Chapter 2


(I took a shower and went back downstairs. My aunt Luyanda was already there) 

Celwenkosini : Oh this place smells like hospital 

Luyanda : Fuck you dimples 

Celwenkosini : Call me that one more time and I'll call my dog 

Luyanda : You have dimples mos 

Celwenkosini : And you look like you are going to explode.. Aren't you supposed to be on meternity leave already? 

Luyanda : Ay okwamanje I'm only 6 months pregnant dimples. the hospital needs me since they are running this stupid investigation. 

Celwenkosini : Investigation? 

Luyanda : Yep… Where is my sister? I'm hungry 

Celwenkosini : Maybe in her room. Wait what investigation? 

Luyanda : What? You want your journalists to write a story about it? 

Celwenkosini : Come on Dr Zulu. We don't need a story. Sit down I'll call your sister. I thought you were coming later 

Luyanda : No I was working the night shift so benginqena ukuya endlini ngphinde ngbuye. There was an accident ku highway last night and people were… Oh my goodness! I don't want to talk about it. Come give me a hug boy boy 

Celwenkosini : I told you ukuthi wiyeke yonke lento yobu doctor now see your life. Come here

( We laughed and hugged. I love her so much and sometimes I just feel like she is the only person who makes me feel closer to my father)

Luyanda : Where is food? 

Celwenkosini : I don't know. Your sister was making breakfast when I went upstairs… I'll check on her

Luyanda : Ok 

(I went to my mother's room and I pushed the door but it was locked) 

Celwenkosini : Mother? 


Celwenkosini : Moy'omuhle open this door 

(I heard the key moving and she opened. Her eyes were puffy) 

Moy'omuhle : Why ungibiza ngegama? Celwe I'm your mother. 

(She laughed and wiped her tears) 

Celwenkosini : Mother are you ok? 

Moy'omuhle : Mhmm-Mhmm 

(I hugged her and she broke down all over again) 

Moy'omuhle : I miss him boy boy. It's been 25 years but I can't move on. I love Nkos'inami but I can't. I miss your father

Celwenkosini : Do you really love him? 


Celwenkosini : You don't mother. I know you don't 

Moy'omuhle : I do. 

Celwenkosini : Stop lying to yourself Mah 

(She broke the hug and drank water) 

Moy'omuhle : Forget about it. 

Celwenkosini : Aunty is here 

Moy'omuhle : So early? 

Celwenkosini : Yeah… You still do yoga? 

Moy'omuhle : I'm 48 years old not 84 

(I laughed) 

Celwenkosini : I love you mother 

Moy'omuhle : I love you too boy boy and I'm proud of you. You know what your father said before he died? 

Celwenkosini : What? (I smiled) 

Moy'omuhle : We used to sit in my car and every time he rubbed my stomach and that day he said " I'm going to give you the world my boy" (She laughed) and he did. You own this world BnB ka baba. 

(We laughed) 

Celwenkosini : Please don't call me BnB (I laughed and rubbed my face)... Yaaah Life is so unfair 

Moy'omuhle : I know. He loved you. You're the only person he spoke about the day he died. I remember it like it was yesterday the look on his face. It's crazy how you can be with someone and laugh with them and the next thing they are gone. He was fine Celwe.. He went back to the tavern and he was fine (She sighed) who killed him? 

Celwenkosini : You told me he was sick. 

Moy'omuhle : I… I.. I mean he was getting better. The doctors told me that he was going to be fine. 

(Sometimes I felt like there was something my mother was not telling me) 

Celwenkosini : I don't understand ho…. 

Moy'omuhle : Please excuse me. I need to go downstairs 

(She walked out and I followed her. Luyanda was already eating) 

Luyanda : I don't feel welcome here 

(My mother laughed) 

Moy'omuhle : My pregnant sister… How are you? 

Luyanda : Heavy 

(We laughed) 

Celwenkosini : I need to go 

Moy'omuhle : What about breakfast? 

Celwenkosini : You promised me that 2 hours ago

(They laughed) 

Moy'omuhle : I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you 

Celwenkosini : I'll eat at malume's house 

Moy'omuhle : Lindeka doesn't know how to cook 

(We laughed) 

Celwenkosini : I'll see you later 

Luyanda : I'll be right here 

Celwenkosini : Good. 

(I took my car keys and walked out. I drove to Muzi's house and I found him sitting with his friends things seemed awkward between them) 

Muzi : Get out. All of you! 

(They walked out and he smiled looking at me) 

Muzi : Mshana ka malume 

Celwenkosini : You are 50 years old but you still hang out with people who are carrying guns? 

(He laughed) 

Muzi : Good to see you young man 

Celwenkosini : Yeah right. 

Muzi : I'm sorry ngayo yonke lento oyibonile 

Celwenkosini : Malume who are those people? 

Muzi : Not important… Come we are about to eat. 

(We went to his kitchen and we found his wife Lee) 

Muzi : Lindeka. Nkosini is here 

(Lindeka smiled) 

Lindeka : Nkosini hi. I didn't know that you are here 

Celwenkosini : Yah. I arrived 3 days ago 

Lindeka : How is your mother? 

Celwenkosini : She is fine lumekazi 

Lindeka : You look good. Ave ufana no baba wakho 

(Muzi cleared his throat) 

Lindeka : Oh yes. Please take a seat 

Celwenkosini : I'm glad I look like my father 

(I laughed) 

Muzi : How is Johannesburg?

Celwenkosini : Good. I started a new business yama truck and I hope that everything will go according to plan 

Muzi : Trucking? 

