Chapter 4

 Nomathingo : You are my guardian? 

Man : Yes. Your sister sent me. Igugu lama Cetshwayo 

Nomathingo : Gugulethu? 

Man : Yes 

Nomathingo : What is your name again? 

Man : Othunyiweyo 

Nomathingo : Othunyiweyo?. Ok I need to go home 

Othunyiweyo : You can't go alone. It's not safe here 

(Nomathingo noticed that his voice was different from the one she heard from the bush.) 

Nomathingo : Who was standing behind me at the bush? Because it wasn't you

Othunyiweyo : It was me 

Nomathingo : That wasn't your voice 

Othunyiweyo : It was. We need to go princess your father is worried. 

( Othunyiweyo escorted Nomathingo on her way home. When they reached the gate Nomathingo stopped walking) 

Nomathingo : You can't go in with me. 

Othunyiweyo : I have nowhere else to go princess. You are my only hope 

Nomathingo : Uphuma kusiphi isigodi? 

Othunyiweyo : I come from nowhere. 

(Nomathingo started to have doubts about Othunyiweyo) 

Nomathingo : I'm sorry but I can't help you. 

Othunyiweyo : Please. You need me by your side all the time. Your life is in danger 

Nomathingo : Ay! Usale kahle muntu wenkosi

(Nomathingo ran to her room and she found Cetshwayo sitting on her bed) 

Nomathingo : Nzwakele 

Cetshwayo : I'm glad you came back home. I was worried about you. I went to the river to search for you but you were not there. 

Nomathingo : I'm sorry baba. 

Cetshwayo : Where are you coming from at this time of the night? 

Nomathingo : Emanz'amnyama

Cetshwayo : You went to the bush alone at this time of the night? Are you crazy? 

Nomathingo : Yobe Nzwakele 

Cetshwayo : Princess I can't lose you. I can't lose another daughter 

Nomathingo : I was angry baba and I needed some time away. 

Cetshwayo : Alondwe is angry but she will be fine. Don't take it to heart because she didn't mean what she said to you. 

Nomathingo : I'm more worried about Nzwakele. You are just going on with your life like nothing happened. 

Cetshwayo : I'm a man. I can't afford to break down I need to persevere and strengthen this family. 

Nomathingo : She was your daughter Nzwakele. It's ok to cry 

Cetshwayo : She is my daughter and nothing will ever change that. Nomathingo your sister Alondwe is starting to ask questions. 

Nomathingo : About me? 

Cetshwayo : Yes. She said you are different from them 

(Nomathingo rubbed her fingers on her eyebrows and took a deep sigh) 

Nomathingo : Tell her the truth. Tell her that I'm not your daughter 

Cetshwayo : I can't tell her now. She is all over the place and she might do the unthinkable 

Nomathingo : Like telling the King? 

Cetshwayo : Jah. 

(Cetshwayo stood up and tucked his hands in his pockets. He started kicking the wall gently with his feet. He took a deep sigh and rubbed his face) 

Cetshwayo : This is karma. Ngiyajeziswa

Nomathingo : What are you talking about Nzwakele? 

Cetshwayo : My son didn't deserve what I did to him. 

(Nomathingo was shocked) 

Nomathingo : You have a son? 

Cetshwayo : I do and I disowned him. He was different

Nomathingo. He brought us nothing but trouble and he…… I can't do this. (He sighed) The king was here and tomorrow I'm sending people to kwa Zingelwayo 

Nomathingo : Baba! That is too soon. We just buried my sister hours ago 

Cetshwayo : I know that and there is nothing I can do. Tradition is tradition 

Nomathingo : Nzwakele why did we come here? Why did we leave Ugu? Because this place is not good for us. Look at us baba

(Nzwakele looked at Nomathingo and blinked rapidly. He cleared his throat) 

Cetshwayo : We.. We.. We had to go. It was not safe. They killed the King. They killed your father Nomathingo. We had to go 

Nomathingo : Nzwakele I don't understand. Why did we not leave soon after my father died? We stayed 3 years after my father's death. Why? 

