Chapter 10


(At True Red Investigators) 

(The time reads 09h00am. 08th of November 2006. It's my last day at True Red Investigators. It's been a great journey but this is it. I'm going to miss them especially Anthony. He is that one character but I'm going to miss their money more than anything.) 

(I'm busy mopping Thomas's office. They are holding a meeting and all of them are here) 

Tina: This is another dead end Tommy. 

(She calls Thomas by Tommy. At first I thought that they were dating but no it was strictly business.) 

Godfrey : Are you sure that we didn't leave any stone unturned? 

Anthony : We didn't . We investigated the ex husband and all his friends but still nothing. 

Godfrey : Tina is right. This is another dead end. Fuck!!. (He snapped) 

Thomas : Who kidnapped her? Shit! This is frustrating (He is angry) 

(They've been running some investigation about a woman who they believe is kidnapped by her ex husband) 

(I cleared my throat) 

Kwalunga : May I please say something? 

Thomas : Yes Lung. say it. 

Godfrey : He knows nothing about investigations. 

(Godfrey said throwing his hands in the air) 

Thomas : Zulu please Not now. 

(I stopped mopping and stared at them. Now I'm nervous) 

Kwalunga : So the ex wife is missing? 

Thomas : Yes

Kwalunga : You didn't find anything on her ex husband? 

Anthony : No Nothing. 

Kwalunga : The ex husband is he married now to someone else? 

(They are looking at each other) 

Thomas : Yes

Kwalunga : Then go for his wife she might know something about the ex wife. 

(With that said I continued mopping the floor) 

Thomas : Why didn't we think of that? wow Lunga I'm impressed. 

(Tina is jumping up and down with excitement. She gave me a tight hug) 

Tina : You are a genius. 

Kwalunga : I try (I shrug) 

Thomas : Guys let's get out of here. 

(They all left the office) 


(I left the office and said goodbye to Baba u Mdlalose. He is the security of the company. He reminds me so much of my father and he is tense too) 

Mdlalose : So this is it? 

Kwalunga : Yebo baba. My work here is done 

Mdlalose : I hope to see you again soon Madlula you are a wonderful man. 

Kwalunga : Ngiyabonga baba I'm going to miss you. 

Mdlalose : Me too mfan'wam. Take care of yourself 

Kwalunga : Do the same baba. 

(I walked all the way to the taxi rank. I'm feeling tired and drained) 

(I finally arrived home and took out my key to unlock the door but I noticed that it's open. I walked in and the house was almost empty. They broke in. I quickly checked for my money under the mattress and it was gone) 

(I had a bank account but I withdrew all my money and kept it at home because I didn't trust my bank. Weird right? I know. Now I just lost R6 500) 

(All the appliances are gone I sighed and took out my phone. I need to contact Zinzi she has a way of making me feel better) 

Kwalunga : Hi Zinzi 

(She is silent) 

Kwalunga : Zinzi! 

Zinzi : You sound down. Are you ok? 

Kwalunga : They broke in Zinzi and took all my money 

Zinzi : Oh God sthandwa sami

she has a way of making me feel better) 

Kwalunga : Hi Zinzi 

(She is silent) 

Kwalunga : Zinzi! 

Zinzi : You sound down. Are you ok? 

Kwalunga : They broke in Zinzi and took all my money 

Zinzi : Oh God sthandwa sami I'm sorry. 

Kwalunga :It's ok 

Zinzi : Kuphuma ibhadi my love maybe something great is coming your way. 

(I told you that she has a way of making me feel better. The way she looks at life is quite different but amazing) 

Kwalunga : Maybe or maybe not. Life is always hard on me but I'm not complaining. 

Zinzi : Everything is going to be fine Lunga Kuz.. (silent) 

Kwalunga : Zinzi are you still there? 

(Silent. Dammit! My airtime ran out. I hope my salary will get in soon) 

(I tossed my cellphone under my pillow. I don't know where to start The house is upside down.) 

(My phone rings) 

Kwalunga : Zinzi? (I answered) 

The person : Sorry man but I'm not Zinz. It's me Thomas. 

Kwalunga : Oh Mr Krane Hi. 

Thomas : Tell me something how long can it take for you to get to TRI? 

Kwalunga : TRI? 

(He is confusing me) 

Thomas : Sorry I mean True Red Investigators. 

Kwalunga : Is there anything wrong? 

Thomas : No of course not. 

Kwalunga : I don't have money Mr Krane. 

Thomas : Shit! We forgot to transfer your money I'm sorry Lunga. Look send me your location and I'll send a driver. 

(This is more serious than I thought) 

Kwalunga : Ok no problem 

(He hung up. Now I need to borrow airtime from Cell C because I don't have data) 

(I received my advance airtime and I sent my location to Thomas) 


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