Chapter 10


(These calls from work were irritating as fuck. My uncle has to be transferred to Singapore Hospital) 

Moy'omuhle : He is going to be fine Celwe. Don't worry 

Celwenkosini : What if uyafa? 

Moy'omuhle : No don't say that 

Celwenkosini : We can't lose him 

Moy'omuhle : Your friends were here while you were busy with those doctors. 

Celwenkosini : Where are they? 

Moy'omuhle : I don't know. 

Celwenkosini : And the advocate? 

Moy'omuhle : Who? 

Celwenkosini : Oh there he is

(Mathada came with two cups of coffee and he handed one to my mother) 

Mathada : Some caffeine will do… Here

(I looked at him and at my mother) 

Moy'omuhle : Thanks 

Celwenkosini : What about me? You know what? I don't care….Why are you still here? 

Mathada : We need to talk 

Celwenkosini : I can't talk now… I told you to go ahead and sue us 

Moy'omuhle : What? 

Celwenkosini : Don't worry about it Mah

(Muzi's phone rang and I answered it) 

Zulu I've been trying to get hold of you. The cops were here and they found the ARVs. 

(I was confused) 

Mzwayi are you still there? 

(I hung up) 

Moy'omuhle : Who was that? 

Celwenkosini : I don't know….We need to go mother 

Moy'omuhle : Others are at your house 

Celwenkosini : Obani? 

Moy'omuhle : Your aunt and your cousin

Celwenkosini : Oh ok 

Moy'omuhle : Thanks for the coffee 

(Mathada smiled) 

Mathada : Pleasure is all mine 

Celwenkosini : We need to go. Thanks for coming Mathada 

Mathada : Call me 

Celwenkosini : Fine 

(My mother and I walked away. Vela Nikita Menzi and Mbuso were outside the hospital.) 

Nikita : Baby 

(She hugged me and she broke the hug when she saw my mother) 

Celwenkosini : Majita… This is oledi

Vela : HI 

Moy'omuhle : Hello 

Hi (They all said) 

Celwenkosini : Mah these are my friends 

Moy'omuhle : I'm glad to meet them 

(My mother smiled and looked at Nikita.) 

Moy'omuhle : How are you young lady? 

Nikita : I'm well mother.

Moy'omuhle : Good… Celwe uzongifica endlini or? 

Celwenkosini : No

you can go. I see my car is here now

(Mathada joined us. Why was he following us around?) 

Mathada : Mrs Mabaso may I have a word with you? About the damages of my car of course 

Celwenkosini : What? 

Moy'omuhle : Kube nengozi kade ngiza la 

Celwenkosini : Accident? 

(I looked at my mother's car and it looked fine but I can't say the same about Kgosi's car) 

Celwenkosini : Damn! 

Mathada : Exactly 

Moy'omuhle : Don't stress yourself about it son 

Mathada : Yah. This is between me and your mother 

(Mathada pulled my mother by her waist distancing themselves from us) 

Vela : Injani I ankeli? 

Celwenkosini : Akekho grand jo...You came with my car? 

Vela : Yeah jo I thought you would need it. 

Celwenkosini : No no but it's ok 

Menzi : Where is your uncle pho? 

Celwenkosini : They are transferring him to Singapore hospital and I need to go home for a few days 

Mbuso : Don't worry about work I'll take care of the trucking business and if there is any crisis I'll give you a call 

(Mbuso was my business partner) 

Celwenkosini : Thank you. I'm sure Belinda will handle Mabaso media

Vela : Of course. Do you need anything? 

Nikita : Anything baby

Celwenkosini : No I'm fine. Thank you all for coming but I really need to go now 

Nikita : Can we talk? 

Celwenkosini : I'll call you Nikki 

(I went to my car. My mother and Mathada were still talking. I hoped that he wasn't going to involve the police in that whole situation) 


Mathada : Please ensure that something like this doesn't repeat itself. What you did was wrong and against the law 

Moy'omuhle : I know. I was under a lot of stress but it won't happen again 

Mathada : Let me take you home. Your son is not here so… 

Moy'omuhle : I'll be fine. Go home and freshen up 

Mathada : Do I smell that bad Mrs Mabaso? 

(I couldn't stop myself from laughing) 

Moy'omuhle : No but you need some rest 

Mathada : Keys

Moy'omuhle : What? 

Mathada : Your car keys. I'm taking you home 

( He was very controlling) 

Moy'omuhle : I see but what about your car? 

Mathada : Don't worry about it. Someone will come and pick it up 

Moy'omuhle : Oh. 

(We got inside my car and he drove off) 

Moy'omuhle : How do you know my son? 

Mathada : That mischief maker of yours? Oh that one tarnished my name and I want to sue him 

Moy'omuhle : Please don't do that Mr Mathada 

Mathada : I won't 

(Oh that was unexpected) 

Moy'omuhle : Really? 

Mathada : You changed the whole thing. 

Moy'omuhle : Me? How? 

Mathada : Your son is a very…. Uh Uhmmm precocious man. You must be proud of him. You know I've been reading a lot about him. 

Moy'omuhle : Yes I'm proud of my son

Mathada : Before all this drama he created my daughter told me about him and I wanted to take her to Mabaso media for her to gain mastery in journalism. 

Moy'omuhle : How old is she? 

Mathada : 18 years old and she…. 

(Nkos'inami was calling) 

Moy'omuhle : Magaye

Nkos'inami : How is Muzi? 

Moy'omuhle : He is going to be fine. Sebemudlulisele e Singapore 

Nkos'inami : And where are you? 

Moy'omuhle : I'm on my way from the hospital 

Nkos'inami : Where is Nkosini? 

