Chapter 3

(Later that day I arrived at my friend's house. They are really nice people. Lwandile's mother loves me so much) 

Lwandile's mom: My son come in (She said giving me a hug) 

Kwalunga : Ninjani kodwa Mah? 

Lwandile's mom: Siyaphila mfan'wam how is Hluliwe? Angisamazi. 

Kwalunga :She is fine Mah. Uthe ngikhonze. 

Lwandile's mom : Good good. Tomorrow I will send her my steamed bread I know how much she loves it. (She said giggling) 

(We laughed Lwandile walked in) 

Lwandile : Lunga usufikile. Come we are about to begin. 

Kwalunga : I will see you later Mah

(We walked to Lwandile's room. His room is stunning actually his home is stunning. It's one of the most beautiful houses hereKwa Maphumulo) 

(As I walked in I froze when I saw my crush Zinzi she is a beautiful chubby woman with her chiskop. She is short and her flawless dark skin is amazing. She is very smart always comes on top at school) 

(I cleared my throat and swallowed hard) 

Zinzi : Hi Lunga

(Heavenly father she knows my name) 

Kwalunga : Hi

Lwandile : Kwalunga please take a seat

(There are other students that I know here including Pinky the bubbly one. She talks a lot) 

Pinky : How are we going to study with Kwalunga around though? 

Lwandile : What do you mean? 

Pinky : He is a destruction his looks are a destruction. We won't be able to concentrate. (She said rolling her eyes) 

(Not this again) 

Lwandile : See Lunga? I told you that you are every girl's crush (He said laughing) 

Kwalunga : Oh please that's not true. 

Pinky : Lunga trust me every girl wants you. Bro you are handsome and your eyebrows ay mfethu usidlisa ngamapayipi

Kwalunga : You guys said every girl right? 

(I asked staring at Zinzi) 

Zinzi : Well not me sorry. 

(We laughed I'm a little bit disappointed though) 

(We studied almost the whole night) 

Lwandile: Lunga asibaphelezele bafo. 

Kwalunga : Yeah sure 

(I kept staring at Zinzi on our way and she is not even looking at me) 

Zinzi : Kuyasha lapha (She said pointing) 

Lwandile : Where? 

(My heart almost stopped when I realized they're actually pointing at home) 

Kwalunga : Lwandile u Mah

my mother is inside. 

(I said and I sprinted to my way home) 

(40 minutes later I arrived. There are people outside they are just standing there doing nothing to stop the fire some are crying saying "hhau kodwa ngo Hluliwe" ) 

Kwalunga : Where is my mother? 

(I asked moving around the crowd of people I want to go in) 

Manqoba : Kwalunga don't!!!! (He screamed) 

Kwalunga : I want my mother where is my mother? 

(maNcwane is looking at me with eyes full of sadness) 

maNcwane : I'm sorry Lunga I'm sorry we couldn't save your mother. 

(My heart started racing I couldn't hear anything or anyone anymore I fainted) 

(I woke up 2 hours later with my father next to me) 

Mzwandile : Lunga I'm sorry about your mother mfan'wam. I don't know how are we going to live without her she was our pillar. She kept us together. 

(I closed my eyes fighting back my tears) 

Mzwandile : Indoda ayikhali Kwalunga. You are a man now. No matter what happens tears are never an option anger is never an option. Uwu Hlela wena u Madlula Mphumela Maqeda ka Nkani Kadabula iziziba. U Hangala. Don't be weakLife must go on. Do you hear me Kwalunga Hlela? 

(I nod) 

Mzwandile : Look at me when I'm talking to you!!(He snapped) 

(I slowly lift up my head) 

Mzwandile : Chin up Kwalunga Chin up!! (He shouted) 

(I do as I'm told. I'm now staring at him) 

Mzwandile : Kwalunga the worst is coming I just want to know if you are ready to overcome everything that is coming your way. 

(He said with his hand on my shoulder) 

Kwalunga : I'm ready baba

Mzwandile : You don't deserve all the things that are making their way to you but maybe one day everything will be more lucid and you will understand. 

(The turmoil is driving me insane why can't he just get straight to the point and stop beating around the bush) 

Kwalunga : I don't understand Madlula I find this conversation so incoherent. 

Mzwandile : Get out of this bed and start behaving like a man that you are. 

(I nod and get out of bed) 


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