Chapter 3


(I looked at the picture of Mehluko that Luyanda gave to me a few minutes ago) 

Moy'omuhle : He was so beautiful (I kissed it) Where did you get it? 

Luyanda : My father gave it to me last week 

Moy'omuhle : Mabaso? 

Luyanda : Yes. Now I want to give it to dimples. 

Moy'omuhle : No. Please don't. Dadewethu we don't want anymore problems. I want Celwe to forget about his father. 

Luyanda : What? 

(Luyanda seemed angry) 

Moy'omuhle : I don't mean it like that. I just want us to move on 

Luyanda : You are being very unfair to that boy.His father was killed and now you don't want him to know what his father looked like? 

Moy'omuhle : Please keep your voice down 

Luyanda : I'm tired of this. Celwenkosini is surrounded by liars. Amaphixi phixi 

Moy'omuhle : We are doing this to protect him

Luyanda : Protect him from what exactly? Moy'omuhle let me tell you something. I know you think you got everything covered. You sent Celwenkosini to Johannesburg ngoba umubalekisela iqiniso but let me tell you something Celwenkosini is old now and he is already asking questions and believe me Mehluko was well known here so one day someone will tell Celwenkosini how exactly my brother died. 

Moy'omuhle : That won't happen 

Luyanda : Keep telling yourself that. I don't want Nkosini to hate me because we lied to him. You know how cold he could be 

(I sighed) 

Moy'omuhle : If we tell him the truth uzofuna ababulali baka Mehluko and I don't want my son to go through all that. 

Luyanda : Mina vele ngifuna ebathole 

Moy'omuhle : You don't mean that. 

Luyanda : Moy'omuhle… Do you know who killed Mehluko? 

Moy'omuhle : No!! 

Luyanda : Then why ukhathazeke ngokuthi u Celwenkosini uzofuna ababulali? 

Moy'omuhle : Ok ok. What if u Muzi? U Mabaso ucabanga ukuthi u Muzi 

Luyanda : Muzi? Aibo never. 

Moy'omuhle : I know akuyena. 

Luyanda : Please tell Celwenkosini the truth.

Moy'omuhle : Not now 

Luyanda : Have it your way… I need to lie down a bit 

Moy'omuhle : Of course. 

(We went upstairs and Luyanda took off her watch and got in bed) 

Luyanda : Singapore is under investigation 

Moy'omuhle : Why? 

Luyanda : There is always something illegal going on in that hospital. I still can't believe that I'm working there...yazi sisi if they dig deeper nalento yokuthi u Mehluko donated his blood to Muzi will come out. 

Moy'omuhle : Are you serious? 

Luyanda : Yes. Namagama o Dr Hlongwane manje ayavuka

Moy'omuhle : Oh my God! Dr Hlongwane died 3 years ago. Right? 

Luyanda : Yah in jail. 

Moy'omuhle : But Baba ka Celwenkosini donated his blood as anonymous. 

(Luyanda laughed) 

Luyanda : What kind of a person are you? Now you are worried that Nkosini will find out that his father saved a life? 

Moy'omuhle : No no no. I'm not worried I just don't want him to ask me anymore questions 

Luyanda : Whatever 

(There was laughter coming from downstairs) 

Moy'omuhle : Your father is here 

Luyanda : I hope he is not drunk. I'll see him when I wake up 

(I laughed) 

Moy'omuhle : Let me go to them. If there is anything you need just shout 

Luyanda : Thank you sisi 

(I walked out. Mabaso and Nkos'inam were laughing watching tv) 

Mabaso : Makoti 

Moy'omuhle : Mntungwa ninjani baba? 

Mabaso : Amahlala akhona. Where is my grandson? 

Moy'omuhle : He went to Muzi's house in Sylvester 

Mabaso : Oh 

Moy'omuhle : I'll make you something to eat 

Mabaso : Beer please 

(I looked at my husband and he laughed) 

Nkos'inami : We don't have it Malume. I'll call Nkosini and ask him to buy you on his way back 

Mabaso : Do that. Makoti please sit down 

(Oh no! Not another lecture. Nkos'inami walked out with his phone) 

Mabaso : Yah.usekhulile umfana 

Moy'omuhle : I don't think I follow 

Mabaso : Mehluko's son is old now so he deserves to know what happened to his father. 

