Chapter 6

(The following day. Early in the morning) 

maSibisi : There is your porridge Thingo

Nomathingo : Thank you Mah. Ngisayokha ulamula

(maSibisi laughed) 

maSibisi : So you like it with lemon? 

Nomathingo : Yes and you? 

maSibisi : With sugar only 

Nomathingo : You should try it with lemon 

(Nomathingo laughed and walked out. maSibisi finished washing the samp and soaked it in water. Nomathingo walked back in) 

Nomathingo : Ew! Sodla isitambu futhi na namuhla? 

maSibisi : The way you say it one would swear that we eat samp every day. 

(maSibisi laughed) 

Nomathingo : Is Alondwe still sleeping? 

MaSibisi : Yes. Uyamazi nje ukuthi usevuka ngo 07h00 sekuphume ilanga 

Nomathingo : She is done with her exams so let her rest Mah. 

maSibisi : Hhai Thingo. Intombazane ayilali nje ilanga lize lingene endunu 

(They laughed and maSibisi stopped laughing and looked at Nomathingo) 

maSibisi : Cetshwayo is worried mntanami. 

Nomathingo : Mah I still don't understand how you and Nzwakele didn't see me Esigcawini. I was there

maSibisi : He doesn't believe that. He thinks awuseyona intombi nto and that is why you didn't attend UMgidi 

Nomathingo : What? How can he say that? Nzwakele knows that I'm still a virgin. 

maSibisi : How does he know? Does he always follow you around everywhere you go? 

Nomathingo : No Mah but….. I am pure. I swear. 

maSibisi : I believe you. Nomathingo there is Umgidi this coming Friday and you need to be there. You heard the King last night. He is giving you one last chance.

(Nomathingo deep sighed) 

Nomathingo : I know Mah but what if the same thing happens again where I see people but they don't see me? Nah ngizokwenzenjani? How do I stop this thing? 

MaSibisi : Nomathingo we are not idiots. We all know that you didn't attend UMgidi yesterday so stop trying to come up with silly excuses. You were wrong for not attending uMgidi and you need to take responsibility for your actions. Stop trying to defend yourself 

(Nobody believed that Nomathingo attended uMgidi) 

Nomathingo : Mahlase 

(Nomathingo bowed her head) 

maSibisi : You have so much respect and I don't want you to change. Please don't allow this world to change you. 

Nomathingo : Yebo Mah 

maSibisi : Lalela ke Finish eating quickly. I want you to collect more grass for me. For brooms 

Nomathingo : No problem Mahlase. 

maSibisi : I saw pumpkins yesterday esibayeni. 

Nomathingo : Yes. Nzwakele planted those pumpkins 

(maSibisi blushed. Nomathingo laughed) 

maSibisi : Your father is a good man. I'm so lucky to have him

Nomathingo : I know how much he loves you Mah. 

maSibisi : I love him too. Now finish eating 

(Cetshwayo walked in) 

Cetshwayo : Bantabami 

Nomathingo : Nzwakele 

(Nomathingo bowed her head) 

maSibisi : I was just about to bring you water to freshen up. 

Cetshwayo : Don't worry mkami. Where is Alondwe? 

Nomathingo : Usalele baba. 

Cetshwayo : Yey uyivila udadewenu 

(They all laughed) 

Nomathingo : Do you blame her Nzwakele? Gugulethu was lazy too 

Cetshwayo : I know. Nomathingo yazi bengicabanga la. 

Nomathingo : About what Nzwakele? 

Cetshwayo : For us to cleanse ourselves 

maSibisi : Awukakapheli u 3 months Cetshwayo. 

Cetshwayo : I know but we are done mourning for Gugulethu hence we are going to remove these black armbands and do the cleansing ceremony. 

Nomathingo : I don't know baba. I think it's too soon 

Cetshwayo : No. It isn't. 

It is Cetshwayo. Just because you can't wait to get your hands on Zingelwayo's wife doesn't mean we have to stop following our tradition. The cleansing ceremony is done after 3 months and nothing will change that. 

(Alondwe said while she was walking in. Cetshwayo gulped) 

Nomathingo : Alondwe you need to stop referring to Mah as Zingelwayo's wife. 

Cetshwayo : What do you mean when you say I can't wait to get my hands on maSibisi? 

Alondwe : Oh please Cetshwayo you know what couples do in bed and you are not allowed to do those things because you are still mourning for your daughter. 3 months is not a long time

Cetshwayo. You survived for years without touching a woman so I don't under…..

Cetshwayo : Enough!!!! 

(Everyone was shocked) 

Cetshwayo : You are rude Alondwe. You have no respect! I thought I raised you better than this. I failed 

Alondwe : You failed us the day you brought Zingelwayo's wife into our lives Cetshwayo. 

(Nomathingo couldn't listen to Cetshwayo arguing with his daughter any more) 

Nomathingo : Please excuse me 

(She stormed out and she ran to the river where they collected grass to make brooms. Nomathingo was tired and thirsty from running. She went down to the river to drink water. The river from Emalahleni was not as big as Ugu river. Nomathingo stopped walking when she saw a tall man standing by the river. The man was wearing black clothes. His back was facing Nomathingo and one hand was in his pocket and he used the other hand to hold his cigarette. He was smoking) 

(Nomathingo continued walking to the river and when she was about to reach the river the man crossed the river and walked away) 

Nomathingo : Uxolo! Uxolo! May I help you? 

(The man stopped walking and turned around to look at Nomakhwezi. He shook his head and continued walking away. Nomathingo couldn't see his face clearly because the hood that he was wearing covered almost half of his face.) 

Nomathingo : Wait!! 

(The man walked away ignoring Nomathingo. Nomathingo shook her head and watched the man walking into the bush. She drank water using her hands and she noticed a few cigarette butts where the man was standing. Seemingly he had been standing there longer than Nomathingo thought.)


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