Chapter 9

(Zinzi is my Sunflower. She gave me money for transport and hours later I was looking around for True Red Investigators. I asked around and no one knew anything about that place. I found it eventually.) 

(I found 3 gentlemen and they were very busy on their computers) 

(I cleared my throat) 

Kwalunga : Hi

First guy: You must be Kwalunga please come in. 

Kwalunga : I am. 

(I'm feeling nervous) 

2nd guy: Did you get lost? (He asked laughing) 

Kwalunga : Yeah just a little. 

(They all laughed) 

3rd guy: My name is Anthony CaldoThis is Godfrey Zulu and over there is our manager Mr Thomas Krane. 

Thomas : There is one more missing. Tina Harris but she is late today actually she is always late. 

(We all laughed) 

Anthony : Welcome to True Red Investigators Kalunga (He laughed while mispronouncing my name) 

Kwalunga : Call me Lunga

Thomas : Lunga. That's better

(They really seem like nice people and I'm glad there is a Zulu around who speaks IsiZulu not that I mind English)

Thomas : Lunga please follow me 

(I followed him to his office and we sat down) 

Thomas : Mr Hlela I welcome you once again. Your job is going to be very much simple around here you will assist us with office cleaning and coffee (He ran his fingers through his hair) 

Kwalunga : Thank you Mr Krane. I really appreciate this. 

(He gave me a quick smile) 

Thomas : Now your contract. This is actually a 3 months contract. We are going back to Italy in 3 months. we are here to wrap up some investigation then we are going back. 

(I felt my world shutting down) 

Kwalunga : Oh ok 

Thomas : Look at it and if you have any questions my door is open. 

(He said handing me my contract.) 

(It's just two pages I quickly look at it. I was shocked looking at my earnings. These Italians are going to pay me R7 000 just for cleaning and making coffee? No maybe they meant R700) 

(My mouth gapes open) 

Thomas : Is there anything wrong? 

Kwalunga : My salary. I think you made a mistake. R7 000?

Thomas : Look Lunga

as I said there's nothing much you will do here. 

Kwalunga : Precisely my point so why are you giving me so much money? 

(He sighed in relief) 

Thomas : man you almost gave me a heart attack (He laughed) 

Thomas : You deserve it. Now go and grab something to eat before you start working. Zulu will show you our kitchen. 

(I quickly signed my contract and walked out) 


(My first day at work was amazing and I couldn't wait to tell Zinzi all about it as soon as i got home I called her)

Zinzi : How was the interview?

(Now that she reminds me I remember that there was no interview)

Kwalunga : There was no interview Sunflower.

Zinzi : I'm so sorry Lunga but I promise you something else will come up.

(I laughed she is so sweet)

Kwalunga : Zinzi I got the job but it's a 3 months contract they are going back to Italy.

Zinzi : It doesn't matter babe Congratulations. Wow I'm happy for you.

Kwalunga : My salary is R 7000 Zinzi.

Zinzi : What? Unamanga Lunga.

Kwalunga : I'm telling you Sunflower I was so shocked.

Zinzi : You see? I told you life is really not that bad.

Kwalunga : Jah! Jah! Uhambe kanjani kodwa sthandwa sami?

Zinzi :Kahle kakhulu my love and I'm sorry about ye....

Kwalunga : Zinzi you don't have to apologize. You don't owe that to anyone. (I cutted her before she finished) 

Zinzi : I miss you so much. 

Kwalunga : I miss you too Sunflower and I love you so much.

(We spoke for 20 minutes and my airtime ran out.)


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