Chapter 6

(3 hours later I arrived at uMlazi) 

Kwalunga : Gogo how are you? 

Gogo: Amahlala akhona mzukulu how is your father? 

(My grandmother is very bubbly but today she is different she is not her usual self) 

Kwalunga : He is fine gogo uthe ngikhonze. 

Gogo: It saddens me that I couldn't come for my daughter's funeral. 

Kwalunga : There was no funeral gogo. 

(She is shocked) 

Gogo: Kwalunga what do you mean there was no funeral for my daughter? 

(I can see that my grandmother is not well and I don't want to stress her) 

Kwalunga : I mean it was only us as family at her funeral It was nothing big. 

Gogo: Oh ok 

Kwalunga : Gogo are you ok? 

(Her face looked swollen) 

Kwalunga : Gogo why uvuvukele ebusweni? 

Gogo : I'm sick mzukulu wami. It's been weeks now. 

(My mouth gapes open) 

Kwalunga : Who is looking after you? 

Gogo : Myself (She softly laughed) 

Kwalunga : Gogo when was the last time Aunt Lulekiwe visited you? 

(She slowly shakes her head and smiles) 

Gogo : Forget about it mzukulu 

Kwalunga : Did you eat kodwa gogo? 

Gogo: Yes

(She is not telling the truth. She can hardly move her fingers then how did she manage to make herself something to eat) 

Gogo: Ngicela nje ukugeza

Kwalunga : Yes sure gogo. I'll help you to get to the bathroom 

(I pulled a duvet and the smell suffocated the whole room. I don't want her to feel bad so I just smiled at her and helped her up. I noticed her body was covered in abnormal lumps. She flinched

she was in pain) 

(She can hardly move. Going to the bathroom is a mission impossible)

Kwalunga : This is not going to work.I'll see what else we can do. 

(I walked to the bathroom and I saw a plastic basin I filled it with lukewarm water and headed back to her room)

(Now my question is how is she going to bath herself?) 

(I don't know but I quickly remembered my father's words. "Challenges await you Kwalunga") 

Kwalunga : Lord give me strength (I muttered) 

(I started bathing my grandmother she used my shoulder to balance herself. I slowly dressed her up and put her on a chair and changed her messed up bedding) 

Gogo : Ngiyabonga mzukulu wami (She said tears rolling down her face) 

Kwalunga : It's ok Gogo (I said as I sweeped my gaze from her face) 

(I finished doing her bed and helped her back to bed) 

Kwalunga : I'll go and wash these (I said walking out with her clothes and her sheets) 

(Deep down I want to cry but I just can't. The "Men don't cry" idea from my dad really found a place in me) 

(I finished washing her clothes and I cleaned up the house) 

Kwalunga : Gogo what would you like to eat? 

Gogo : I can't stomach anything Lunga 

Kwalunga : I will buy you Amahewu then. 

Gogo : Ok give me my bag. it inside my wardrobe. Yes that one the green one. 

(She gave me money. I took her phone with me and I walked out)


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