Chapter 17

(I remember when I was 3 years old and my mother told me to close my eyes every time when something bad was happening.As soon as it was over she would count to 3 and tell me to open my eyes.You know what she said after that? She said. The past is over now

Lunga and the bad things are gone so smile my boy because all the bad things are gone.) 

(I'm sitting in this holding cell with my eyes closed hoping that when I open them I'll be home with Zinzi in my arms but no I opened my eyes and I saw the very same man that I found here yesterday. He told me his name is Suffocate Das and that's all he said. He doesn't speak much) 

Suffocate : Perche sei qui? (Why are you here?) 

(I took a deep sigh) 

Kwalunga : I'm here because I made a mistake by taking a job at True Red. I regret the day I helped them with their kidnapping investigation. 

(He is staring at me) 

Kwalunga : I remember that day like it was yesterday. They were working on a case about a missing ex wife and they believed it was her ex husband who kidnapped her but it turned out it was the ex husband's wife who kidnapped her. You know why? Because she believed that the ex wife might work things out with her husband and she feared rejection from her husband so she kidnapped the ex wife to keep her away from her husband. That's crazy. Right? 

(He is just staring at me. Does he even understand anything that I'm saying or he wants me to speak Italian? He must forget it then. I'm not in the mood to speak their language. In fact I will speak isiZulu if he carries on like this. ) 

Suffocate : How old are you? 

(After everything I have told him and he is only worried about my age?) 

Kwalunga : I'm turning 23 in a few months 

Suffocate : Di dove sei? (Where are you from) 

Kwalunga : South Africa 

(He shook his head) 

Cop : Svegliatevi tutti!!!! (Everyone wake up!!) 

(Why is he screaming? I just hope he is here to tell me that I'm going home) 

Cop : Today we are transferring the two of you to Rebibbia Prison. il tuo tempo e scaduto (Your time here is up) 

(I tightened my jaws and rubbed my palms together. I had that weird feeling in my stomach.) 

Cop : Come! Come! (He shouted) 

(I'm definitely going to die in that prison. Never in my life did ever I imagine that my life will turn out to be this bad. I always imagined myself in my grave but never in prison.) 

(We arrived in Rebibbia prison and things were totally different from what i had in mind. Firstly they don't have prison uniforms. They wear their own clothes. There are about 6 of us in this cell. Someone was cooking at the table. I don't know if they cook in the toilet or if the toilet is in the kitchen but that was the situation.) 

(I stepped in and I didn't know what to say. They were just staring at me.) 

(I cleared my throat) 

Kwalunga : Hi

(They are silent. Ok this English thing is not going to work here) 

Kwalunga : Ciao (Hello) 

(The guy that was cooking at the table slowly turned around and stared right at me. Holy shit! I can't believe this) 

(He was the same guy who was working with Suzzete. The same guy that was carrying girls from Suzette's car and the same guy I got arrested.) 

Guy : You finally made it my friend. I must say it took you long enough. 

(How did he know I was coming here?) 

Kwalunga : I'm not sure what you are talking about. 

(He laughed) 

Guy : You don't remember me? I'm offended. 

Kwalunga : Who are you? 

(I know exactly who he is but I don't know his name) 

Guy : I'm the same guy that you worked really hard to ensure that he ends up here. In this dump place. 

(He said looking around) 

Kwalunga : No. You are confusing me with somebody else. 

Guy : I'm Chelsea Cameron. Ring a bell? 

(Chelsea Cameron now I know his name) 

Chelsea : Still nothing? I will remind you. Non preoccuparti (Don't worry) 

(My heart is racing. I swallow hard) 

Chelsea : Guys this is my friend from South Africa. Kwalunga. 

(The guys are silent. There is something about Chelsea. It's the way he said my name and the way he speaks English. He doesn't sound Italian) 

Chelsea : I forgot to tell you that they don't understand English. But don't worry you won't get bored here. Food? 

(I shook my head. What if he wants to poison me?) 

Kwalunga : No I'm fine. Thanks. 

(He laughed) 

Chelsea : If you say so. (He shrugged) 

(If I make it out of here alive. I promise you God that I will go to church every Sunday. To my ancestors I promise to slaughter a big cow for all of you.) 

(I remained seated on the floor until the evening. The guards came to check on us) 

Chelsea : That was their final round. Let the fun begin. 

(I frowned) 

Kwalunga : Fun? 

Chelsea : Yes Fun. Do you want to sing Nkosi sikelela for it? 

(The other guys seemed scared now) 

Kwalunga : No

Chelsea : That's bad. You have no idea how much I love the South African national anthem but it's fine. I will sing it myself. 

(He smiles. This guy is crazy) 

(He took a rope and looked up at the roof)

Chelsea : How are we going to do this Kwalunga? 

(How am I supposed to know what he is on about?) 

Kwalunga : I don't know. 

(Am I in prison or this is some sort of a mental asylum?There is fear all around this cell now) 

Chelsea : Me either but don't worry. I'll figure it out. 

(Chelsea took a chair and climbed to it. He tied up a rope on the roof. He hung his head in the rope and smiled.) 

(Is he committing suicide?) 


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