Chapter 7

(I was praying that this John wasn't my grandmother's employer. Yes I stayed in his house for a long time but I had never seen him I was always locked up at the back of their house) 

(I took a deep breath as the door opened) 

John : Hallo pragtig 

Me : Mr Cruywagen 

John : That's formal 

 Me : Is it? 

(He drank water and I looked around. There was the bag I came for. He stopped drinking and looked at me) 

John : Is everything OK? 

Me : Yeah yeah yeah 

(OK what was I supposed to do next? Touch him? Take off my coat?) 

John : They said your agency is the best in town but I don't think so anymore. 

Me : Agency? 

John : You girls that are selling their bodies for money

Me : Who said I'm selling my body? 

John : What? 

(I didn't mean to say that out loud) 

Me : I mean… Never mind. Mr Cruywagen can we do this already?

(I pushed him into bed)

John : Nie so vinnig nie. I thought we were going to chat a little and get to know each other 

(He pushed me and stood up. What the fuck) 

Me : There is nothing to talk about. I'm here to work 

(He laughed and shook his head) 

John : Definitely not what I expected 

(I wasn't good at the whole thing and he saw right through me. I unbuttoned my coat but I heard a knock on the door. John opened and Tammy walked in. One would swear that she worked in that hotel with uniform) 

Tammy : I'm sorry to disturb but I'm here to collect those used towels 

John : Oh yes. Thank you 

(Tammy looked at me and rolled her eyes. I didn't know what to do. She pointed at the wine with her eyes. I quickly poured the wine and spill it deliberately on the pillow) 

Me : Oh shit!! 

(John looked at me quickly and rushed to me) 

John : What happened? Are you Ok? 

Me : I'm sorry I don't know what happened 

Tammy : It's ok. I'll change it 

John : Thank you. I don't know what is wrong with her 

Tammy : I understand sir. I'll be back just now 

(Tammy shook her head and walked out. She wasn't impressed at all. After a few minutes she walked back in. I had to keep John distracted. I kissed him and touched him. I saw Tammy putting that injection under the pillow and she took the towels and walked out. John started touching me and I was shaking with every touch. He pushed me down to my knees. I knew what he wanted and I couldn't do it. I stood up) 

Me : I'm sorry but I can't do this

John : What? 

(I took my shoes and ran out. I went to the parking lot but our car was no longer there. My phone rang. it was Ike) 

Ike : You fucked up Blue 

Me : I'm sorry but I couldn't. I couldn't do it 

(He hung up. I moved around the parking lot not knowing where to go. A Renault parked next to me and this guy rolled down the window) 

Guy : Are you going somewhere? 

(Those annoying Uber drivers) 

Me : Yes but I don't have money! 

(He laughed. He really thought that was a joke) 

Guy : Get in the car 

Me : What? 

Guy : I'll take you home. Anywhere you want….Without charging you of course. 

(I didn't want to get in but what if John looked for me and found me? I chose to get in. I sat at the back) 

Guy : Where to? 

(Silence. I didn't know where to go) 

Guy : Sisi?

Me : Tembisa 

Guy : Ok

(Just like that?) 

Me : Thank you. Thank you so much 

(He didn't say anything he kept driving. I looked at him. I wanted to take a picture of him and send it to Ndondo just in case anything happened to me. His car smelled nice and he wasn't that bad either. He was just the kind of boyfriend I would like to have one day but that one seemed like every woman was throwing herself at his feet. I wondered if he wanted to get married one day. Wait

I was crushing on an Uber driver that I met a couple of minutes ago? But at least I forgot about everything else in my life for a moment. About Ike Selina and everything else. I even forgot that the sexy Uber driver might have been a serial killer.) 

Guy : My name is Hawu by the way 

Me : Hawu? (I murmured) 

Hawu : Shield 

(He laughed and I had goosebumps.) 

Me : I know Ihawu 

(He laughed again and I had that feeling in my stomach. Is that what they call love? What did I know about love?)

Hawu : How do you know Ihawu? 

Me : I am a Zulu woman Mr… 

Hawu : Lihawu Bhengu. Bhengu from KZN e Nkandla

Me : Shongololo

(He stopped his car on the side of the road. OK that was it. He wanted to kill me. He turned around and looked at me) 

Me : What's wrong now? 

Hawu : Say it again 

Me : What? 

Hawu : I told you my surname is Bhengu and what did you say? 

Me : Shongololo? 

