Chapter 7

(KwaZulu-Natal Durban Umlazi. I grew up here and 7 years later my parents got married so we moved to Kwa Maphumulo where my home is.Nothing has really changed from the last time i visited my grandmother but I love it here and I love my grandmother.) 

(I took out my grandmother's phone and called aunt Lulekiwe. It's ringing) 

Lulekiwe : Yebo (She answered) 

Kwalunga : Mam'ncane gogo is sick. 

Lulekiwe : Who am I speaking to? 

Kwalunga : You are speaking to Kwalunga 

(She is silent) 

Kwalunga : Mamncane usekhona?

(She cleared her throat) 

Lulekiwe: Yes Kwalunga use Mlazi? 

Kwalunga : Yes Mah and I found Gogo very sick. 

(She sighed) 

Lulekiwe: Ok I will see what I can do. 

Kwalunga : You need to come and look after Gogo because I need to go back to Kwa Maphumulo and I can't leave her alone. 

Lulekiwe : Ok fine. I'm coming soon. 

(She said and hung up the phone) 

(My grandmother managed to finish a glass of Amahewu and I went to bed) 


(I had a terrible dream last night so I woke up and checked on Gogo. The weather is very bad today and the rain is very heavy outside) 

Kwalunga : Gogo ulale kahle? 

Gogo : Very well mzukulu 

(I smiled) 

Gogo : mzukulu awuvulele ugogo umsakazo. 

Kwalunga : Ukhozi fm? (I laughed) 

(She softly laughed) 

Gogo : Yes please 

(I turned on her small radio) 

Gogo : You are a very handsome young man and you are so full of respect. May God bless you mzukulu. 

(I just smiled) 

(Something caught my attention on the radio. The presenter mentioned an accident between a armored truck and a motorbike. They said the accident took place in Umngeni road and 2 people succumbed to death) 

(I suddenly feel nervous and think of my father) 

Gogo : Hhau ngezingane zabantu

Kwalunga : It's bad. Anyway

I'm going to make you some breakfast. 

(My phone rang it's Sthembele) 

Kwalunga : Hello (I answered) 

Sthembele : You need to come back home. Your father is no more. 

(Where did I go wrong why is all this happening to me? Where is this God? Does he remember me? Is it because I stopped going to church and this is his way of punishing me? I'm only 16 why am I suffering this much?) 

Kwalunga : What happened? 

Sthembele: He got involved in an accident this morning. 

Kwalunga : The Umgeni accident? 

Sthembele: Yes how did you know? 

( I hung up without answering her question) 

Kwalunga : Sengintandane Gogo 

(I walked out I don't even want to look at my grandmother) 

(I want to cry but I can't. I feel like my father is watching me and he will see me cry. I have lost so much already what do i do now?) 


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