Chapter 16

(Anthony walked out. Few minutes later I followed him and I found him inside our car) 

Kwalunga : Where is our target? 

Anthony : Don't worry they are still around. How many were they? 

Kwalunga : 2.... 3 including Suzzette 

(Anthony frowned) 

Anthony : Who the hell is Suzzette? 

Kwalunga : The lady behind everything 

Anthony : And how did you know her name? 

Kwalunga : Not important. Where is Krane?

Anthony : He will stay be… (He paused) 

Kwalunga : Caldo what's going on? 

Anthony : They on the move. Let's follow them. 

(The drive was long. Finally Suzzette and the girls stopped.This place is very quiet and scary too. We also parked a bit far from them and we switched off every light.) 

(Now we are just sitting in silence and waiting for God knows what) 

Kwalunga : Why are they not getting out of the car? 

Anthony : I don't know bro but something is really not on there. 

Kwalunga : Do you think I should go and check on them? 

Anthony : No no. Don't. 

(There is another car coming. It's a bigger car. Suzzette quickly got out of the car ) 

(She is speaking to the owner of a bigger car. The man looked around quickly and opened up a car door. He got in and immediately got out carrying a girl in his arms) 

(My heart started racing) 

Kwalunga : What do we do now? 

Anthony : I need to call Thomas 

(The man is now carrying another girl from the other car to his.) 

Anthony : Thomas We need back up. Call the cops. 

(Anthony squinted his eyes) 

Anthony : I'm not sure about the location. But we passed Navona Square (He paused) 

Anthony : Yeah sure

I will send it to you. Lunga please send the location to Thomas

Kwalunga : On it. 

(I quickly sent the location to Thomas) 

Anthony : Registration AB 027 BE Roma. Sharp. 

(Anthony hung up) 

Anthony : Let's follow them. 

(Suzette left her car there and got to the other one with the girls. Why would she do that?)

(We followed them. I think they realized that they were being followed and they started racing. Luckily Anthony was a staring behind the wheel. For a moment I thought we were going to die. 1 hour later there was a road block. Yes the cops were there. Anthony stopped the car and we watched the movie unfolds.) 

(Suzette got out of the car with her hands raised in the air.) 

Kwalunga : Let's go out. 

Anthony : Are you sure? 

Kwalunga : Yes (I said reaching the door handle) 

(I was out and Anthony followed me) 

Cop : What happened to these girls? 

(Suzette is sobbing) 

Suzette : We drugged them Ok?!! 

(Anthony smiled. I'm not paying attention to anything else anymore except this guy who was staring at me. He is the same guy that was carrying girls from Suzette's car.) 

Anthony : Our job here is done. Let's get out of here. 

Kwalunga : Jah Jah.Let's get out of here. 


(I'm finally going home to get married to the lover of my life. I've waited forever to see this day. I transferred the money to Zinzi to do all the wedding preparations. She made it clear that she wants a traditional wedding first so Anthony and others won't be coming with me for this one. Working at Red has been a great experience. I'm only going away for a few weeks but I know I'm going to miss my job.) 

(Godfrey and Anthony are here. I'm still staying with Thomas but I'm ready to move out as soon as I come back with my wife.) 

Godfrey : You are finally going home after 7 months. You must be happy. 

Kwalunga : You have no idea. 

Anthony : Don't forget to take pictures of your wedding. 

Kwalunga : Seriously? Anthony 

(We all laughed.Who forget about taking pictures of their wedding day?) 

Godfrey : Now I will get to do some real work. I've been stuck forever in that office. 

(He is right. Ever since I joined TRI Godfrey has been stuck in the office and I didn't like that at all. It feels like I took his place and that wasn't my intention. I want all of us to enjoy working at TRI.) 

Kwalunga : I don't like what Thomas is doing. Excluding you on most cases is not on and I will speak to him as soon as I come back G. 

Anthony : Yeah he has been very unfair lately. 

Godfrey : I'll deal with it. 

(There is silence) 

Godfrey : Are you done packing? 

Kwalunga : I think so… Wait I forgot to pack my wife's present. 

(I bought her watch and an Italian diamond ring. Zinzi deserves the world.) 

Godfrey : I'll pack it for you. Go and take a shower because you are really running out of time. Your flight will leave you. 

(Anthony's phone rang and he went out to answer it.) 

Kwalunga : Thank you G. Let me go and get ready. 

(I can't wait to see Zinzi) 

(We arrived at Rome Ciampino GB Airport.From here I will take a flight to Johannesburg and from Johannesburg to Durban. It's still a long journey) 

Kwalunga : Guys thank you so much. 

Anthony : Send my love to Zinzi 

(We laughed) 

Kwalunga : I will man and I will tell her th… (I paused) 

(What are cops doing here?) 

Cop : Gentlemen. 

(This is confusing) 

Kwalunga : Officers of the law how can we assist you? 

Cop 2 : Apri la borsa (Open the bag) 

Kwalunga : What? Perche? (Why?) 

Godfrey : Lunga you have nothing to hide. Right? 

Kwalunga : Yes of course. 

Godfrey : Then let them do their job so that you can go. 

Kwalunga : Yeah sure. They can go ahead. 

(They started searching my luggage and they stopped and looked at each other) 

Cop : E tuo? (Is this yours?) 

(It's white powder) 

Kwalunga : What is that? 

(They laughed. Anthony covered his face with his hands and slowly sat down) 

Cop 2 : queste sono droghe. Cocaina (These are drugs. Cocaine) 

(I froze) 

Kwalunga : No no there must be a mistake no! Please 

Cop 1 : tu sei sotto arresto (You are under arrest) 

Kwalunga : No wait. My wife…. My Wife is waiting for me. Please 

(It felt like a dream but this was a reality) 

Kwalunga : Godfrey! Anthony! Please help me please! 

(The cops took me away and I was in handcuffs. I was really under arrest for something I don't know.In a foreign country) 


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