***25 YEARS LATER***


(I groaned covering my ears. Damn! I love my mother and I love spending time with her in her house but the truth is there is no peace here. I've been here for 2 days but I miss my house already. It's only 07h00 am but My mother is already playing X Ambassadors and the volume is too high for my liking. I know she will be here any minute from now so I might as well just start counting 654


Moy'omuhle : Celwe wake up boy boy. 

(I told you) 

Celwenkosini : No Mah 

Moy'omuhle : No?....Your father is here to see you . Please come out 

Celwenkosini : Dammit (I mumbled).. Fine I'm coming 

(Silence. She's gone. I woke up and wore my jeans and a vest. Some coins came out of my jeans and they went all the way under my bed. I checked under my bed and something else caught my attention. A box. I slowly pulled it out and opened it. There's a knife inside. A knife?) 


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