Chapter 5

(I'm actually on my way to see Zinzi she stays a bit far from my home) 

Zinzi: Lunga!! 

(I turned around it's her. where is she coming from?) 

Kwalunga : Zinzi where are you coming from? 

Zinzi : From the shop.I went to buy airtime and tomatoes 

Kwalunga : Ok

(I'm staring at her she makes me nervous) 

Zinzi : Where are you going? 

Kwalunga : Home

(She looks at me confused) 

Kwalunga : But your home is that side

Kwalunga : NoI mean ngiya estolo. I mean at Lwan….You know what? Never mind 

(I was so nervous and I couldn't speak) 

Zinzi : Are you ok? I know you miss your mother Lunga but she is with youmy grandm… 

Kwalunga :No this is not about my mother (I cutted before she finished) 

Zinzi : Then what's wrong? 

Kwalunga : You make me nervous Zinzi 

Zinzi : Oh please that's not true. 

Kwalunga : I mean it Zinzi I lo lov(Im stuttering) 

(Why does she make me so nervous?) 

Zinzi: You what? 

Kwalunga : dammit! I love you Zinzi. 

(She is so shocked she dropped a plastic of tomatoes on the ground I quickly picked it up) 

Zinzi: You what? 

Kwalunga : I love you Zinzi Zondi and I love you so much. 

(Why is she crying now?)

Kwalunga : I shouldn't have said that I'm sorry I'm really sorry. 

Zinzi : Are you sure that you love me? 

Kwalunga : I have never been so sure. 

Zinzi : No Lunga but how? I mean I'm not even your type. 

Kwalunga : You are not my type?

Zinzi : Lunga you are so handsome to fall in love with a girl like me. Everyone thinks I'm ugly but here you are A man of every girl's dream telling me that he loves me. 

Kwalunga : You are my sunflower you are beautiful and you drive me crazy sthandwa sami ngiyakuthanda. 

(She blushed

I wiped her tears)

Kwalunga : I love you (I whispered) 

(She shook her head and started crying again) 

Zinzi : I can't be seen with a man like you you are very handsome for me when girls from school see me with you they will assume the worst. They will accuse me of witchcraft. No Lunga. 

Kwalunga : Zinzi I want you I don't care what people say. 

(I slowly kissed her tears away she froze) 

Kwalunga : I'm going away for a few days. I'm hoping that will give you some time to think about this I wanted to tell you this before I go.

Zinzi : Are you leaving m.... I mean where are you going? (She stutters and rubs her face with her hands) 

Kwalunga : I'm not leaving you and I will never leave you (I hold her hands her hands are warm) 

Zinzi :When are you coming back? 

(She is suddenly worried) 

Kwalunga : In a week 

Zinzi : You promise? 

Kwalunga : I promise sunflower 

(She smiles) 

Zinzi : I need to get going it's getting late. 

(She said walking away) 

Kwalunga : Zinzi 

Zinzi : Yes 

Kwalunga : Your tomatoes 

Zinzi : Oh Thank you 

(I handed the tomatoes to her and squeezed her hands) 

Kwalunga : I love you don't forget that. 

(I said walking away) 


Kwalunga : Baba I'm going now. 

Mzwandile : Please take a seat 

(I am so going to be late) 

Mzwandile : I will only take two minutes of your time. 

Kwalunga : It's ok baba I can spare you a few minutes. 

Mzwandile : Kwalunga I love you my son and don't ever forget that. Whatever happens keep going do not back down. Do whatever needs to be done to survive be a man. You are not weak. Face all your hardships with your head up.Do you hear me?

(I rub the back of my neck and try to pull on a smile) 

Kwalunga : Yebo baba

(He stared at his feet for a few seconds and he quickly brought his gaze back to me) 

Mzwandile : Tomorrow is not looking good. Now go my son go. 

Kwalunga : Baba are you going to be fine? 

Mzwandile : Yes (He smiles) 

Kwalunga : Are you sure? Because I can stay really. 

Mzwandile : You can go. I'm going to be fine I promise. 

(He hugged me and I walked out) 


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