Chapter 5

( Nomathingo sneaked out of her room and as soon as she got outside she took a deep sigh. Cetshwayo was awake already) 

Cetshwayo : Yini kwenzenjani? You can't sleep? 

Nomathingo : Nzwakele I… I… No...Everything.. Everything is fine. 

Cetshwayo : You are sweating Nomathingo. Is everything ok? Is there a problem in your room? 

Nomathingo : No no no. Everything is fine. I'm just struggling to sleep 

Cetshwayo : It's 04h00am Nomathingo. Go back to sleep. 

Nomathingo : I can't 

Cetshwayo : Oh ndodakazi yami. You are scared. I know it's difficult for you to sleep in your room after Gugulethu…. Did what she did. 

Nomathingo : No Nzwakele. It's not that 

Cetshwayo : It is. We cleansed your room and her spirit won't bother you. 

Nomathingo : Baba I'm not scared. Gugulethu was my sister 

Cetshwayo : You can always move to another room if you are not comfortable sleeping in your room. 

Nomathingo : Nzwakele I'm fine. Why are you up so early? 

Cetshwayo : Siya ka Zingelwayo. 

Nomathingo : You are also going? 

Cetshwayo : King Benzangakhona insisted that I go too. 

Nomathingo : But that's not how things are done. 

Cetshwayo : I know but what can I say? 

Nomathingo : So this woman is really coming today? 

Cetshwayo : Unfortunately yes

Nomathingo : Kulungile Nzwakele. 

Cetshwayo : Please make sure the houses are clean. 

Nomathingo : Don't worry yourself about that baba. Kumele ngishanele ibala

Cetshwayo : Thank you princess. 

(Nomathingo smiled and walked away. She took a broom and started sweeping the yard. The only thing that was in her mind was the wolf she left in her room. Cetshwayo and other men of the village left with the cows. Nomathingo finished cleaning the yard and she made fire outside. Alondwe woke up and joined her) 

Alondwe : I thought you would be gone by now 

Nomathingo : No I'm still here 

Alondwe : Why? 

Nomathingo : Because you and Nzwakele need me here. Alondwe you are my sister and I love you so much. 

(Alondwe took a deep sigh) 

Alondwe : I don't understand why Gugulethu killed herself. 

Nomathingo : She didn't want to marry the prince.

Alondwe : I don't want to believe that. 

Nomathingo : So you believe that I killed her? 

( Nomathingo walked to the rondavel and she came back with a packet of maize meal and a bucket of water) 

Alondwe : Because you had every reason to kill her. 

Nomathingo : Alondwe you were there and you witnessed Gugulethu breaking down because of Sizanani. 

Alondwe : Nomathingo do us a favor and leave this house. I'll help you pack up your clothes 

(She headed to Nomathingo's room and Nomathingo grabbed her arm.)

Nomathingo : Stop it Alondwe!! We have bigger problems. Zingelwayo's wife is coming today 

Alondwe : What? 

Nomathingo : Oh. Cetshwayo did not tell you? 

Alondwe : No he didn't. 

Nomathingo : He left with 10 cows and she is coming back with her. 

(Alondwe placed her arms over her head and walked away) 


( maSibisi came dragging her suitcases. Nomathingo and Alondwe haven't spoken to her. She is with Cetshwayo in their room. Alondwe is walking up and down. Nomathingo has been trying by all means to avoid going to her room after seeing the wolf. She is in Alondwe's room. Things seem much better now between the two of them) 

Nomathingo : Do you believe in guardians? 

Alondwe : I can't stay with that woman. Ngibafunge o Cetshwayo ngeke. 

Nomathingo : Do you think they exist? 

Alondwe : If I go my father will be sad right? 

Nomathingo : Have you ever seen a wolf before? 

Alondwe : She is going to beat us Noma. She is going to abuse our father! 

( Alondwe was walking up and down. Nomathingo was sitting in bed staring into space. Nomathingo was too worried about the wolf she left in her room and she wasn't paying attention to what Alondwe was saying. Alondwe on the other side was too worried about her father's new wife and she wasn't paying attention to what Nomathingo was saying. Each of them was having their own conversation) 

Nomathingo : Do you think Gugulethu sent it? 

