Chapter 44



Moy'omuhle : See? This is why I didn't want us to come back. Paris was just so peaceful and here we are. Back to Karabo and her loud singing 

( Kgosi laughed and wrapped his arm around my neck) 

Mathada : We can always go back 

Moy'omuhle : Nna I'm tired Mathada…Sweetheart we are home! 

(Karabo came running down the stairs) 

Karabo : Mama!! 

(She hugged me and kissed me) 

Mathada : Hooray! I'm also here… It's me your father. Kgosi. Yeeey!!!

(We laughed) 

Karabo : Look who is jealous. You guys are late. I need to go and help Lerato now at the venue 

Mathada : It's a birthday party not a wedding 

(We laughed) 

Karabo : A surprise birthday party for the most difficult man in the world. Mama you still remember the plan. Right? 

Moy'omuhle : You remind me every chance you get. How can I forget my angel? 

Karabo : Let's go through it one more time 

Mathada : No. Stop messing with my wife 

Karabo : Hello. She is my mother 

(We laughed) 

Mathada : Celwe will come for his party. Stop stressing. My wife needs to rest 

(Kgosi picked me up. Karabo laughed) 

Karabo : Please don't drop her off. She is fat now 

Moy'omuhle : Never

Mathada : Tell her sweetheart 

Karabo : Please don't be late 

(Kgosi was carrying me on our way upstairs) 

Mathada : We won't. Please don't use your pink her today 

(Karabo laughed) 

Karabo : I'll use red

(I laughed) 

Mathada : Sweetheart please tell her that she is nothing like Nicky Minaj 

Karabo : Papà I heard that 

Moy'omuhle : Please use your green one my angel. Ngeke ekulokothe 

Karabo : I love you Mma

Mathada : You want me to put you down 

(I laughed and held on to him tightly) 

Moy'omuhle : No baby. Ok ok Rabo I'm joking. don't use green my angel 

Karabo : Too late mother. I'm out of here. Don't be late 

Mathada : Sweetheart I'm going to punish you 

Moy'omuhle : What have I done Mr Mathada? 

Mathada : What haven't you done Mrs Mathada? 

(We laughed) 

Mathada : We need to tell them tonight 

Moy'omuhle : Nami bengicabanga kanjalo 

Mathada : But first let me….. 

(He placed me on our bed and pulled up my dress. He planted kisses between my thighs. I was happy. Everything was just perfect and we had a granddaughter that was on the way. Celwenkosini and Lerato couldn't wait to hold their princess. Karabo bought her every pink thing every chance she got even after we told her that it was wrong to buy clothes for the baby before Lerato gave birth but she didn't listen to us. Oh I loved Kgosi Mathada the love he was giving me was out of this world. Yes even at the age of 48 I found love. It's possible) 



Mabutho : Happy birthday bafo. How old are you now? 60?

(That dumb motherfucker asked while walking in) 

Celwenkosini : Uyaphi wena la nama overalls ase Mehluko trucking? 

Mabutho : I'm here to wish you a happy birthday and wena uyeyisa? 

(I laughed) 

Celwenkosini : Uwena ofika la uzongeyisa mos. Ngiyabonga kodwa bafo

Mabutho : Yah khona I delivery engiphuma koyishaya and I decided to pass by and see my brother 

Celwenkosini : Mabutho I don't have money 

(He laughed) 

Mabutho : Mehluko Trucking is paying me more than enough so just shut up. 

(We laughed) 

Mabutho : Kanti when are you going home? I Birthday yakho ndoda

Celwenkosini : And I don't have plans. Lerato is busy so I might as well just…. 

Mabutho : Yah 

Celwenkosini : U grand? 

Mabutho : Something happened today. Bekufike abaseshi laba espani bezongishushisa. Bafo what's going on? I thought you dropped the investigation 

(I stood up from my chair) 

Celwenkosini : Mabutho nawe uyazi u Moy'omuhle udinga izimpendulo ngokubulawa kuka Muzi no Nkos'inami. She thinks it was someone who is after our family and uyamazi ukuthi uyigwala. Mina I don't care who killed them in fact I'm glad they were killed. 

Mabutho : I understand but this whole investigation is opening old wounds. Drop it Nkosini. We are all trying to move on 

(I sighed) 

Celwenkosini : Fine. I'll ask them to drop it 

Mabutho : I know that this is not… 

(My phone rang. Moy'omuhle) 

Celwenkosini : Yah Mah 

Celwe it's me. Something happened to your mother. Please avail yourself as soon as possible 

(It was Kgosi Mathada) 

Celwenkosini : Tayma what happened to my mother? Where is she? 

Mabutho : Zithini? 

(I signaled Mabutho to stop) 

Mathada : We were at this place and she just…. Come Celwenkosini! 

Celwenkosini : Ok ok ok. Send me the location 

Mathada : Fine 

(I hung up and grabbed my bag and my jacket) 

Celwenkosini : Woza Mabutho. We need to go 

Mabutho : Kwenzekani? 

Celwenkosini : U Moy'omuhle. Something happened to Moy'omuhle 

Mabutho : Haibo kanjani? 

Celwenkosini : Let's go Mabutho!!! 

Mabutho : I can't go with you. Ngihamba nge truck yomusebenzi 

Celwenkosini : Forget about the stupid truck!! Bring my car keys 

(I was nervous. Really nervous. Mabutho drove to the location where Kgosi and Moy'omuhle were. I got out of the car and ran inside) 


(Oh shit! They didn't) 

Lerato : Happy birthday baby daddy 

Mabaso : Usuku oluhle lokuzalwa Mbulazi

(My whole family was there including the kids and all my friends were there) 

Celwenkosini : Ah wena Vela…. Ey J. 

