound on his arm) 

Nomathingo : Oh my God! You found me 

Man : Yes. They are looking for you Princess. 

Nomathingo : Where is my father? Did you see my father? Is he dead? 

Man : Your father is fine.

Nomathingo : And my sister? Is she fine? 

(His face was covered with a black hood which made it difficult for Nomathingo to see his face) 

Man : She is fine

Nomathingo : And you are not. Your arm is bleeding 

Man : Who is this? 

(He was referring to the woman that was standing next to Nomathingo) 

Woman : My name is Nobuhle. I'm from this village. You need to take your sister. She can't be here

Man : I can't. She can't go back to Emalahleni They are going to kill her. 

Nobuhle : If she stays here they are going to kill her. She doesn't belong here 

Man : You are going to help her. Do you understand me? 

(He walked closer to Nobuhle and his tone was firm) 

Nomathingo : No no no. Please don't hurt her. 

Man : If she can't help you then she is no use to me. I might as well just kill her 

Nobuhle : Ok. I will help her just for tonight only 

Man : Thank you. I need to go now 

Nomathingo : Why can't I go with you? 

Man : I can't. I can't take you home with me today. I'll come back tomorrow. I promise 

Nobuhle : Don't worry. I'll take care of you 

Man : Please do take care of her. 

(He walked away) 

Nomathingo : Your name. I didn't get your name 

(He shook his head and continued walking) 

Nobuhle : You don't know him? 

Nomathingo : No. I don't but he saved me

Nobuhle : Why is he hiding his face? 

Nomathingo : I don't know. Do you think I could trust him? 

Nobuhle : His voice is like Shaka Zulu's 

Nomathingo : Shaka Zulu? Who is Shaka Zulu? 

Nobuhle : Shaka Zulu from the TV. You don't know Shaka Zulu? 

(Nomathingo shrugged and shook her head) 

Nomathingo : No. We don't have a TV at home 

Nobuhle : Come. We need to go before someone finds us here

(Nomathingo and Nobuhle arrived at Nobuhle's home) 

Nobuhle : Are you hungry? 

Nomathingo : Do you think he was telling the truth? 

Nobuhle : About what? 

Nomathingo : About my father and my sister? Do you believe that they are not dead? 

Nobuhle : Nomathingo I don't know. Are you hungry? 

Nomathingo : No. I'm not hungry. I'm just tired 

Nobuhle : Get some sleep. I pray that my father doesn't find you here tomorrow morning. 

Nomathingo : Don't worry. I'll go back home tomorrow morning 

Nobuhle : Sleep now. 


(Nomathingo spent the whole day inside Nobuhle's room. It was late and still there was no sign of a man in black) 

Nomathingo : He is not coming. He lied to me 

Nobuhle : You need to eat now. I made idombolo for you 

Nomathingo : I'm not hungry. I want to go back home 

Nobuhle : Nomathingo you can't go now. It's already late. 

(There was a knock on Nobuhle's window. She opened the curtain) 

Nobuhle : It's Shaka Zulu 

Nomathingo : What? 

Nobuhle : Come. He wants to talk to you 

(Nomathingo climbed on the bed and a man who saved her was standing there wearing a black cap) 

Man : We need to go 

Nomathingo : Are you taking me back home? 

Man : No. You can't go back there 

Nomathingo : Then I'm not coming with you 

(Nomathingo closed the curtain) 

Nobuhle : And now? 

Nomathingo : No. I can't go with him. He is not taking me to Emalahleni 

(In a blink of an eye Nobuhle's door was down and the man was in. He picked up Nomathingo and placed her on his shoulder. He threw a few hundred rands on Nobuhle's bed) 

Man : Thank you for all your help. 

(Nomathingo was kicking and screaming) 

Nobuhle : You can't take her. She doesn't want to go 

(He ignored Nobuhle and he walked out with Nomathingo on his shoulder. He came with a taxi and he opened a passenger door for Nomathingo) 

Nomathingo : Where are you taking me? Who are you? Are you Othunyiweyo? 

(He just looked at Nomathingo and started his taxi. He drove for less than an hour and drove through a small passage. The passage was dark) 

Nomathingo : Are you planning to kill me? 


(He finally stopped the car and got out of the car) 

Nomathingo : Wait! Where are you going? 

(He left. He went and spoke to other men that they found there. Nomathingo noticed a few car parts and one taxi was burning next to them. Nomathingo was confused and scared at the same time. He finally got back to the car) 

Nomathingo : Who are those men? 

Man : I'm taking you home now 

Nomathingo : Emalahleni? 

Man : No 

Nomathingo : What are you planning to do with me? If you are planning to kill me you better forget about it because my father will find you and kill you. I'm the princess and I have a very dangerous guardian. 


