Chapter 08

Me : Ndondo no. Just stop 

(No why was he doing that? I never saw him in that way. Ndondoyethu had always been like a brother to me.) 

Ndondoyethu : Why? 

Me : No! I'm your sister Ndondo 

Ndondoyethu : That's not true 

Me : It is. You see me naked and suddenly you realize that you have feelings for me? That is so creepy Ndondoyethu! 

Ndondoyethu : No no no. I've always loved you Blue but I was scared

Me : Scared of what!? 

Ndondoyethu : Of…. Of everyone at school…. At Lindelani. 

Me : I don't understand 

Ndondoyethu : You do understand Freedom. You know how things were back there. How they treated you and how I protected you. That was all love Freedom 

Me : But still you couldn't tell me because you were ashamed of having me as your girlfriend. Ndondoyethu you were no different from them. You waited for everyone to leave so that you could come and talk to me. How you always questioned how I look my hairmy skin color and how thin I am. 

Ndondoyethu : I was wrong and I'm sorry. Freedom I want us to be together I want us to grow together and succeed together. You've never seen me with another woman and you know why? Because I want you. 

Me : Stop lying 

Ndondoyethu : Ok you may not be my first but I want you to be my last in everything. Freedom I shouldn't even be sitting here explaining how I feel about you because my actions are louder. Words are not enough to express my feelings for you 

Me : Ndondo….

Ndondoyethu : It's fine. If it's more time you need

I'll give you time. I have waited almost half of my life to be with you and if I have to continue waiting then fine I'll do it. Do you want me to wait? 

(Silence. Did I? Did I love Ndondoyethu? Yes I did. There was a time where I wanted to hear these words from him but I got over it. After that all I saw was my brother. Maybe if I didn't meet Lihawu Bhengu things could have been different and maybe I was going to have a straight answer for Ndondoyethu but there was Hawu in the picture but it was crazy because I wasn't even sure if Hawu was indeed in the picture. He hadn't called) 

Me : Yes I want you to wait 

(I finally said and I saw relief from his face. He kissed my hand) 

Ndondoyethu : I love you Blue and I'm going to give you the best life in the world. I'll hustle for you. For our future. 

Me : When were you planning to tell me all this? 

Ndondoyethu : In 3 days 

(I laughed) 

Ndondoyethu : Don't let this place change you Freedom. I know it is not going to be easy but all I'm asking is just a few months and I'll take you to school and get us out of here. I promise. Ok? 

Me : Ok… But please don't put yourself under pressure. 

Ndondoyethu : I won't. My salary is not much here but it's enough for both of us. I'm just glad that Selina spoke to uncle Sphola to give me this job. 

Me : So it was her? 

Ndondoyethu : It was. 

(Of course to get rid of you so that she can have her way with me. Bloody witch!) 

Me : I see. 

Ndondoyethu : I'll give you the best life Blue. 

(I smiled) 

Ndondoyethu : Are you hungry? I cooked last night. 

Me : I'll eat later. Come to bed and get some sleep. I know you are working later 

(He looked tired. He was a bit hesitant to come to bed but he eventually did. I placed a pillow between us. I didn't want him to touch me. I don't remember when I fell asleep but I woke up at 19h00 and Ndondo was already gone to work. He left his shorts and his t-shirt for me to wear. Next to bed I found Simba chips and Cadbury chocolate. He was really a nice guy. I really needed to go and collect my clothes but the thought of seeing Selina made me sick. Why was Hawu not calling me? Wait why did I even think that a man like Hawu would be interested in me? Of course he wasn't interested. He was just bored. The sooner I forgot about him the better. I jumped when my phone rang) 

Me : Hello 

(I even changed my voice and sounded sexy) 

Blue what the fuck are you doing in that boy's house? 

(Jeez! It wasn't Hawu. It was Ike.) 

Me : Who told you? 

Ike : It doesn't matter. I want you to come back 

Me : No Ike. I quit 

Ike : You think that Ndondoyethu will be able to take care of you. He won't!! 

Me : And how do you know his name? 

Ike : I know more than that. Even about his stupid feelings for you 

(Oh this stupid bug on my hair. I forgot to remove it. Ike heard everything.) 