(He had the most beautiful and sexy reaction on his face. Now that I got to look at his face Hawu was beautiful) 

Hawu : Wow. OK. Let's go 

(He started his again and I sighed. What was that about?) 

Me : My name is Freedom Nene 

Hawu : Freedom? 

Me : Or Blue 

Hawu : Or MaNene-Bhengu 

Me : What? 

(He laughed) 

Hawu : So you stay in Tembisa? 

Me : Something like that 

Hawu : With a boyfriend? 

Me : No 

Hawu : Where is he staying? 

Me : I don't know 

Hawu : You left him at the hotel 

Me : Maybe

Hawu : I see. 

(Silence was deafening. Hawu seemed unhappy out of the blue or was I imagining things?. I decided to call Ndondoyethu) 

Me : I'm coming to Tembisa 

Ndondoyethu : Are you serious? 

Me : Yes 

Ndondoyethu : What happened? OK where are you? 

(I didn't even know where I was) 

Me : On my way 

Ndondoyethu : Ok ask the taxi driver to drop you off at Sphola's Shisanyama

Me : Ok

(I hung up) 

Me : Please drop me off at Sphola's Shisanyama 

Hawu : Since you don't have money at least give me your number 

(I thought he'd never ask. I gave it to him without hesitation. He dropped me off and Ndondoyethu was waiting for me already) 

Ndondoyethu : And where are your clothes? 

Me : Where is your house? 

Ndondoyethu : Blue what's going on here? 

Me : I'm here Ndondo

(I walked past him with my heels in my hands) 

Ndondoyethu : I see that but how? 

Me : Long story 

Ndondoyethu : Blue I said 3 days

(He opened his door and we walked in. A small room with one bed and a table at the corner. Not bad at all) 

Me : So this is it? 

Ndondoyethu : Yes. I was sleeping when you called so sorry about the mess 

Me : Are you getting used to this place? 

Ndondoyethu : I guess 

Me : Good

Ndondoyethu : Talk to me 

Me : I messed up Ndondo 

Ndondoyethu : Ok ok 

(He sat down and pulled my arm) 

Ndondoyethu : What happened? 

Me : I couldn't do it….I mean at the restaurant. I broke the plates and I left

Ndondoyethu : But what are you wearing? 

Me : You mean this coat. It was cold

Ndondoyethu : I see. Where is Selina? 

Me : I don't know. I just want to sleep. Is that fine with you? 

Ndondoyethu : Yeah sure 

(I wanted to take off my coat but then I remembered that I was good as naked underneath) 

Ndondoyethu : I'll just go and… Check...You can. (He stuttered) 

(He tapped the bed and walked out. There I was checking my phone every 2 minutes waiting for Hawu to call me but Instead I got a call from Selina) 

Selina : Where are you? 

(I was sure that Ndondoyethu called her) 

Me : Tembisa 

Selina : You need to come back 

Me : No

Selina : Did you say no? 

Me : Very loud. Aunty Selina I hate to remind you that you are Ndondoyethu's aunt not mine. Where I go shouldn't bother you

Selina : Is that so? 

Me : It is. I don't know if I should tell… 

(Ndondoyethu walked in and I disconnected the call) 

Me : Why didn't you tell me that you don't want me here? 

Ndondoyethu : What? 

Me : Don't act dumb. I thought we were both adults here and that we were allowed to make our own decisions 

Ndondoyethu : Like you decided to come here without telling anyone? 

Me : You mean without telling YOUR aunt? 

Ndondoyethu : Oh she is MY aunt now? 

Me : What do you even mean Ndondoyethu? Of course she is your aunt not mine. If she was my aunt she wouldn't have done what…. You know what? Never mind. I'll leave 

(I got out of bed and his eyes were wide open. Oh shit! I was naked. I covered myself with a duvet. He cleared his throat) 

Me : Sorry 

Ndondoyethu : Don't be 

(He sat down next to me and caressed my arm) 

Ndondoyethu : How can I be so stupid? 

Me : Excuse me? 

Ndondoyethu : Blue I know how you feel about me and I feel the same way. It's just that I was scared of how you would react if I told you how I felt about you 

Me : Ndondo I… 

Ndondoyethu : Don't say anything. Let's do it 

(What was he talking about? I was lost) 

Ndondoyethu : From the first day I met you at school… Near that tuck shop? Yeah Blue I loved you from that day but… 

(Wait did he say love?) 

Me : What are you talking about? 

(He kissed me) 


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