Chapter 09

(On my way back to Ndondo's house I saw some ladies and a few guys sitting outside drinking alcohol. I got inside and one lady followed me) 

Me : Hi. Can I help you? 

Her : Ngu Sisanda. Ngihlala next door with my boyfriend 

Me : Oh ok. I'm Freedom 

(Why was she telling me all that?) 

Sisanda : Do you want to come and chill with us? 

Me : Eish I don't know. 

Sisanda : Come on. You want to sit here alone… Bored? 

Me : I actually want to sleep 

Sisanda : Ok then. Don't say I didn't try 

Me : Ok fine. Just for 30 minutes 

(She laughed. We went outside and this one guy took out a speaker. They introduced themselves.) 

Bulo : Yeah this is my girlfriend. We've been together for a year now 

(Sisanda smiled) 

Me : Nice

Bulo : You and your boyfriend are new here? 

Me : My boyfriend? 

Bulo : Ndondo. We work together at Sphola's 

Me : Oh yes my boyfriend. Yes we are new here 

(I didn't have time to explain to them that Ndondoyethu wasn't my boyfriend YET. Anyway I decided to have one drink and one drink led to another.) 

Keketso : Are you working? 

(She finally asked. Her and the other 2 ladies and that other guy hadn't said anything they were just giving me strange looks but nothing new there.) 

Me : No. Not yet but I have my own money 

(I said trying to act cool. I knew that they didn't like me but the last thing I wanted was for them to think I'm a broke "Foreigner") 

Keketso : Oh really? 

Me : Oh yes. We need more drinks 

Bulo : Freedom I… 

Me : Money is not a problem 

Sisanda : I think I'm going to love Freedom 

(We laughed. I went inside and took R2 000 from the money I got from Ike. Bulo and Nathi went to buy alcohol. I was the blesser of the night. Everyone was happy and yes they liked me. R5000 was spent in one night straight from my pocket. Everyone decided to go when Bulo and Sisanda started fighting. I dragged myself to Ndondo's house. I was so drunk. I threw myself in bed and it was light out.) 

Ndondoyethu : Freedom! Freedom! 

(I opened my eyes and my body was in pain. I had a terrible headache) 

Me : Keep it down Ndondo

Ndondoyethu : Are you crazy? Why didn't you lock the door? 

(I covered myself with a duvet and he pulled it.) 

Ndondoyethu : This house smells like a shebeen. Were you drinking? 

Me : No 

Ndondoyethu : No? Open your mouth 

( He tried to open my mouth) 

Ndondoyethu : Sies! Blue. Is this what you are going to do every time I go to work? Are you insane? Where did you get the money for alcohol? 

Me : Shut up Ndondoyethu 

Ndondoyethu : You drink alcohol now? It was your first day here and you are already going out with strangers to drink and worst case you slept with the door opened? Do you know what could have happened to you? 

(He was whining and whining. It was frustrating) 

Me : Just sleep Ndondo. It 06h00 am 

Ndondoyethu : Where did you get the money? 

Me : I had a job remember? Ike gave me some money 

Ndondoyethu : Ike? Who is Ike? 

Me : You don't know him. Just sleep! 

(There was silence and then I heard a shuffling sound) 

Ndondoyethu : What is this? 

(I opened one eye and I saw the white envelope) 

Me : Money 

Ndondoyethu : Where did you get it? 

Me : Ask your aunt. She is the one who hooked me up with these people 

Ndondoyethu : Are you selling your body? 

Me : Oh please. 

Ndondoyethu : I'm right. Blue you are selling your body. I saw how you were dressed up when you showed up here. Freedom are you crazy? Oh my God 

(Ndondoyethu was literally crying. I was shocked. I sat up) 

Me : No Ndondo...Ndondo please sit here 

Ndondoyethu : No. No I don't want to hear it. I thought I was wrong but I was right. Why Blue? 

Me : I didn't do it. I didn't do it

I don't want to hear it. I thought I was wrong but I was right. Why Blue? 

Me : I didn't do it. I didn't do it I promise you. 

Ndondoyethu : Stop lying to me

Me : I'm not. That's why I came here because I didn't do it. I ran away 

(He sighed and sat down. He seemed so broken it was heart wrenching) 

Ndondoyethu : I want to believe you 

Me : You have to believe me. I met with this guy from Mozambique and he has been giving me money 

Ndondoyethu : Why? 

Me : I don't know!

Ndondoyethu : And you took all that money and drank it 

Me : Not all of it

Ndondoyethu : How much? 

Me : I don't remember 

(He stood up and scratched his head) 

Ndondoyethu : I actually thought you were smarter than that. Blue do you know what you could do with this money? 

Me : Huh? 

Ndondoyethu : School Blue! You could go to school with this money 

Me : You are more stupid than I thought 

Ndondoyethu : You want to waste it on alcohol? How long has this Ike been giving you money?

Me : I don't want his money!! 

