Chapter 06

(As soon as Ian dropped me off I ran inside but some man blocked my way) 

Man : Black diamond why don't you come to my place tonight and we can…. 

(He ran his thumb on my cheek) 

Me : Please let me go 

Man : Shhsh don't fight it. I heard that you people are the best in bed 

(You people?) 

Me : Bhuti please get out of my way 

(He laughed) 

Man : Bhuti? Nice. You are settling in really well in my country. 

(He pressed me on the wall and kissed my neck. I was crying already but no one was willing to help. Everyone was just passing by like what that man was doing to me was a normal thing to them) 

Selina : Eh Sporo awususe lezozandla zakho ezinamansense engcosini yami!!

(I was so relieved to hear Selina's voice. Sporo took a step back from me and looked up the stairs where Selina was standing) 

Selina : Futsek!!!!! 

(Sporo rubbed his hands together like he was trying to apologize to Selina. Selina went back to our flat and I followed her. I found Selina sitting on the floor next to her bed) 

Me : Thank you. You saved me 

(Selina shook her head and lit her cigarette) 

Selina : Damu-Damu left 

(Who was that?) 

Me : Damu-Damu? 

Selina : Ndondo 

Me : Oh Ndondo. Yes he left 

Selina : I saw him leaving…. How is Ike? 

Me : Fine 

(I took off my jacket) 

Selina : He told me that he likes you 

Me : He does? 

Selina : Yes and I don't know if I like that. 

Me : What do you mean? 

(She stood up and walked closer to me. She squeezed my breasts. My heart was pounding. What was she doing? I tried to move but she held me tightly) 

Selina : You know Freedom you can have any other man that you want but not Ike. 

Me : I don't want Ike. I don't want any other man 

Selina : Music to my ears. You know we are going to have a….. 

(She kissed my neck. My heart started pounding faster) 

Selina : Lots of fun together. You know how much I take care of you Freedom and I want you to do the same. Can you do that? 

Me : Yeeee…Yes. 

Selina : That's my girl. Let's get to it. I've been craving for you ever since you got here and I couldn't wait to get Ndondoyethu out of here 

Me : Wh…. What? 

Selina : Lock the door and I'll tell you how I like it 

(I tried to move but she squeezed me roughly. It hurted) 

Selina : I can make you and I can break you just like that… Don't try anything funny. 

(I swallowed roughly. Selina started taking off her clothes. She wasn't joking. Why was she doing that to me? A woman to another woman? I locked the door and turned around. Selina was laying in bed naked. Her eyes were red) 

Selina : I want you to start here

(She rubbed her breasts and moved her hand down) 

Selina : And work your tongue down there. I want to scream Freedom. Can you give me that? 

(I prayed that she didn't see these tears. Even if I ran I had nowhere to go. I always knew that my life was bad but it was getting worse everyday.. Every minute. Selina instructed me on what to do and I wanted to vomit the whole time. I looked at the knife in her hand and I wanted to snatch it and stab her to death. I finished and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth) 

Selina : I want you to remember this day every time you feel like you are catching feelings for Ike. Don't wait up. I'll come back tomorrow morning 

(The door closed. She was out. I washed my face and got out of the bathroom. I sat in bed and dialed my grandmother's number but she didn't pick up. I called my father) 

Me : Ba...Zweli

Zweli : Freedom is that you? 

(I wiped my tears) 

Me : Yes Baba. I'm in Gauteng and I want to come back home 

Zweli : Freedom can you hear me? 

(I stood up and walked around) 

Me : Yes I can hear you 

Zweli : I need money Freedom. I've been arrested and I need money for bail 

Me : What? How? When? 

Zweli : I'll send you Mweli's number. Call him and he will give you his account number 

(Mweli was his brother) 

Me : Baba I don't have money now 

Zweli : Freedom do you want me to go to Westville? 

Me : No do you want me to go to Westville? 

Me : No of course not. How much? 

Zweli : Send R5000 

(Where was I going to get R5000?) 

Me : Baba I'll see what I can do but… 

Zweli : Freedom I raised you!!! Is this how you want to thank me? 

Me : Ok ok. Send me Baba omncane's number 

(He hung up and I sighed. I dialed Ndondo's number) 

Ndondoyethu : Blue Are you Ok? 

(A flow of tears ran down my face. I wanted to tell him that I was not fine. I wanted to tell him what Selina did to me. I wanted to tell him that I want to go back home) 

Ndondoyethu : Freedom!! 

Me : I'm still here 

Ndondoyethu : Is everything OK? 

Me : How is Tembisa? 

Ndondoyethu : Tembisa is fine. I can't wait for you to come here 

Me : M… Me too 

Ndondoyethu : Are you ok Blue? 

Me : Zweli….Zweli has been arrested. 

Ndondoyethu : Your father? 

Me : Yes

Ndondoyethu : Since when do you care? 

Me : He is still my father. He needs R5000 for bail 

Ndondoyethu : Five what? No Blue! Where are we going to get that kind of money? 

Me : I don't know Ndondo! 

Ndondoyethu : Your father can go to hell for all I care

(There was another call coming) 

Me : Ndondo there is an incoming call. I'll call you later 

(Ndondoyethu hung up) 

Me : Hello

Mweli : Freedom Hi. It's Mweli 

Me : Baba omncane how are you? 