Celwenkosini : Yeah. Mehluko trucking 

(Muzi looked at Lindeka and back at me) 

Muzi : That's good. U Nkosi uyazi ngalokho? 

Celwenkosini : Yes. 

Muzi : And? 

Celwenkosini : Nothing 

Muzi : Kufanele kodwa ukuthi ufake igama likayihlo kuyona yonke into oyenzayo? 

Celwenkosini : I love my father malume. I understand that you had issues with your father but lokho ke akufaki mina no baba. 

Muzi : You need to change your surname

Celwenkosini : Says the person who calls himself ngo Mngomezulu till today. 

Muzi : You don't get it

Nkosini. Mina ngazalwa abazali bami bengashadile and I had to use u Mngomezulu my mother's surname but I know that ngu Zulu and I'm proud of it. Nawe u Moy'omuhle no Mehluko babengashadile so awuyena u Mabaso. 

Celwenkosini : u Mkhulu no Gogo bashada so why didn't you change your surname like my mother even aunt Luyanda calls Zulu. All of them except you. Why? 

Muzi : I think it's time we changed the subject. Eat your food 

Celwenkosini : Malume I don't want us to fight. I'm sorry but I won't change my surname 

Muzi : Imisebenzi ka Mabaso yonke le.

Celwenkosini : You sound like someone who had a problem with my father 

(Muzi swallowed roughly) 

Muzi : I had no problem with your father. Tradition is tradition 

Celwenkosini : We followed every step ukuthi mina ngibize u Mabaso. What more do you want malume? 

Lindeka : Can we eat please 

Celwenkosini : Ay wena Grey 

(He laughed and hit my shoulder) 

Muzi : Stop calling me ngo Grey wena

(We laughed) 

Celwenkosini : You have grey hair malume. You have grandchildren 

Muzi : Eish they are coming here. This house will turn into a war zone 

(Lindeka and I laughed) 

Lindeka : But it's Olwethu's son that is hot headed. Yoooh that boy will kill us one day 

(Olwethu has 2 children a boy and a girl. Lee and Muzi have a son together Mabutho (22). Mabutho has twins boys.) 

Muzi : He is a Bhengu. Those people are hot - headed. 

Celwenkosini : I saw Mabutho in Johannesburg. 

Muzi : Yes he told us. 

Celwenkosini : Is he working now? 

Muzi : No 

Celwenkosini : Does he have a driver's license? 

Muzi : You know Mabutho. Uwuskhotheni nje

Celwenkosini : Kumele eyithole. I want Mehluko trucking to be a family business. I'm going to need him but he needs to change his behavior. 

Muzi : Maybe you need to talk to him 

Lindeka : Please my boy. We don't know what to do anymore 

Muzi : God blessed me with the worst children in the world. U Olwethu akazi noma liyaphuma noma liyashona yini. Wazi ukuzala nje 

Celwenkosini : Loyo I gave her a job and she told me she was going to come to Jozi but nothing. 

Muzi : I asked her mother ukuthi what happened bangitshela izinto engingazizwa. I'm tired of taking care of their children. They need to work 

Celwenkosini : I'll speak to them 

Lindeka : Wena when are you giving Moy'omuhle grandchildren? 

(I laughed pouring juice) 

Celwenkosini : Not anytime soon. Ey ngi busy mina lumekazi 

Muzi : Good boy. You are very focused Nkosini. I wish I had a son like you 

(Lindeka cleared her throat) 

Celwenkosini : I think I should get going… Please remember to come for dinner today 

Muzi : Of course my boy. Let me give you that chain… I still can't believe you bought a dog 

(Muzi laughed) 

Celwenkosini : Yeah I want it to look after my father's house. Ngikhathele ilaboskhotheni bala eKasi

Lindeka : There's a dog? 

Celwenkosini : Ayilumi lumekazi (I laughed) 

Lindeka : I don't believe you 

(We laughed) 

Muzi : Follow me 

Celwenkosini : Lumekazi I'll see you later

Lindeka : Go well my son

(I finished my drink and followed Muzi to his garage) 

Muzi : Yazi u Ndosi mhlampe engakujabulela ukuhlala kuleyandlu ka baba wakho. 

Celwenkosini : No! 

Muzi : Why do you hate him so much? 

Celwenkosini : I don't hate him. I built that house for my father 

Muzi : Oh ok but think about it. Akuhlali muntu phela lapha 

Celwenkosini : Kwakungafanele vele kuhlale abantu 

Muzi : You are stubborn.. Minake 

(I took the chain from him) 

Celwenkosini : Ngeke igqashule nje Inja yami la? 

Muzi : No. Li strong 

Celwenkosini : Ngiyabonga. I don't want people from Khayelisha to eat me alive because of that dog 

(Muzi laughed) 

Muzi : Who is going to take care of it? 

Celwenkosini : I'll ask somebody. Ay umkhulu uthe uzoyigada but angithembi. He drinks too much 

(We laughed) 

Muzi : Liyaphuza leliyakhehla 

Celwenkosini : He is old but angathi niyalingana 

(I laughed) 

Muzi : Get out of my house Nkosini (He laughed) 

Celwenkosini : I'll see you later 

Muzi : Sharp 

Celwenkosini : Ikhehla elithi Sharp. Yeses! 

(We laughed and I went to my car) 

Celwenkosini : Thanks for breakfast 

(I shout from my car) 

Muzi : Wee Nkosini how many cars do you have? 

(I laughed) 

Celwenkosini : Only 3.

(Muzi shook his head) 

Muzi : Ususebenzile mfan'wam. 

Celwenkosini : Ukuzama.. Bye 

Muzi : Bye

(I hooted the horn of my car driving off) 


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