Nomathingo : The Wolf is very dangerous and it will come here now and it's going to eat you alive. You don't want that. Do you? 

Man : Shut up! 

(Nomathingo got scared and stopped talking. It was clear that he wasn't scared of his father or the wolf) 

Nomathingo : What is your name? 


Nomathingo : If you want me to trust you then you better tell me your name. 

Man : Qaphela

Nomathingo : Ngiqaphele ini? I'm not scared of you. 

Man : My name is Qaphela

Nomathingo : Oh 

(Qaphela shook his head. He stopped his taxi and took a deep sigh) 

Qaphela : Princess look. We are going to get out of this car and sneak to my room. My father can't see you. No one needs to see you. Do you understand? 

Nomathingo : Why can't you just take me back home? 

Qaphela : If I do they are going to kill you. Those people are looking for you and they want you dead

Nomathingo : I am a virgin. I don't understand how I… 

Qaphela : I believe you. Now get out of the car 

(They got out of the car and they walked a few miles before Nomathingo saw a big house. The lights were shining brightly all over the yard) 

Nomathingo : You live in a city? 

Qaphela : This is a village Nomathingo. Come 

(Qaphela was looking around holding Nomathingo's hand) 

Nomathingo : You have electricity in this village? What kind of a village is this? 

Qaphela : Keep quiet!! 

(Qaphela whispered. They sneaked all the way to Qaphela's room that was built at the back of a big house. There were other rooms there. Nomathingo saw 6 taxis that were parked out there. They were written "Gcaba Brothers Legacy" on their windscreens. Qaphela opened the door and pushed in Nomathingo. He locked the door quickly as soon as they were both inside) 

Nomathingo : I'm not sleeping here! 

Qaphela : You don't have a choice Nomathingo! 

Nomathingo : No. I want to go back home! 

(Nomathingo started crying. There was a knock on the door. Qaphela quickly covered Nomathingo's mouth with his hand) 

Qaphela : Who is that? 

Qaphela usubuyile? 

(Qaphela cleared his throat) 

Qaphela : Yebo baba

Qaphela's father : Where did you leave the taxi? 

Qaphela : It broke down Nombela and I had to leave it and walk. 

Qaphela's father : Why did you leave the gate open? 

Qaphela : I… I… I thought others were following me. 

Qaphela's father : Qaphela open this door! 

(Qaphela rubbed his forehead) 

Qaphela : I'm still getting dressed baba 

Qaphela's father : Go and lock that gate. Now Qaphela! 

Qaphela : Nombela

Qaphela's father : And switch off that generator. It's making too much noise 

(There was silence. He was gone. Qaphela took a deep sigh) 

Qaphela : That was close. Nomathingo I'm begging you to keep quiet. Tomorrow I will take you back home. 

Nomathingo : Fine! But I'm not sharing a bed with you 

Qaphela : No problem. I'll sleep on the floor 

Nomathingo : Good 

(The following day Nomathingo woke up at dawn and sneaked out of Qaphela's room. It was still dark outside. Nomathingo was still wearing her traditional attire and she was feeling cold. She ran to the gate but someone shouted behind her) 

Stop right there!! 

(That was Qaphela's father. Nomathingo froze) 

Qaphela's father : Who are you and what are you doing in my house? 

Nomathingo : I can explain baba. 

Qaphela's father : Uhamba unyonyoba emzini wami. Who are you? (He shouted) 

(Qaphela's father was angry and Nomathingo didn't know what to say) 

Qaphela's father : Uqomile layikhaya? Which one is your boyfriend? 

Nomathingo : No one baba. Please let me go 

Qaphela's father : Not until you tell me the truth! Uqomile layikhaya? 

Nomathingo : Cha baba. 

(Nomathingo wanted to cry already) 

Qaphela's father : Come here!! 

(Nomathingo followed Qaphela's father) 

Qaphela's father : Let me call these boys. Wait here! 

(He shouted) 

Qaphela's father : Wee bafana baka Gcaba anivukeni! 

(He started knocking on every door) 

Qaphela's father : Lukhona! Qaphela! Mnqobi! Mondli! Zaba! Andile!. All of you come here now!! 

Nomathingo : Baba please 

Qaphela's father : Yey vukani nina bafana! 

(All Gcaba's sons came out of their houses. All six of them ) 

Qaphela's father : Khuluma ntombazane


what's going on ? 

Gcaba : Shut up Zaba! You are all disrespecting the royal house now? Disrespecting me? 

Zaba : I don't know what you are talking about Baba. 

Who is this young woman? 

Gcaba : You don't know her Andile? 

Andile : No baba 

Gcaba : Khuluma ntombazane. Ubani isoka lakho kulama dodana ami? Which one is your boyfriend? 

(Qaphela rubbed his face) 


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