Chapter 2

(We walked back home and we found my father fighting with his elder brother Manqoba) 

Manqoba: Mzwandile you are nothing and you will die poor. 

Mzwandile : And you have everything Manqoba? 

Manqoba : Yes and I'm the one who will bury all of you ngoba aninalutho nogcwatswa yimi. 

Mzwandile : Please leave my house Manqoba. I left home because of you your wife and your children. But you are still following me you come to my house and speak shit. Get out!! (He shouted) 

Hluliwe : Manqoba please leave ngiyacela Madlula. 

Manqoba : Shut up you witch!.(He shouted) 

(My father threw the first punch they are fighting. I want to intervene but I can't) 

(Baba u Manqoba's wife and his children are now here) 

Basithembile: Mzwandile umenzani u baba? 

(Yes Basithembile calls my father by his name. She is 19 years old but he calls his father by name) 

maNcwane: Mzwandile leave my husband alone!!! (she shouts) 

(maNcwane is Manqoba's wife) 

Sthembele: Baba please stop that nibadala menibangaka. 

(Sthembele is the youngest daughter. she is sweet sometimes) 

(The following day) 

(I woke up and when I opened the door I noticed something on the door It's written "Witch" the font is big) 

Kwalunga : mama! Baba! (I shout knocking on the door) 

(My mother opened) 

Hluliwe : Your father is still sleeping

what do you want Lunga? 

Kwalunga : mama look. (I pointed to the door) 

Hluliwe : Oh my God (She said with her glossy eyes) 

(I've never seen my mother so sad) 

Mzwandile : What's going on? 

(I showed my father. My mother threw her hands in the air and walked back in) 

(I started cleaning the door. I know it's Basithembile who did this I just know it. I want to cry but I'm a man and my father said men don't cry) 

(Later that dayI had a study group to attend to. I'm writing my final exams and I'm preparing myself for Maths. I struggle with Maths so I need all the help I can get) 

Kwalunga : Mama is Baba working night shift today. 

Hluliwe : Yes mfan'wam 

Kwalunga : Ok I have to attend my study group later. I will be home around 22h00 latest. 

Hluliwe : If it gets late please sleep at your friend's house. It's really not safe at night. 

Kwalunga : Are you serious Mah? (I askedsmiling.) 

Hluliwe : Yes. I know how much you love sleeping over at Lwandile's home(She said laughing) 

Kwalunga : I don't like leaving you alone mama. 

Hluliwe : I am never alone my boy and you will never be alone. I will look after you nangale kwethuna. 

(I laugh. My mother loves saying that) 

Hluliwe : Life will teach you to be a man at a very young age Lunga. You need to grab every opportunity that comes your way mfan'wam. You will need anything to survive. (She said staring at me) 

(I nod my mother loves having deep conversations) 

Hluliwe : Be brave (She said holding back her tears) 

Kwalunga : I will go and pack my bag

Hluliwe : Challenges await you but I know you will overcome them Madlula wami omuhle. (She said) 

(I noticed her tears now I'm worried) 

Kwalunga : No mama I won't go. I will study on my own I see that you are sad because I'm leaving. 

(She smiled and wiped her tears) 

Hluliwe : Don't mind me. These are tears of joy I see how dedicated you are with your studies and it makes me so happy. 

(I smile) 

Hluliwe : Now go my son go (She whispers) 


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