Chapter 11

(2 hours later I received a call from Godfrey telling me to come out. He was driving alone) 

Kwalunga : Godfrey zithini manje? 

Godfrey : No bro wam there's nothing wrong. 

Kwalunga : Are you sure? Angiyi nje koshushiswa lapha e Red? 

(Godfrey laughed) 

Godfrey : No Thomas wants to talk to you about something. 

Kwalunga : Something like what? 

Godfrey : I don't know man why don't you find out for yourself? 

(I don't know but Godfrey seems really unhappy. Is it about their investigation?) 

Kwalunga : So how did you score a job with the Italians? 

Godfrey : Kwalunga I worked really hard to be where I am. I didn't get this job on a silver platter. 

(There is something about his tone. Why is he getting all so worked up?) 

Kwalunga : I see but that doesn't answer my question. Not that I care anyway 

(He tightened his jaws. Again I don't care. Now I'm sure that this guy doesn't like me and I'm grateful this is my last day I get to see him) 

*Message alert *

(Thank God it was my salary at least one positive thing just happened today.) 


(Finally we arrived at TRI. I got out of the car first leaving Godfrey behind and I went straight inside) 

(I found Thomas and Tina. I glanced at the clock and it read 17h42) 

Kwalunga : Why am I here Mr Krane and Ms Harris? 

(Thomas cleared his throat) 

Thomas : Lunga I have a request. 

(Godfrey walked in and he seemed very tense) 

Kwalunga : Request? 

Tina : Firstly our investigation was a success and all thanks to you. (She smiled) 

(Godfrey laughed but it sounded fake) 

Godfrey : Tina You give this guy way too much credit. 

(I knew he doesn't like me) 

Thomas : He thought of something that you failed to think of G so yes he deserves all the credit. Lunga you did a wonderful job and which is why I want you to join the True Red Investigators team. 

(I'm shocked. No he is probably kidding) 

Godfrey : What? (His eyes are wide open) 

Kwalunga : I don't understand Thomas I mean what do I know about investigating? 

Tina : You know more than you think Lunga The kidnapping case was wrapped up today because you

you Lunga helped us. 

Godfrey : Not you too Tina does Anthony know anything about this meeting? 

Thomas : Yes and actually it was his idea that we hire Lunga to join our team. 

Godfrey : Oh is that it? So I guess I'm the only one who knew nothing about this. Is this how we do things now Thomas huh? 

(Godfrey felt betrayed and he is not pleased at all.) 

Thomas : Godfrey I'm sorry that you feel some type of way but this is not about you. This is about what's best for True Red. 

(Godfrey swallowed hard and rubbed his palms together) 

Tina : We will mentor you Lunga. 

Thomas : Exactly. We will teach you everything that you need to know. 

Kwalunga : But you guys are going back to Italy. 

Thomas : Do you have a passport? 

(I can't believe this is happening.) 

Kwalunga : Why would I need a passport? 

Thomas : Because right now I am offering you a job as an undercover agent in Italy and for you to join us in Italy you n….. 

Kwalunga : Thomas. I get it and to answer your questions. No I don't have a passport (I cutted him) 

Thomas : We need to get you one. Immediately. 

Kwalunga : Thomas I have a life here and I can't just pack my things and move to another country. 

Thomas : How much do you want? Name your prize Lunga. 

(Are these people crazy?) 

Tina : Lunga this is an amazing opportunity to change your life around. Take it. 

(I suddenly remembered what my parents said to me. "You will need anything to survive". Is this what they meant?) 

Kwalunga : No Tina. I have someone that I can't leave behind. 

(Thomas opened a briefcase and pushed it towards me.) 

Thomas : R 500 000. All there and it's all yours. Please just take this job. 

(R500 000? To take his job offer. This is insane.) 

(I just laughed) 

Kwalunga : Krane This is crazy. 

Thomas : Then this is how crazy I need you. 

(I sighed) 

Kwalunga : Ok fine! 

(Godfrey walked out. That is how much he hates me right now. He is going on my list of people to avoid if I'm going to be working here.) 

Tina : I'll steer clear of that one if I were you. (She said pointing out using her head) 

(She is referring to Godfrey. She sees it too.) 

Kwalunga : I guess. Thomas I know nothing about these investigations. How am I supposed to do this job?

(I'm asking them for the second time that is how worried I am) 

Thomas : You will get the hang of it in a week. Anthony will be your mentor.He did a great job with Tina. 

(Tina's tongue popped out sweeping across the corner of her mouth) 

(I breathe in and out. As much as I appreciate this opportunityBut truth be told I'm nervous. Very nervous.) 

Thomas : Tomorrow You need to get your passport sorted. Tina can you get that done? 

Tina : Sure thing. 

(Now my heart is racing. I'm leaving in 4 days. 4 days.) 

Kwalunga : Isn't that too soon? 

Thomas : I understand that you need more time to think about this but time is what we don't have Lunga. Our work here is done and dusted. We need to fly back  to Italy. 

Tina : Everything is going to be fine. You will see. (She smiled) 

Thomas : Tina please organize a driver for  him to take him back home . 

Tina : On it. 


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