Moy'omuhle : He knows baba. 

Mabaso : That he died yes but he doesn't know that he was found laying in a pool of blood. dead. Nkosini doesn't know that his favorite uncle is the one who killed his father 

Moy'omuhle : Baba Muzi didn't kill baba ka Celwenkosini 

Mabaso : Then who killed my son? Was it you? Phela safica wena lapha 

Moy'omuhle : Of course not! 

Mabaso : It was your brother and you know it


Moy'omuhle : Actually I don't Mntungwa. 

(Mabaso laughed and shook his head) 

Mabaso : Why did you keep the knife and not give it to the police? Because you knew who that knife belonged to. Am I wrong? 

Moy'omuhle : You are wrong Mntungwa. That was not the reason I kept that knife. I don't know why I did it. 

(I couldn't hold back my tears) 

Mehluko : I don't mean to upset you makoti. I just want Celwenkosini to know the truth. That boy will never forgive me when he finds out that I know what happened to his father. I can't lose Celwenkosini makoti. He is the only person I have. 

Moy'omuhle : But Muzi didn't kill his father 


Mabaso : Yazi makoti u Nkosi u worried ngalomshado wenu. Uthi izinto ziba worse everyday 

Moy'omuhle : Mntungwa u Ndosi Unehaba 

Mabaso : You don't know how it feels like sleeping next to a woman who is thinking of another man. I understand that you loved my son but iminyaka isihambile makoti so please move on

Moy'omuhle : Ngiyazama Mntungwa. I've been trying all these years 

Mabaso : Lento yakho no Nkosi angikaze ngayiqonda isaqala nje and somehow I knew that it was never about love. 

Moy'omuhle : What do you mean? 

Mabaso : Nothing…. Nobody listens to me anyway. 

(I sighed) 

Moy'omuhle : Ay baba… Luyanda is here 

Mabaso : Really? 

Moy'omuhle : Yes. She is sleeping 

(Muzi walked in with Celwenkosini. Mabaso stood up with a wide smile on his face) 

Mabaso : Mehluko junior 

Celwenkosini : Mkhulu

Mabaso : Come here

(Mabaso hugged Celwenkosini and Mabaso cried as usual. Every time he saw Celwenkosini he broke down) 

Celwenkosini : Stop crying. I'll buy you beer 

(We laughed) 

Nkos'inami : Nkosini umkhulu wakho lo omenza ingane 

(We laughed) 

Celwenkosini : Malum'Muzi's family is coming for dinner 

Moy'omuhle : That's good 

Nkos'inami : nabazukulu bakhe? 

(Celwenkosini laughed) 

Celwenkosini : I think so… He gave me a chain lokubopha leyanja. 

Mabaso : That dog is stupid. It barks at everyone even us? Umndeni. Ay maarn

(We laughed) 

Moy'omuhle : We don't need a dog honestly 

Mabaso : Uqinisile umakoti. Your mother and your father need to move in here 

Celwenkosini : Cha mkhulu! 

Mabaso : Uthethisa bani kanjalo? 

Celwenkosini : I'm sorry 

Mabaso : Wena angathi usuqala leliconsi likayihlo 

Celwenkosini : I need to do something outside. Please excuse me 

Nkos'inami : I'll help you 

Celwenkosini : Ngiyabonga Ndosi 

Mabaso : Ndosi wani? Call him Baba 

Moy'omuhle : Mntungwa ngiyacela. Please give my son a break 

(Nkos'inami and Celwenkosini walked out) 

Mabaso : Where is that beer kanti Nkosi? Nkosini where is it? 

(Mabaso followed them. I took a deep sigh. I'm old now and I don't need all this drama that is going on in my life. Oh Mehluko! How I wish you were still alive sthandwa sami.) 


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Siphindile 2021-10-09 13:53:35

Thank you, thought it was the end ka Mehluko