Me : I'm fine here Ike. Ndondoyethu and I come way back 


Me : Are you still there? 

Ike : Yeah. Are you sure about this? 

Me : I am. 

Ike : What are you going to wear? You left all your clothes. 

Me : I don't know. I'll see 

Ike : What happened Blue? 

Me : I got scared and I left him. 

Ike : I mean between you and Selina 

(I swallowed) 

Me : Nothing. I just wanted to be with Ndondoyethu not her 

Ike : Is that all? 

Me : Ye...Yes. 

Ike : Are you sure? 

Me : I'm sure 

Ike : Ok. Blue I'm only giving you 1 day and after that I want you back at work. This time I don't want any problems. You are going to do your job just the way I want you to. Do you understand me? 

Me : Yah

Ike : Perfect. I'll send you money for your clothes 

Me : No you can't sir. I don't have my card with me. Selina took it 

Ike : Why? 

Me : She… She had to do some groceries 

Ike : With your money? 

Me : Yes

Ike : I see. Tammy will bring you money. She will be there around 20 hundred… at Sphola's Shisanyama. 

Me : Mr Muianga you don't have to sir 

Ike : It is my job to take care of my girls. Bye Blue 

Me : Bye Ike 

(I hung up and got out of bed. It was already late and I didn't know what to do. I took a bath and waited for Tammy. She arrived exactly at 20h00. I went to the car. I had to make sure that Ndondoyethu didn't see me) 

Tammy : You screwed up Blue 

Me : I know. It was my first time doing it Tammy and I got scared 

Tammy : Luckily your boss has a soft spot for you unlike the rest of us. If it was somebody else who pulled that stunt we would be wearing black by now singing dust to dust. 

Me : He wasn't mad? 

Tammy : He was but not for long… Here he said I must give you that. 

(She gave me a white envelope) 

Me : This is a lot of money 

Tammy : I know. He would rather spend money on strangers than on his own kids.Ike is so… 

(She sighed.) 

Tammy : I need to go Blue 

Me : Are you ok? 

Tammy : I'm surviving Blue. That's all that matters 

Me : Wait. I want to tell you something 

Tammy : What? Is it about Ike? 

Me : What? No. I met this guy today and I love him 

Tammy : Love? 

Me : Yes. I love him

Tammy : Who is this guy? 

Me : Lihawu Bhengu. I don't think I'll ever see him again and I hate that. He is an Uber driver 

Tammy : Jeez Blue! Uber driver? Really? 

Me : What is wrong with that? 

Tammy : Everything… Well for me not you obviously. My confidence wouldn't allow me to even look at an Uber driver never mind dating one. 

Me : That is so rude Tammy 

Tammy : Duh! I'm sorry. 

Me : And now there is Ndondoyethu. He told me that he loves me 

Tammy : Who is this Ndondoyethu now? 

Me : The guy I'm staying with 

Tammy :Oh God. There is so much going on in your life 

Me : So what would you advise me to do? 

Tammy : Blue I told you that I have hundreds of boyfriends but.. But they are rich. I'm not good with relationship things. I'm a hoe without a heart. My advice to you is to stick with Ndondoyethu while you are waiting for your Uber driver because we don't even know if he is going to come back. 

Me : I don't love Ndondo. Not in that way 

Tammy : You don't need to love them. Just pretend until you are good enough to be on your own because for now you need a shelter food and sex… Oh sorry. You are a virgin 

Me : Urgh Tammy. You are so disgusting 

(She laughed) 

Tammy : Please get out of Ike's car. I need to go. I have 5 boyfriends to see before I go to bed 

Me : Sies man! 

(We laughed) 

Tammy : What? 

Me : No wonder Ike said I should stay away from you. You are really bad 

(She stopped laughing) 

Tammy : He said what? 

(I shouldn't have told her. She seemed enraged) 

Me : I'm just joking 

Tammy : No you are not. Is he sleeping with you? 

Me : Are you serious right now? 

Tammy : Yes I am. Are you sleeping with Ike!!? 

(She yelled and I got angry.) 

Me : You know what Tammy? Fuck you!! 

(I got out of the car and headed back to Ndondo's house.) 


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