Alondwe : Gugulethu would never do that. She hated Zingelwayo's wife so why would she send her here? 

Nomathingo : No. She told me that she would send me a guardian 

Alondwe : maSibisi a guardian? Don't be stupid Noma! 

Nomathingo : So do you think I should get rid of it? 

Alondwe : But how? 

Nomathingo : It's too big. I can't kill it 

Alondwe : But I want to kill her 

Nomathingo : You should have seen it laying there. 

Alondwe : You should have seen her dragging her suitcases going to my father's room. 

Nomathingo : Do you think Othunyiweyo is a wolf? 

(Alondwe looked at Nomathingo. Confusion written all over her face) 

Alondwe : The Wolf? What wolf? 

Nomathingo : Haibo kanti wena what are you talking about? 

Alondwe : maSibisi. What are you talking about? 

(They were disturbed by Cetshwayo who walked in) 

Cetshwayo : Kumele nizobingelela u maSibisi. 

Alondwe : Greet her? No I don't want to 

Cetshwayo : Alondwe!! 

Nomathingo : It's ok Nzwakele. We are coming 

Cetshwayo : Now Nomathingo! 

Nomathingo : Let's go Alo

(Alondwe looked at Nomathingo and shook her head before she followed Cetshwayo. They walked in their father's room and maSibisi was sitting on a cowhide rug) 

Cetshwayo : maSibisi is now your mother and I expect the two of you to give her the respect she deserves 

(Alondwe chuckled) 

maSibisi : Madodakazi ami

(Alondwe rolled her eyes) 

Nomathingo : We are happy that you are here Mah. 

Alondwe : Noma when you say WE Ubala nami yini lapho? 

Cetshwayo : Alondwe shut up!! 

Alondwe : No baba. You know exactly how I feel about this whole thing! Don't tell me to shut up. 

(Cetshwayo's eyes were wide open) 

Cetshwayo : Ukhuluma nami kanjalo? 

Alondwe : Cetshwayo you need to stop treating me like a child. 

(Cetshwayo stood up and Alondwe stood up too. They were staring at each other) 

Cetshwayo : Alondwe who do you think you are? 

Alondwe : I'm your daughter and it is my right to tell you how I feel! 

Cetshwayo : Alondwe if you are going to continue like this I swear I will disown you like your brother 


Alondwe : What? What did you say? 

Cetshwayo : Nothing!! 

Alondwe : Cetshwayo I have a brother? You have a son baba? 

Cetshwayo : He is dead!! 

maSibisi : Hhai bakwethu. Kahleni! Kahleni! Ngifika nje? 

( Cetshwayo stormed out) 

Alondwe : What is he talking about Noma? 

Nomathingo : I don't know dadewethu. Come with me 

(Nomathingo pulled Alondwe by her arm) 

maSibisi : Sit down! Both of you! 

(Nomathingo and Alondwe looked at each other and they sat down) 

maSibisi : From today things are going to be different. I'm your father's wife! Your mother and I expect to be treated like one. We are family here and we…. 

Alondwe : No you are not part of our family. 

maSibisi : I see that you and I are going to have a problem. 

Alondwe : You are not my mother! I don't like you maSibisi 

Nomathingo : Hhaibo Alo! 

(maSibisi laughed softly and shook her head. She stood up.) 

maSibisi : Don't worry. You will learn to like me. Please excuse me

I need to check on my husband. 

(maSibisi tapped Alondwe's shoulder and walked out.) 

Alondwe : I hate her Noma! 

Nomathingo : I know but you need to calm down. 

Alondwe : Did you hear my father? Unendodana Noma. Ubuwazi? 

Nomathingo : He once mentioned it but he didn't get into detail. 

Alondwe : He tells you everything and I'm always the last person to know about important things. 

Nomathingo : Calm down dadewethu 

Alondwe : Since when do we have secrets in this family? 

Nomathingo : I'm sure there is an explanation. Just give Cetshwayo a chance. 