(He sat down quickly and held my hand) 

Ndondoyethu : Listen. We need his money. You need to go to varsity. Blue we need to get out of this place 

(I got so angry) 

Me : Shut the fuck up!! Do you know what I have to do to get this money? 

Ndondoyethu : You don't have to do it. 

Me : Do you think Ike is crazy? That he can just give me money without doing my job. Ndondoyethu I thought you wanted to protect me but I was wrong. You are disgusting!! 

Ndondoyethu : That's not what I meant. How much is this? 

Me : I don't know 

(He counted it) 

Ndondoyethu : R15 000. This is enough for your registration fee

Me : No! What if he wants it back? 

Ndondoyethu : I will pay him back 

(I chuckled) 

Me : You think this is a joke. You work at Sphola's Shisanyama. Shisanyama Ndondo!! 

Ndondoyethu : And I want the best for you. I don't want you to sell your body because you want to make money. I don't want you to go back to Ike 

Me : So you want me to sit and wait for him to come here and demand his money back. Ndondoyethu he gave me this money because he wants me to work for him. 

Ndondoyethu : I will do anything to protect you 

Me : You can't. You don't know Ike

Ndondoyethu : So what? You are going back to him? Are you planning to take his job? 


Ndondoyethu : Blue!!! 

Me : We don't have a choice. Maybe I won't have to sleep with these men. Maybe he will give me a better job. Ndondoyethu why are you so worried about school suddenly? 

Ndondoyethu : Because I… 

(His phone rang and he answered) 

Ndondoyethu : Sis Zothile. How is my mother? 


Ndondoyethu : No. Why? 

(Something wrong was going on) 

Ndondoyethu : Just say it. She is dead right? Is that why you want me to come home? 

(I got out of bed. I was feeling dizzy. Alcohol was definitely not for me.) 

Me : Is everything ok? 

(I whispered. He hung up) 

Ndondoyethu : My mother is dead 

Me : Ndondo No 

Ndondoyethu : I… I need to go home 

(He started packing. He was just going on like everything was fine. He just lost his mother for heaven's sake. MOTHER. I expected him to scream and cry) 

Ndondoyethu : Are you coming with me? 

Me : Ndondo I'm so…. 

Ndondoyethu : What? She is dead Freedom. I need to go to Lindelani 

Me : Are you going to pretend like… 

Ndondoyethu : What do you want me to do? Cry? You want me to waste time crying? Freedom we don't even have money to bury my mother. I need to come up with a plan 

Me : Call Selina. 

Ndondoyethu : I can't. She won't do anything to help us. You don't know Selina as much as I do 

(I sighed) 

Me : I'm so sorry Ndondoyethu. I can't begin to imagine how you feel right now. 

Ndondoyethu : I feel nothing. I feel nothing Freedom.. OK I need to call bra Sphola. I need money….Are you coming with me? 

Me : I'm scared. I'm scared of going back 

Ndondoyethu : Maybe you are right. It's still too soon but I don't want you to stay here alone 

Me : I'm going to be fine. I'll behave. I promise 

Ndondoyethu : After last night I… 

(I took the envelope and gave it to him) 

Me : Take it 

Ndondoyethu : Freedom I can't… 

(I kissed him and hugged him) 

Me : Go home and bury mama. When you come back I'll be here. Waiting for you 

Ndondoyethu : You are the only person I have now. 

Me : I know. 

(I pulled away) 

Me : She was your mother and I know how much you loved her and how you wanted to save her. It's ok to cry Ndondo 

Ndondoyethu : I don't want to cry 

(It was crazy because he cried when he thought I was selling my body but he couldn't cry when he found out that his mother died. I helped him to pack. He called Sphola and he was ready to go.) 

Me : I know I shouldn't be asking you this but when you get home please check on my grandmother and please tell her that I love her and that I miss her so much. 

(He pressed his lips on mine for so long) 

Ndondoyethu : Take care of yourself Freedom and if you need me. Call me. OK? 

Me : It's going to be fin… 

Ndondoyethu : Don't say it. We all knew that this day was going to come. 

(I was worried about Ndondo. He was very good at hiding his feelings and that was dangerous. I walked him out and on my way back a grey Tazz blocked my way. I thought it was Ike's people but it was Lihawu Bhengu. My heart was racing) 

Me : Hi 

Hawu : Let's go home 

Me : What? 

Hawu : Get in the car Freedom. 

Me : I can't Lihawu 

Hawu : Ngizokubuyisa. Ngena nkosazana

(He was so calm and so good looking. I looked at myself. He laughed and shook his head) 

Hawu : Woza 

(That Woza was the best Woza I've ever heard in my whole life. His Zulu was so deep and it was nothing like Isizulu I heard from those Gauteng men. I just stood there and I heard him saying) 

Hawu : Ngena

(When did he get out of his car and opened the door for me? I got in. He kept looking at me on our way. I didn't know what to say or react. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable) 


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