Chapter 18

Chelsea : How do I look? Nice. Yeah? 

Kwalunga : Chelsea what are you doing? 

Chelsea : Give me a moment and you will find out. 

(This guy is not stable. I swear to God) 

Chelsea : Nkosi sikelela I Afrika mayiphakhanyisi iphondo yakhe. Yizwa imitandazo yethu (He sang) 

(Fumbling our national anthem) 

Chelsea : Do you have a bed Kwalunga? 

(I'm silent. What the fuck is going on here?) 

(He smiled) 

Chelsea : You don't? I thought so too and this why I'm fixing your bed for the night 

(My breathing is faster and I can't control it.) 

Chelsea : This your pillow (He pointed at the rope) it's not comfortable but it will have to do. 

Kwalunga : Chelsea look man I…. 

Chelsea : You what? You don't like it? (He cutted me before I finished) 

Kwalunga : I'm sorry about the arrest. I was just doing my job. Nothing personal 

Chelsea : Am I being personal right now? Come to bed. (He smiled) 

Kwalunga : No 

(He laughed out loud) 

Chelsea : No? 

Kwalunga : Yeah. No 

Chelsea : Pike. Boil me some water. Some coffee will do because it seems like we are going to have a very long night (He laughed) 

(A guy stood up quickly and boiled water using a small kettle.) 

(We sat in silence.Only the sound of boiling water) 

Chelsea : My offer still stands Kwalunga 

(I shook my head) 

Chelsea : Ok. Would you like some coffee? 

Kwalunga : Yes 

Chelsea : Good. Take a seat and coffee will be served (He winked at me) 

(I sat on a chair and rubbed my hands under the table.He came closer with a kettle on his hand) 

Chelsea : Hands on the table 

(Now his face is straight) 

Chelsea : Now!!!! (He shouted) 

(I slowly placed my hands on the table. He started pouring boiled water in my hands. I screamed) 

Chelsea : I said hands on the table. You son of a bitch!!! (He shouted) 

(Heavenly father please show me your mercy) 

(I placed my shaking hands on the table and he poured boiling water. I closed my eyes as the pain got stronger and deeper. I groan) 

Chelsea : Do you have an idea of how much you messed up my life? You clearly don't and I'm going to kill you (He said

emptying the kettle of boiling water in my hands) 

Chelsea : Give me the acid Pike

(I couldn't care anymore. I just told myself that this was the night I'm finally meeting with my parents.) 


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