(Nomathingo hugged Alondwe) 


(maSibisi and Alondwe are not getting along but that worked for Nomathingo because it brought Alondwe closer to her. The wolf has disappeared for a while now) 

Cetshwayo : There is uMgidi tomorrow and Prince Nqobizitha and King Manqondo are coming. We need to go to the river and ask for guidance 

Nomathingo : I don't need my parents guidance anymore Nzwakele. I have my own guardian now 

Cetshwayo : Oh? You do? 

Nomathingo : Yebo Nzwakele 

Cetshwayo : Who? What? 

Nomathingo : The wo… I mean Gugulethu. My sister is my guardian. 

Cetshwayo : How do you know that? 

Nomathingo : She visits me in my dreams and she told me that she would… She is my guardian. 

(Cetshwayo smiled) 

Cetshwayo : I am happy for you ndodakazi. Every princess needs a guardian 

Nomathingo : Ngiyabonga baba. We will never go back to Ugu. 

Cetshwayo : It's where you were born Princess. You have to visit that place 

Nomathingo : No. They forsake me when I needed them the most. I don't need them anymore Nzwakele. 

Cetshwayo : I understand your frustration but you can't turn your back on your mother and father. 

Nomathingo : They are dead Nzwakele! Bafile! 

Cetshwayo : Hhaibo Nomathingo! Bakhotheme. Since when do you speak like that?

Nomathingo : Uxolo Nzwakele 

Cetshwayo : Are you nervous about tomorrow? 

Nomathingo : You know for the first time I'm not nervous baba. Prince Nqobizitha will choose me 

Cetshwayo : I'm proud of you princess. Tell me how do you feel about your mother maSibisi? 

Nomathingo : I think she is not as bad as we thought. Alondwe needs to give her a chance 

(Cetshwayo smiled widely) 

Cetshwayo : She is a wonderful woman and she respects me 

Nomathingo : You love her Nzwakele? 

Cetshwayo : She is…. She is different. I just hope she won't change 

Nomathingo : Ohh Nzwakele usemathandweni 

(Nomathingo and Cetshwayo laughed) 

Cetshwayo : I just want things to be fine between her and Alondwe but Alondwe is stubborn. 

Nomathingo : I will speak to her as soon as she comes back from school. 

Cetshwayo : Ngiyabonga mntanami. If Prince Nqobizitha chose you please do not forget to visit us. 

Nomathingo : I won't. Nzwakele you need to tell us what happened to our brother. 

(Nzwakele was suddenly angry) 

Cetshwayo : He is dead. Please excuse me 

(Cetshwayo walked away) 


maSibisi : Are you ready 

Nomathingo : Yebo Mah 

(Alondwe walked in) 

Alondwe : Oh I'm sorry to disturb mother - daughter quality time 

maSibisi : Don't be ridiculous Alondwe. Come and help your sister with her hat 

Alondwe : Why are you pretending to be a nice person mfazi ka Zingelwayo? 

(Nomathingo jumped from her. She was shocked) 

Nomathingo : Alondwe are you crazy? 

(maSibisi laughed) 

maSibisi : Thingo don't worry about her. Today it's about you and I don't have time to entertain your sister. Put on your hat and let's go

Nomathingo : Alondwe apologize to Mah 

Alondwe : No! 

maSibisi : Don't bother. I'll go and call Cetshwayo 

Nomathingo : I'll follow you now Mah 

Alondwe : I'm not going today. 

Nomathingo : I need your support. 

Alondwe : No you don't. Your mother will be there for you 

Nomathingo : Nzwakele love maSibisi and maybe it's time you accept that 

Alondwe : She can fool all of you here but not me. 

(maSibisi was at the doorstep) 

maSibisi : Nomathingo please come. We need to go 

Nomathingo : I will follow you now Mah. 

(maSibisi shook her head and walked away) 

Nomathingo : You are hurting her Alondwe. Don't you see that? 

Alondwe : Go and find your prince dadewethu. 

Nomathingo : Please come with us 

Alondwe : No. I can't 

Nomathingo : Ok. Goodbye 

Alondwe : I wish you all the best. 