Cetshwayo : Because we were hoping that your mother could handle the throne but Queen Nandi failed. Queen Nandi failed the people from the Ugu Kingdom! People were killing each other day in and day out. 

Nomathingo : Nzwakele my mother tried so much to save the Kingdom. She died trying to save Ugu but your people refused to be ruled by a woman! Queen Nandi did not fail Nzwakele. Yes they killed each other I agree but my mother was not the reason why they killed each other. 

Cetshwayo : They were fighting for her Nomathingo! 

Nomathingo : The war was between people who wanted my mother to take over the throne and those who were against it. My mother had nothing to do with that! 

Cetshwayo : She chose to die instead of fighting for the Kingdom!! We are here because of Queen Nandi! We are suffering because of Queen Nandi! My daughter died because of Queen Nandi! King Benzangakhona wants to banish you because of Queen Nandi!. I have to marry a woman I don't want because of Queen Nandi. (He banged the wall) 

Nomathingo : She was sick Nzwakele. She couldn't fight. The person who killed my father should be the one to blame 

(Cetshwayo slowly turned his head to Nomathingo.) 

Cetshwayo : I… I need to go. I'm tired 

(Cetshwayo walked out and Nomathingo locked her door and slept. She slept for a few hours and then she was awoken by a dog howling at the back of her room. She opened the window and she saw nothing. She wore her shoes and opened the door She went to the back of her room and she found Othunyiweyo) 

Nomathingo : No no no. What are you doing here? 

Othunyiweyo : You are my only hope 

Nomathingo : Stop! Just stop baba wabantu. I told you that I can't help you. 

Othunyiweyo : It's ok. I'll go

(Othunyiweyo took a few steps and Nomathingo stopped him) 

Nomathingo : Wait. Come with me 

(Othunyiweyo followed Nomathingo to her room) 

Nomathingo : Where is your dog? 

Othunyiweyo : I don't have a dog 

Nomathingo : Then what was that noise? 

Othunyiweyo : I don't know. I didn't hear any noise princess 

(Nomathingo shook her head) 

Nomathingo : How old are you? 

Othunyiweyo : I've been walking on this earth for over 60 years. 

(Nomathingo sighed. She didn't believe that story of walking for over 60 years. Yes Othunyiweyo was an old man but not that old) 

Nomathingo : Oh. I see

Othunyiweyo : I'm running out of time my princess and I won't be able to guide for longer 

(Nomathingo looked at him and shook her head. She kneeled down and pulled out a cowhide rug under her bed. She took a pillow and a blanket.) 

Nomathingo : You can sleep in my bed and I'm going to sleep here. 

Othunyiweyo : No no no. You are a princess and you can't sleep in a cowhide rug. I will 

Nomathingo : Ok. 

(Nomathingo couldn't waste any more of her precious time arguing with a crazy man) 

Othunyiweyo : Thank you my princess 

Nomathingo : It's ok. 

Othunyiweyo : Don't be scared. 

Nomathingo : I'm not scared. Lala Othunyiweyo 

(Othunyiweyo fixed his pillow and he covered his head with a blanket. There was no way Nomathingo was going to sleep whilst there was a crazy man in her room. Nomathingo watched him almost the rest of the night) 

(The first rooster was crowing and Nomathingo jumped out of bed) 

Nomathingo : Othunyiweyo! Othunyiweyo! Wake up and go. You need to go now before Nzwakele finds you here 


Nomathingo : Hhaibo muntu we nkosi vuka! Before you get me into trouble 

(Othunyiweyo did not move) 

Nomathingo : Ay! Ay! Uyabonake ukusiza umuntu. Wake up! 

(Nomathingo pulled the blanket and she found a Wolf sleeping under her blanket and Othunyiweyo was not there. When did he go?) 


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