Chapter 8

(Hours later Nomathingo was ready to go) 

Cetshwayo : Don't be nervous ndodakazi. Everything will go well. Prince Dingaan is the one

Nomathingo : Is he the one? What if he doesn't choose me Nzwakele? 

Cetshwayo : We will cross that bridge when we get there. Okwamanje believe in yourself 

Nomathingo : I have nowhere else to go baba. If King Benzangakhona banishes me

where will I go? 

Cetshwayo : Nomathingo just stop!! 

Nomathingo : Nzwakele 

(Nomathingo bowed her head) 

Cetshwayo : Listen mntanami. If King Benzangakhona kicks you out of this village you won't go alone. We will come with you. There are so many villages that we can move to 

(Nomathingo shook her head) 

Nomathingo : No Nzwakele. You have done so much for me and I won't allow you to leave this village because of me. 

Cetshwayo : I will do anything to protect my children. Anything Nomathingo 

Nomathingo : You are a great father Nzwakele and one day I will make you proud baba. 

Cetshwayo : I'm not perfect Nomathingo. I have done some terrible things in the past. Things that I'm not proud of 

Nomathingo : Like disowning your own flesh and blood?

Cetshwayo : Yes. That and more. I should have protected Gugulethu but I didn't and I will never forgive myself for that. 

Nomathingo : Nzwakele some things are just meant to be. There are things that we can't control. Like death. If death comes it comes and no one can prevent it. 

Cetshwayo : It is my job to protect my children 

Nomathingo : It is but you can't protect us from death Nzwakele. 

Cetshwayo : But I didn't try. I never tried to fight for my daughter. 

Nomathingo : No baba. It was time 

Cetshwayo : I want to believe that but I can't. We need to go now

(Nomathingo sighed) 

Nomathingo : Yebo baba. 

Cetshwayo : Are you feeling better now? 

Nomathingo : Very much better Nzwakele 

Cetshwayo : Are you sure? 

Nomathingo : Yes Baba. 

(MaSibisi and Alondwe walked in) 

Alondwe : Wamuhle Noma. I see that you are feeling better now 

Nomathingo : Yes dadewethu. It was just period pains and a headache 

Alondwe : I see. Anyway let's go and hand you over to Prince Dingz

(They all laughed) 

Cetshwayo : Respect the Prince wena Alondwe. Sekufanele sihambe bantabami 

(They all walked out and headed to Esigcawini) 


(The whole village was there. King Bayede was the most respected King in his village and people loved him. Nomathingo was sitting next to Alondwe and she kept ensuring that everyone could see her. People were eating meat already. Nomathingo noticed a man that was sitting far from isigcawu. He was wearing black clothes and he was sitting on top of the rock where no one could see him but Nomathingo saw him.) 

Nomathingo : Do you see that man over there? 

Alondwe : The one in black clothes? 

Nomathingo : Yes. Do you think he is also from our village? 

Alondwe : Yes or maybe he came with King Bayede and his Prince. 

Nomathingo : Maybe 

Alondwe : People are setting down now. You need to go and join the girls 

Nomathingo : Yes. Wish me luck 

Alondwe : Good luck dade. 

(Nomathingo smiled and hugged Alondwe. She joined other girls that were part of Umgidi. King Benzangakhona stood up) 

Benzangakhona : My people. I greet you all. 

Wena weZulu! ( Everyone said) 

Benzangakhona : I have an announcement to make. Today things are going to be a little bit different from what we know. The chosen lady will have to wear uMhlwehlwe to prove to us that she is still a virgin. We are all aware of what happened with the girl that was chosen by Prince Nqobizitha and we are trying to prevent the same thing from happening with Prince Dingaan. 

Wena weZulu! (Everyone said) 

Benzangakhona : Nginifisela inhlanhla madodakazi ami. Thank you 

(There was silence. King Benzangakhona took his spear and handed it over to Prince Dingaan and Prince Dingaan bowed his head and stood up. With no hesitation he made his way straight to Nomathingo. He stabbed the ground with his spear in front of Nomathingo. Cetshwayo was grinding with Ihawu in his hand while maSibisi and Alondwe were busy ululating. Everyone was happy for Nomathingo.) 

(King Bayede's wife Queen Balandiwe helped Nomathingo to wear uMhlwehlwe and as soon as she was done. Nomathingo did a traditional dance holding a spear. UMhlwehlwe started tearing apart. Everyone was shocked but Nomathingo continued doing her traditional dance until UMhlwehlwe fell down on her feet. She stopped dancing and looked at everyone with her eyes wide open and her mouth gape open. That was proof that Nomathingo was no longer a virgin) 

Bayede : King Bayede what is this? Ungihlolelani ngempela? 

Dingaan : Akayona intombi nto! (He yelled) 

(Nomathingo looked at Cetshwayo. Tears were running down her cheeks) 

Bayede : Mubulaleni!!! 

Dingaan : Makafe!! 

(Nomathingo went down on her knees and put the spear on the ground) 

Nomathingo : I can explain. 

Bayede : No. Makafe!! 

Benzangakhona : No King Bayede. That is not how we do things kulesegodi sami. 

Cetshwayo : Nkosi yami. They can't kill my daughter!!! 

Bayede : She is no longer a virgin. She must be killed. She played us all!! 

Benzangakhona : No!! We must banish her! 

Dingaan : Uzoya kusiphi isigodi?

Benzangakhona : Who took your virginity Nomathingo? 

Nomathingo : It was the wolf!!! 

(She screamed. Tears streaming down her face) 

Alondwe : Unamanga!!! 

(Nomathingo looked at Alondwe) 

Nomathingo : Dadewethu please!!

Alondwe : She is a liar. She killed my sister. Makafe!!! 

Makafe!!! (Everyone else said) 

Cetshwayo : No!!! Kill me instead of my daughter! Kill me!! 

(Isigcawu turned into a war zone and the man that was wearing black clothes grabbed Nomathingo's arm and they ran. As soon as they were far from Isigcawu the man shouted) 

Man : Run my princess!! Run!! 

Nomathingo : What about you? 

Man : I need to go back. Don't worry about me. Run and never look back. I will find you and I will take you home. 

(Nomathingo began to run again)


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