Chapter 14

(It's ringing) 

Kwalunga : Zinzi! 

Zinzi : Kwalunga. 

(Her voice sounds different. She sounds drained and exhausted. I don't know but this is not the Zinzi I know.) 

Kwalunga : Are you ok? I've been trying to get hold of you like forever. Where have you been? 

Zinzi : I'm sorry. 

Kwalunga : Zinzi what's going on? 

Zinzi : Nothing. 

Kwalunga : Then why were you not taking my calls? 

Zinzi : I've been busy Kwalunga. 

(What happened to "Lunga") 

Kwalunga : Sunflower. I'm coming home at the end of this month 

Zinzi : Really Babe? 

Kwalunga : Yes my love 

(Maybe I was just reading too much into this. Zinzi just missed me that much 6 months is a long time.) 

Kwalunga : Yes. Baby let's get married when I come. 

(She is silent) 

Kwalunga : Zinzi please. My life is nothing without you here. I want us to get married so that you can move here with me. 

Zinzi : To Italy? 

Kwalunga : Yes Sunflower. My life is here now but without you it's pointless. 

Zinzi : Kwalunga. You need to move on with your life and find somebody who will make you happy. You deserve that baby. 

(She is crying. It's all in her voice) 

Kwalunga : I'm not going to do that Zinzi. I'm coming back for you. 

Zinzi : You need to learn how to leave without me because I…. (She paused) 

(She is silent. Zinzi is worrying me now. Did she find somebody else?) 

Kwalunga : Zinzi You found somebody else. Is that it? Is that the reason why you've been avoiding me all this time? 

Zinzi : No baby. I don't need nobody else. All I ever wanted was you but my time with you is on the next life. 

(Zinzi is really confusing me now.)

(Godfrey walked in) 

Godfrey : The food is here. Please come. 

Kwalunga : Thanks G. 

(He walked out) 

Kwalunga : Sunflower I'm sorry about that. I don't understand. Can we just get married please. 

Zinzi : If you promise to speed up everything then I might see that day. 

Kwalunga : I love you Zinzi and I'm not moving my life. I don't need nobody else. 

(She softly laughed) 

Zinzi : So there is no other woman there? 

Kwalunga : No of course not. 

Zinzi : You waited? 

Kwalunga : I'm waiting for you. 

(She took a deep sigh) 

Zinzi : You are a man and you have needs. 

(I know what she means but it seems like she has no idea what she means to me) 

Kwalunga : Yes. I am a man. A man for you and a man who needs you. Only you. 

Zinzi : I need to go. Please let me go. 

Kwalunga : I also need to go. But before I do I need to know if you are willing to be my wife. 

Zinzi : Yes baby. 


Kwalunga : Thank you. Thank you Sunflower.You just made my day. 

Zinzi : I can't wait to plan for my big day. 

Kwalunga : For our big day Sunflower. 

Zinzi : I love you Kwalunga. With all of my heart and I'm sorry. 

Kwalunga : You don't owe me that Sunflower. 

Zinzi : I owe you more than that. I need to go. Bye my love 

Kwalunga : Bye Sunflower. 

(It's time to go and do some real work. Sundowners here I come.) 

Thomas : Lunga this is your earpiece. We will use these earpieces to communicate. Ok? 

Kwalunga : Yeah sure. 

(I put it on) 

Thomas : Testing. Testing. Lunga

Anthony. Can you copy me? 

(I'm silent but I can hear Thomas. Oh so this is how this thing works?) 

Anthony : Copied 

(Now they're all staring at me) 

Kwalunga : Oh oh jah. Copied. (I shrugged) 

(They laughed) 

Kwalunga : Oh please guys give me a break. I'm new to this.

Anthony : We feel you man. Don't worry (He laughed) 

Thomas : I think we are good to go 

Kwalunga : Yeah. But I don't feel comfortable in this suit. Can't I leave this bow tie at least? 

Tina : No you can't. It's part of the uniform (She laughed) 

(We are wearing black suits with white shirts and formal shoes. It feels like I'm dressed for my wedding day already.) 

Thomas : We need to get going. We need to be at Sundowners before everyone else arrives. 

Tina : Good. Lizzette is expecting you guys. 

Kwalunga : Lizzette? 

Tina : Sundowners owner. 

Kwalunga : Oh

Tina : She is single Lunga and very beautiful .(She winked at me) 

Kwalunga : Thank you but I have a wife waiting for me back home. 

Thomas : You are married? 

Kwalunga : I'm getting married at the end of this month. 

Tina : Are you serious? 

Kwalunga : Yes. It's about time. 

Anthony : I'm for you man. Are we invited? 

Thomas : Of course we are. 

(We all laughed) 

Kwalunga : Krane is right. You guys are not just invited but you are my best men and Tina you can speak to my wife and see if she can squeeze you in. (I laughed) 

Anthony : Are you serious? 

(They seemed shocked) 

Kwalunga : I am. This is the only family that I have ( I said going through the file of the case that we are working on) 

(There was silence) 

Thomas : That really means a lot to us Lunga.(He smiled tapping my shoulder) 

Kwalunga : Cool. Can we go now? 

Anthony : Yeah sure. Everything seems in order. Let's go and get these bad guys 

Tina : All the best guys. 

Kwalunga : Thank you Tina. 

(We walked out and I feel nervous all over again) 


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