Chapter 12


(My passport was ready. I took my R500 000 and headed straight home. Kwa Maphumulo. 3 hours later I arrived.) 

maNcwane : Hau asisakwazi bo weee Kwalunga. 

(It's not like you care woman.) 

Manqoba : The city life was too much for you and you decided to come back. I always knew that you would come back. You have nothing just like your father and uyoze ufe nawe ungena lutho. 

(I laughed a little) 

Kwalunga : Baba that is not the reason I am here. 

Manqoba : Unamanga. There is only one reason that brought you back here. Indlala. 

Kwalunga : Ngifuna ukuyokhokha ilobola kwa Zondi. 

Mthunzi : What? (He asked walking in with his eyes wide open) 

(Manqoba and his wife are both laughing) 

maNcwane : You are going crazy wena ngane ka Mzwandile. 

Kwalunga : Baba u Mthunzi. Please do this for me. 

(Mthunzi laughs) 

Mthunzi : Yes I will. One day

Kwalunga : No. Tomorrow actually. 

(Whaaaaaat!?. They asked in unison) 

Kwalunga : Yes and Thank you Baba. 

Mthunzi : Are you serious? 

Kwalunga : Yes baba. 

Manqoba : ilobola lidinga imali. 

Kwalunga : Money is not a problem. I need to do this before I move to Italy 

maNcwane : Wee Mthunzi please take this boy to Bhubesi. He is losing it. 

(Bhubesi is a very well known traditional healer) 

Kwalunga : I need to go and see someone. Please excuse me.

(I walked out. I had to see Zinzi) 

Zinzi : Babe I can't believe that you are here. 

(She is so happy to see me. We met in our usual spot eNgudwini river. This is where we usually meet up because "She can't be seen with a man ". 

Kwalunga : I missed you so much Sunflower 

(I don't know how to break the news and I'm nervous) 

Zinzi : I missed you too Sthandwa sam 

(I took a deep breath) 

Kwalunga : I have something to tell you 

(She seems confused now) 

Zinzi : Jah? 

Kwalunga : I got a job 

Zinzi : Another one? 

Kwalunga : Well sort of 

Zinzi : You don't seem happy about it 

Kwalunga : I am. It's just that… (I sigh) It will break your heart. 

Zinzi : Break my heart? How? I don't understand. 

Kwalunga : Zinzi I'm moving to Italy 

Zinzi : Are you serious babe? 

(She sounds excited and I didn't expect that.) 

Kwalunga : Yes

The Italians offered me a job as an undercover agent. 

Zinzi : That's amazing Lunga. Wow. I'm happy for you. 

Kwalunga : There is more 

Zinzi : What? Don't tell me you turned them down. 

Kwalunga : I didn't. Obaba are coming to pay ilobola for you tomorrow. 

(She laughed. She thinks this is a joke) 

Zinzi : Musa ukudlala ngami wena. 

Kwalunga : I'm serious. When I come back from Italy I want us to get married. 

Zinzi : Wait. Are you serious? 

Kwalunga : I'm serious. I want a life with you Zinzi. Thomas gave me some money and ngizokhokha ilobola ngayo. 

(She is in tears) 

Zinzi : I don't know what to say. 

Kwalunga : Just say yes Sunflower. Please. 

Zinzi : Life is too short Lunga and if I have to spend the rest of what I have with you then so be it. (She said staring into space) 

Kwalunga : Is that a yes? 

Zinzi : Yes my love. 

(She kissed me and I fell more in love with her) 

Kwalunga : I love you. 

Zinzi : No. I love you. 


Manqoba : This is a waste of time. This boy doesn't have money. 

Kwalunga : Please leave all this money at Zondi's. R400 000. All there. 

(Now they look like statues with their eyes wide open) 

Manqoba : Usurobha ama bank wena mfana. Mthunzi please call the police. 

Kwalunga : Please let's get this done because I need to go back to uMlazi today. 

Manqoba : This is crazy and I'm not going to be part of it (He said heading out) 

(I quickly look at Mthunzi.)

Mthunzi : Manqoba please. Ucelwa yimi. Let's do this one thing for this boy. 

Manqoba : Siyolobola ngemali yokwebiwa? 

Kwalunga : No baba I didn't s... 

Manqoba : Shut up!! (He cutted me) 

maMyeni: Baba ka Basithembile please. Do this for him. You have nothing to lose here. 

Manqoba : (He rubbed his face) Ok fine. 

Mthunzi : You will stay in the car Kwalunga . You can't go in. 

Manqoba : Mthunzi are you not worried about this money? Because I am. 

Kwalunga : I worked for it. 

Manqoba : Stop lying to us. Wena lem... 

Mthunzi : Bafo please leave this boy alone.If he got this money in the wrong way then indaba yakhe leyo. (He cutted him before he finished) 

(I shook my head and we left the house) 


(I stayed inside the car and they went for lobola negotiations) 

Mthunzi :Ziyakhuleka izintandane zaka Hlela o Madlula.sikhulekile ekhaya ko Zondi ko Nondaba. Sizocela isihlobo esihle. Siphethe izinkomo zephakethe. 

(He went on and on until I saw two men coming towards them at the gate and he showed them in.) 

(I sighed in relief) 

(It's been an hour and exactly 38 minutes and they are still inside. My phone rings and it's Zinzi.) 

Kwalunga : Zinzi What's going on. 

Zinzi : They paid everything sthandwa sami. I don't believe this.

(She is over the moon) 

Zinzi : You are worth every cent and you deserved more than that. 

Zinzi : I love you so much 

Kwalunga : You are my life. 

Zinzi : What time are you leaving? 

(Mthunzi and Manqoba are making their way back.) 

Kwalunga : I will call you before I go. 

Zinzi : I will ensure that I see you before you leave. 

Kwalunga : I love you. 

Zinzi : I need to go babe.I love you more. 

(She hung up) 

Manqoba : Sesiyokuvashela ejele ke mfana with brown bread ne tin lika fish. 

Kwalunga : I didn't steal that money Baba. Anyway ngiyabonga. 

Mthunzi : Everything went well and they were impressed. 

(I smiled. I'm happy that I did this.) 


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