Moy'omuhle : Home… Ngiyamulandela siya endlini yakhe. 

Nkos'inami : When are you coming back? I need you here 

Moy'omuhle : Probably by tonight 


Moy'omuhle : Nkosi? 

(I looked at my phone screen. Wow he hung up on me. I sighed) 

Mathada : Are you ok? 

Moy'omuhle : Yes 

Mathada : I see… Was that Mr Mabaso? 

Moy'omuhle : No Kgosi. Mr Mabaso died long time ago 


Mathada : I'm really sorry to hear that 

Moy'omuhle : It's ok 

Mathada : It must be hard raising a son as a single parent 

Moy'omuhle : U Celwe unobaba Kgosi 

Mathada : Oh yah 

Moy'omuhle : Yes 

Mathada : You got married after his father passed away? 

Moy'omuhle : Yes. His father and I were not married. 

Mathada : How did he die? 

Moy'omuhle : He was killed…. I mean he was sick

(He looked at me and raised his eyebrow) 

Mathada : You don't sound like someone who knows what she is talking about 

Moy'omuhle : Why do I feel like I'm in a court of law right now? 

(He laughed and his eyes dropped) 

Mathada : I'm really sorry for your loss Moy'omuhle. 

Moy'omuhle : I've survived all these years 

Mathada : How are things going between you and your husband? 

Moy'omuhle : Very well 

Mathada : Do tell me if he gives you problems. 

Moy'omuhle : Uzokwenzani? 

Mathada : Nothing a few bullets can't solve (He laughed) 

(I didn't get the joke) 

Mathada : I'm joking 

Moy'omuhle : Look I don't want my family to see you 

Mathada : I understand. 

(He stopped the car) 

Moy'omuhle : Are you going to be fine? 

Mathada : Yes I'll call my driver

Moy'omuhle : Thank you but you didn't have to drive me all the way here

Mathada : It's ok 

(He got out of my car and I jumped into the driver's seat. He rested his arms on my window) 

Mathada : You are a very beautiful woman and you deserve the world Moy'omuhle 

(I couldn't speak I just swallowed and he said that and walked away) 


(I was sitting with Mabutho in my car) 

Celwenkosini : Kanti uphi u Mah? 

Mabutho : Don't worry she is coming 

Celwenkosini : Ijozi le Mabutho 

Mabutho : She will be fine…. How is my father? Ngitshele ivari bafo

(I sighed) 

Celwenkosini : He wasn't looking good but he will be fine 

Mabutho : I need to go back home

Celwenkosini : We are all going home as soon as my mother gets here. Lapho ngikhathele ibhadi bro 

Mabutho : Ngiyacava 

Celwenkosini : Who else is here? 

Mabutho : UNcane ne sisteri nje kphela 

Celwenkosini : And your mother? 

Mabutho : Use Sylvester. She had to look after the kids 

Celwenkosini : Ok… Let's go in 

Mabutho : Sho 

(We went inside and Luyanda hugged me) 

Luyanda : How are you boy boy? 

(I shrugged) 

Luyanda : How is Muzi? Is he going to be fine kodwa? 

Celwenkosini : I hope so 

Olwethu : What happened Nkosini? 

Celwenkosini : I don't know Olwethu. He was fine and then he came to my room to ask for painkillers. The next thing there was blood… Eish angazi jo 

Olwethu : We need to go to Singapore hospital 

Celwenkosini : Yeah yeah. I need to pack a few things 

Luyanda : Are you hungry? 

Celwenkosini : No thanks 

(My mother walked in) 

Celwenkosini : Where were you Moy'omuhle? 

Moy'omuhle : Kahle kancane Celwe...We need to go 

Celwenkosini : What happened to Mathada's car? Oledi do you know how expensive that car is? 

Moy'omuhle : I'll handle it. Go and get your stuff 

(I shook my head and went to my room) 


(We arrived late in Khayelisha. We found Mabaso sitting in the living room drinking beer) 

Mabaso : Don't try to cry your way out of this. Don't try to lie or I'll catch you in it Don't try to make me feel sorry for you. Just because I'm blonde don't think I'm dumb (He sang) 

(Oh Mabaso and his Dolly Parton songs.)

Moy'omuhle : Mntungwa 

Mabaso : Yah. Baphi ababulali? They are sick. Baguliswa unembeza? 

Moy'omuhle : Kanti uphi u Nkos'inami? 

Mabaso : He ran to Port Shepstone. He is always on the run ever since he was young 

(I sighed) 

Moy'omuhle : I need to call him. We need to go to the hospital 

(Mabaso laughed) 

Mabaso : Bazovela obala. 

(We all looked at each other) 

Moy'omuhle : I need to make a call outside 

Luyanda : Ok mtakababa 

(I walked out and I tried to call Nkosi but he didn't pick up. I turned around and Mabaso was standing next to me) 

Moy'omuhle : Baba. Ungithusile

Mabaso : It was them makoti. They killed my son ishilo inyanga

Moy'omuhle : What? You went to the sangoma? 

Mabaso : Yeah. Your husband and your brother killed Mehluko 

Moy'omuhle : That's crazy 

Mabaso : Mxm. Isangoma ke told me that the people who had a hand in Mehluko's death will show themselves. Ziyabhibha manje izingcabo zabo angithi? They thought they would kill my son and get away with it? Never. nami ngiyazihamba izangoma njengabo. They will pay and believe me when I say what they are going through is nothing compared to what is coming. Ngu Mabaso mina u Mntungwa u Mbulazi omnyama. Angisinsangu angibhenywa. They will pay. Bye makoti 

( He walked away and I was so confused) 


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