(Lerato laughed and kissed me) 

Celwenkosini : Baby who did this? 

Lerato : Your baby mama and her twin

(I hugged and kissed her) 

Mholi : Ay Mabaso it's enough now 

(We laughed) 

Moy'omuhle and Lindeka : Happy birthday boy boy 

Celwenkosini : Thank you. Mother you know I almost had a heart attack 

Moy'omuhle : Aaaaaw! Come to mommy. Woza u Mah ebone 

Celwenkosini : Moy'omuhle stop. Uzongihlekanisa nabangani bami

(We laughed. My mother was always beautiful but that night? Oh boy! she was mind blowing but not as much as my Lerato. Everyone came to wish me a happy birthday. The evening was great. Moy'omuhle and Kgosi stood up) 

Luyanda : Niyamubona u sbali wami omuhle no mfazi wakhe owusisi wami? 

(OK she was drunk already. We laughed. Mholi kissed her cheek) 

Mathada : Good Evening everyone and thank you to everyone who took their precious time to come here and celebrate our son's birthday with us. Ok my wife and I have some news 

(Kgosi laughed and looked at Moy'omuhle) 

Mathada : Sweetheart 

Moy'omuhle : No Mathada. You do it 

Karabo : Say it already 

Mathada : Right. We are pregnant 

Celwenkosini : What? 

(Everyone was cheering. Luyanda jumped from her seat and she went to hug Moy'omuhle. Everyone was excited except me. I was shocked. Moy'omuhle and Kgosi were old to have a baby. I was too old to have a baby brother /sister) 

Lerato : Baby don't be jealous 

(She laughed. Moy'omuhle Luyanda and Mntungwa asked to speak to me in private) 

Mabaso : Are you ok? 

Celwenkosini : U Mah ukhulelwe mkhulu 

Mabaso : Kanti kunani? Usemusha kabi umawakho

Luyanda : Mtshele baba 

Celwenkosini : No. Lengane yabo izobangisa ingane yami no Mvuselelo manje 

(We laughed) 

Moy'omuhle : I'm sorry boy boy. I promise to be the best grandmother to BnB 

Celwenkosini : Mother you can't call my princess ngo BnB. Anyway I'm happy for you mother noma usumdala nje ukuthi ungamitha

(We laughed and something caught my attention. A man who was leaning on a palm tree wearing a white shirt. He was looking at us. He smiled and winked at me before he disappeared. My eyes were wide open) 

Celwenkosini : Mehluko? 

What? (They all asked) 

Celwenkosini : Mehluko was there. I saw him mkhulu. I saw my father 

Mabaso : Where is he? 

Moy'omuhle : Uphi? 

Celwenkosini : He is gone but I saw him. All the blood was gone 

(Luyanda laughed) 

Luyanda : No Dimples maybe you were just imagining things…. Asingene ngaphakathi phela khona ubaba ezosiculela u Dolly Parton 

Mabaso : Lulu I'm old now. I can't sing 

Luyanda : Just one more time. Just one more last time baba

(I kept looking at that tree hoping he would come back. Why didn't they believe me that I saw Mehluko?) 

Moy'omuhle : Come boy boy. Are you ok? 

Celwenkosini : Do you believe me? 

Moy'omuhle : Ah Celwe….

Celwenkosini : It's ok mother. You don't 

(We went back inside and I sat down next to Lerato. I rested her head on my shoulder. Mabaso was on stage) 

Mabaso : You see this song is very close to my heart. Ingoma yokugcina ka Dolly Parton umfana wami uMehluko angizwa ngicula before they killed him that day. I hate this song but I'm going to sing it because I love it at the same time 

(We all laughed) 

Mabaso : To Mehluko. Son I miss you and I love you. Till we meet again my boy 

(He raised his beer and sighed) 

Mabaso : This time has gotta be our last time…. Oh this time has gotta be our last time (He sang) 

(I stood up and pulled Lerato by her arm) 

Celwenkosini : Let's go 

Lerato : Huh? 

Celwenkosini : Come baby 

(We went to my car and I started my car) 

Lerato : Where are we going? 

Celwenkosini : You'll see 

(I drove and drove until we arrived at my father's grave in Port shepstone) 

Lerato : Baby… 

(I sat on my father's grave and placed Lerato on my lap) 

Celwenkosini : Yazi angikaze ngacabanga ukuthi ngoke ngize la futhi after everything that happened (I sighed) There is home where I grew up 

Lerato : I'm proud of you Celwe and I love you so much 

(I took out the ring that I bought for Karabo) 

Celwenkosini : Karabo said this belongs to you and I couldn't agree more. I know this is not the best place to propose but Lerato I want you to know that I choose you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you 

Lerato : My love I… 

Celwenkosini : If you think it's too soon I'll understand 

Lerato : No it isn't. I want to be with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you but I want to know if you would still love me the same if I told you that I'm the one who killed your uncle and Nkos'inami because they killed my mother? 

(My heart almost stopped. I froze) 

Celwenkosini : What? You killed them? 

Lerato : Yes I did and I don't regret it. 


(To be honest I wasn't planning to write this book. It was all supposed to end with Mehluko. I'm sorry if it was all over the place I just had no idea what I was doing but Thank you thank you all for reading. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Much love…. xoxo) 

(A biggest shout out to @Siphindilegasa bro I see you everywhere I see you. Highly appreciated 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️) 


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Siphindile 2021-11-17 18:58:38

What a beautiful mistake :) all over the place or not but thank you for such a great book once again

Siphindile 2021-11-17 18:58:38

What a beautiful mistake :) all over the place or not but thank you for such a great book once again