Mweli : Do you have Capitec? 

Me : Capitec? 

Mweli : I don't have airtime. I'm only calling you with R1. Your father needs bail 

Me : About that… Baba omncane I do have Capitec but I don't have money 

Mweli : That's not what I heard. Do you want them to rape Zweli in Westville prison? Do you know what they do inside that prison? 

Me : No Baba but… 

Mweli : Use that number for money transfer. Bye

(Call disconnected) 

Me : Fuck!!! 

(I moved up and down. I had no other choice but to phone Ike) 

Ike : Muianga 

Me : Sir you are speaking to Blue 

Ike : I know. What do you want? 

Me : Ike I need money. My father has…. 

Ike : Send me your account number 

Me : I only need R5…. 

Ike : Blue I want you to report to the hotel tomorrow before 10h00 am. Tammy and Cyndo will be there. They will give you instructions 

(OH no that was not happening. I sighed) 

Me : Ok 

Ike : Good 

Me : Ike I'm sorry about earlier and thank you for helping me with my father's bail


Me : Hello? 

(He hung up on me. I sent him my account number and got to bed. A few minutes later I received a bank notification. R15 000 was in. If he gave me a chance to speak he would have heard that I wanted to say R5000 not R15 000. I transferred the money to Mweli and I tried to sleep but I couldn't. I hated that bed. I moved to the floor but still I couldn't. I was crying the whole night. I got up and packed my clothes. The next day I was ready to leave. Selina walked in just before I walked out)

Selina : Going somewhere? 

Me : Aunty I…. 

Selina : Aunty sounds off. Call me Selly 

(I wanted to scream my lungs out.) 

Me : My grandmother is not feeling well. I need to go back home 

Selina : No you can't Freedom. Not when I need you this much 

(She walked closer to me and I moved back. She laughed) 

Me : I need to go to work 

Selina : I know. I was there when you called Ike. I thought we spoke about this Freedom 

(Her face was straight and I wanted to die already. I was scared of Selina) 

Me : We did. I needed money. My father needed money for bail 

Selina : Give me your bank card 

Me : Sorry? 

Selina : Your card. Ike's money is my money. Not yours. You foreigners think you can just come to our country and take our jobs money and our men? Really? 

(I had no idea what she was talking about.) 

Selina : You think you can take Ike away from me just like that? Mina? Selina? Why? Because you both come from the same country? 

(She laughed) 

Me : I'm not a foreigner. 

Selina : I don't give a shit about that I don't care who you think you are. This is my fuckin country. I run the streets of Gauteng. I can end Ike's life just like that 

(She snapped her finger) 

Selina : And he knows it. That goes for you too so don't mess with me Freedom. 

Me : OK 

(I whispered) 

Selina : Unpack these clothes and go to work. Leave your card and bank pin next to my bed 

(My life with Ndondoyethu in Tembisa was slowly fading away. Selina was changing to this wild and dangerous animal that I had never seen before. Ian came to pick me up) 

Ian : What happened to your eyes? 

Me : Nothing 

Ian : Is everything ok? 

(I was staring at my phone. My money was going out. Notification after notification. Selina was very busy with my card. Not even a single thank you sms from my father after I sent him R5000 for his bail. He is so ungrateful. Ian handed me tissues. I had no idea that I was crying already) 

Me : Thanks 

Ian : I know that you don't want to do this Blue. I wish there was something I could do to help you but with Ike involved I…. 

(He sighed) 

Ian : It gets better with time. I promise 

Me : Right 

(We found a big car at the parking lot. I found Tammy and Cyndo inside that car. They gave me lingerie and a black coat to wear.) 

Me : I can't walk with these heels 

Cyndo : You need to try 

Me : I can't!!!! 

Tammy : Blue calm down 

(I tried to breathe in and out a few times but it didn't help) 

Tammy : Take these pills. They will help you 

(I wanted to be fine so I swallowed the pills without protest) 

Tammy : You should be fine in the next 10 minutes. Now listen take this card. From here you are going straight to room number 48 and you will find him there. Don't do anything to him before I get there. I will walk in after a few minutes and ask to change your bedding. I will leave the injection under the pillow. No sex this time just blowjob. 

Me : What? 

Tammy : You will suck him down there. When you want to reach for the injection make sure his focus is on your boobs. Feed him Blue. He will be lost in the moment and then you strike. It will take a few minutes for drugs to sink in and he will be unconscious. There is a bag in the chair. You will take it and leave the room. Ike will handle the rest 

(I wanted someone to get inside that car and shoot me) 

Me : What if I get caught? 

Tammy : You won't. Now put this on your hair 

Me : What is this? 

Tammy : Like a bug. Just to ensure that you are safe 

Me : OK ok ok. Phew! I can do this 

Tammy : Eyes on the price Blue. Eyes on the price. Now look at this 

(It was a picture) 

Tammy : This is him. He is white. He is loaded. He is on a business trip. Ike doesn't know much about him but he seems harmless so you should be fine with him Blue. His name is John Cruywagen but call him Johnny to keep his dick up. Got it? 

Me : