Chapter 10

Nomathingo : None of them baba

Gcaba : Then explain to me how you got to my house? 

Nomathingo : Qaphela was trying to help me Baba. Some people wanted to….. 

Gcaba : Prince Qaphela follow me. The rest of you can go back to sleep 

(Nomathingo and Qaphela followed Gcaba to his house. Gcaba sat down on his throne. Nomathingo was shocked to find out that Qaphela was from the royal house. Qaphela sat down on a chair next to his father while Nomathingo was sitting on a beautiful cowhide rug) 

Gcaba : Start talking Prince Qaphela. Who is this girl? 

(Qaphela swallowed the lump on his throat) 

Qaphela : Her name is Nomathingo Buthelezi from Ugu Kingdom. She is the princess of the late King Bhekifa and Queen Nandi. 

(Nomathingo was shocked by the fact that Qaphela knew so much about her) 

Gcaba : Oh. She is from the Ugu Kingdom? 

Qaphela : Yes Nombela

Gcaba : Now explain to me what is she doing in my Kingdom? 

Qaphela : My king Princess Nomathingo's life is in danger and I had to help her. It is our job to protect women Nombela

Gcaba : How is her life in danger? 

Qaphela : People from Emalahleni want to kill her Nombela. 

Gcaba : And how is that any of your business? 

Qaphela : I had to protect her my king 

Gcaba : Your job is to protect women from this village. Where were you yesterday? 

Qaphela : I was at the taxi rank Nombela

Gcaba : Stop lying to me. What happened to your arm? How did you find this woman? 

Qaphela : I found her on the side of the road my king. Yesterday I was involved in a fight at the taxi rank. 

Gcaba : Since when do you lie Prince Qaphela? 

Qaphela : I'm being honest Nombela

Gcaba : Prince ever since you came to this village you brought me nothing but trouble. First it was this stupid taxi business but I allowed it. Secondly you refused to marry that girl from Egugwini and now this? Do you want me to lose my place as a King? 

Qaphela : Cha Nombela

Gcaba : You are older than your brothers but you want me to run after you all the time. Will you ever stop Qaphela? 


Gcaba : Why do they want to kill her? 

Qaphela : The Wolf from Emalahleni is back Nombela and it's destroying maidens of Emalahleni. 

(Gcaba was shocked so was Nomathingo. How did Qaphela know about the wolf?) 

Gcaba : People were killed in Emalahleni yesterday. Were you involved Qaphela? 

Qaphela : I was at the taxi rank baba

Gcaba : That's not what I asked you. 

Qaphela : I had to fight back Nombela. 

(Gcaba took a deep sigh) 

Gcaba : Do you want to see me dead Qaphela? Is that what you want? 

Qaphela : Of course not. 

Gcaba : Then why did you start a war with a devil? You killed 3 people and you almost killed King Bayede . 

Nomathingo : He did what? 

Qaphela : It was either me or them Nombela. 

Gcaba : I love you like my own flesh and blood but the things you do will get me killed one day. Do you understand what you have done? Are you aware of the damage that you have caused? 

Qaphela : I do my king. 

Gcaba : This woman can't stay here. 

(Qaphela lifted up his head quickly and looked at his father) 

Qaphela : She has nowhere else to go baba. 

Gcaba : Do you really think that I care? 

Qaphela : No baba

Gcaba : This is a royal house Qaphela and you can't do as you please. 

Qaphela : I'm aware of that Nombela 

Gcaba : I have a meeting with the King of Nsunduzwe. Is my car ready? 

Qaphela : I'll have to check with your drivers

Qaphela and you can't do as you please. 

Qaphela : I'm aware of that Nombela 

Gcaba : I have a meeting with the King of Nsunduzwe. Is my car ready? 

Qaphela : I'll have to check with your drivers My king. 

Gcaba : When I come back I want her gone. Am I clear? 

Qaphela : Nombela 

(Qaphela bowed his head and stood up) 

Qaphela : Please follow me Nomathingo. 

(Nomathingo followed Qaphela to his room) 

Qaphela : What were you thinking? I told you that I would take you home and what did you do? 

Nomathingo : How do you know so much about me? 

Qaphela : It doesn't matter. You have messed up everything! 

(Qaphela's brothers started walking in one by one) 

Andile : Bafo what happened? 

Zaba : Ibithini inkanyamba? 

Qaphela : Inkanyamba ibhodla umlilo and he wants her gone. She messed up everything 

Mnqobi : What are you going to do now? 

Qaphela : I don't know. 

Mondli : Kodwa nawe Nkosazane. Why did you have to go without Qaphela? 

Nomathingo : Because I don't want to be here. 

Lukhona : Ay asazi. Qaphela ay amathekeni enu nani bolova 

Qaphela : Shut up Lukhona! 

Mnqobi : You need to sort out this mess Qaphela. We have bigger problems 

Qaphela : What do you mean? 

(Mnqobi looked at Nomathingo then at Qaphela) 

Zaba : Amaduku were asking questions. 

Qaphela : Any arrests? 

(Nomathingo was confused. Those Princes were different even with the way they spoke) 

Mnqobi : A few but we bailed them outyou know. Our main worry is what they did to you. 

(Mnqobi pointed at Qaphela's arm with his eyes) 

Zaba : They need to pay. Blood for blood 

(Qaphela looked at Nomathingo) 

Qaphela : Asijinde bafo leyo. Soyifojela jampasi 

(Nomathingo had no idea what they were talking about or what they were saying) 

Nomathingo : Take me home Qaphela. 

Andile : Ngathi uvuke ngenkanyamba nje nala bafo. 

(They all laughed and Nomathingo was so irritated) 

Qaphela : Please leave my room. 

Lukhona : I'm taking the church ladies to Kwamhlaba Uyalingana today. I won't be at the taxi rank 

Qaphela : Sho. 

Mnqobi : Qaphela are you taking the school kids today? 

Qaphela : No. I have other things to do this morning. Do it

(They walked out) 

Nomathingo : Why are your brothers calling me inkanyamba? 

Qaphela : I'll go and take a bath in the river. Wait for me here 

Nomathingo : So you are not going to answer me? 

Qaphela : No. Bye 

(He walked out with a big towel. He came back 30 minutes later. Nomathingo was sitting on his bed. He removed his towel and Nomathingo quickly closed her eyes. Qaphela laughed) 

Nomathingo : You lack manners Qaphela. What kind of a Prince are you? 

Qaphela : You can open your eyes now. 

Nomathingo : Are you sure? 

Qaphela : Yes. 

(He was wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt with a black cap) 

Nomathingo : Why are you always wearing black clothes? 

Qaphela : I'm mourning for someone. 

Nomathingo : Oh. I see

Qaphela : Come. Let's go 

(He took his keys and his phone) 

Nomathingo : You have a phone? 

Qaphela : Yes I do

Nomathingo : Your family is rich 

(Qaphela chuckled) 

(Qaphela drove for hours and Nomathingo was confused where they were going) 

Nomathingo : Where are you taking me? 

Qaphela : To my house 

Nomathingo : I told you that I want to go home

(Qaphela turned on his radio and ignored Nomathingo) 

Nomathingo : Take me home Qaphela! 

(He turned up the volume of his radio. Nomathingo was so angry) 


(Finally Qaphela stopped his taxi outside the gate and he got out to open the gate. He drove in. The house was beautiful but simple. But to Nomathingo that house was like heaven) 

Nomathingo : Whose house is this? 

Qaphela : Ours. You need to stay here. Andile will bring you clothes during the day 

Nomathingo : No! I'm not going to stay here. Forget it 

Qaphela : We will see about that. There is food in the fridge. I need to go to work 

Nomathingo : Who do you think you are? My father? 

Qaphela : I'm only 28 years old Princess. How can I be your father? If it's not busy at the taxi rank I'll come and see you 

Nomathingo : Cetshwayo is worried about me. My family is worried about me and you expect me to sit here? 

Qaphela : Your father is glad that you are safe. Take a bath and eat. 

Nomathingo : No. I want to go back home! 

Qaphela : You can't! How many times do I have to tell you that? 


Qaphela : Bye Nomathingo and don't open for anyone else here except my brothers. 

Nomathingo : When are you going to take me back home Qaphela? 

Qaphela : Not today or tomorrow. 

(He walked out and Nomathingo wanted to scream) 

(Day later. Andile brought clothes for her) 

Nomathingo : You are Andile. Right? 

Andile : Prince Andile to you

Nomathingo : None of you behave like Princes

Andile : Sisi please go and change. We need to go 

Nomathingo : Are you taking me home? 

Andile : No. I'm taking you to the taxi rank 

Nomathingo : Why? 

Andile : Nkosazane please don't ask me any more questions. 

Nomathingo : Qaphela said I must wait for him here. 

Andile : You can't stay here anymore. It's not safe

Nomathingo : What do you mean? 

Andile : Haibo! Haibo! Please go and change 

(He handed a dress to Nomathingo) 

Nomathingo : Fine 

Andile : Did you eat? 

Nomathingo : I'm not hungry 

Andile : Wena u Qaphela uzokubulala. 

Nomathingo : Oh

(Nomathingo walked into one of the bedrooms and she came back minutes later and she found Andile eating almonds and watching TV) 

Nomathingo : Can we go now? 

Andile : Why are you carrying a bag? You are coming back here later 

Nomathingo : Oh God! What have I gotten myself into? 

(Andile's phone rang and he answered) 

Andile : Gcaba


Andile : They won't find us here bafo Relax. 

(He hung up and looked at Nomathingo) 

Andile : Nkosazane you need to leave that bag before we go. 

(Nomathingo threw her bag on the couch and walked out leaving Andile behind. She got inside Andile's taxi and waited for him) 


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