Nomathingo : Thank you mntaka baba 

(Nomathingo walked away. She was minutes away from home and the wolf was standing in her way. The Wolf roared like a lion and Nomathingo was scared) 

Nomathingo : Othunyiweyo I know this is you. Please get out of my way I need to go. I'm late for uMgidi 

(The Wolf was just staring at Nomathingo) 

Nomathingo : Please go away

(The Wolf disappeared right in front of Nomathingo's eyes. She ran to Esigcawini. She arrived at the same time as King Manqondo and Prince Nqobizitha. Cetshwayo was looking around confused. Nomathingo waved at Cetshwayo but Cetshwayo seemed not to see her.) 

Nomathingo : Baba relax. Sengifikile 

(Cetshwayo kept looking around like he was searching for someone. Nomathingo decided to leave him alone and joined other girls. Cetshwayo and maSibisi seemed really worried) 

Nomathingo : Baba! Mah! I'm here 

(Cetshwayo and maSibisi seemed not to hear her. Nomathingo heard Cetshwayo complaining) 

Cetshwayo : Kanti where is this girl? Usuzoqala uMgidi 

maSibisi : Don't worry baba. I'm sure she is coming 

Cetshwayo : When? When? 

(Nomathingo wondered who they were referring to) 

maSibisi : I need to join other women baba. Please ungakhathazeki uyeza

( Cetshwayo whispered something to King Benzangakhona and the King seemed angry. Nomathingo continued singing with other girls but deep down she was worried about Cetshwayo. King Benzangakhona raised his hand and there was silence. Cetshwayo took out his face cloth and wiped the sweat that was all over his face. The girls that were standing next to Nomathingo moved from her) 

Girl 1 : Zama be careful of that dog fur on your feet 

(The girl whispered to Zama. Zama had a disgusted look on her face and she moved steps away from Nomathingo) 

Zama : Mhmm Sies! Uboya benja. Buqhamukaphi kodwa? 

(Nomathingo looked around her and she didn't see any dog fur. What were they talking about? King Benzangakhona handed the spear to Prince Nqobizitha and Nqobizitha stood up and made his way to the girls. Cetshwayo was not even looking at everything that was going onHe kept his head and he was fuming inside. Nomathingo smiled when she saw Nqobizitha making his way to where she was standing. She was so disappointed when Prince Nqobizitha pointed his spear in front of Zama. Women were ululating. Cetshwayo and maSibisi went back home leaving Nomathingo behind) 

Nomathingo : Bathukuthele. Oh my God I've disappointed Cetshwayo once again 

(She was telling the girl that was standing next to her but that girl bluntly ignored her. Nomathingo removed her hat and went back home. Tears were streaming down her face) 

(She found Cetshwayo pacing around the yard. He was furious) 

Nomathingo : Baba! 

(Cetshwayo stopped and looked at her. Cetshwayo was sweating and his eyes were red) 

Cetshwayo : Uphumaphi!! 

(Nomathingo was confused) 

Nomathingo : What do you mean Nzwakele? 

Cetshwayo : Answer my question Nomathingo!! Where are you coming from? 

Nomathingo : Esigcawini baba

Cetshwayo : Stop lying to me! Stop! 

Nomathingo : Angiqondi Nzwakele. I'm telling you the truth 

Cetshwayo : maSibisi!! Come here! 

(maSibisi came out running from the rondavel) 

maSibisi : Yebo baba. 

Cetshwayo : Did you see Nomathingo Esigcawini? 

maSibisi : No she wasn't there Cetshwayo 

(Cetshwayo looked at Nomathingo)

Cetshwayo : Since when do you lie Nomathingo? 

Nomathingo : I was right there Cetshwayo. I saw you and Mah. I even told you to relax because you seemed worried baba

(Cetshwayo looked at maSibisi. Alondwe joined them outside) 

Alondwe : What's going on? 

Nomathingo : Nqobizitha chose Zama. I was there Nzwakele. I saw everything 

Cetshwayo : No maarn! You were not there. So you want to tell me that my wife and I are crazy? 

Alondwe : Nikhuluma ngani? 

Cetshwayo : Your sister did not attend uMgidi! 

Alondwe : What? (She was shocked) Why not Noma? 

(Nomathingo took a deep sigh and sat down on the ground. Tears running down her face) 

Nomathingo : God knows I was there. 


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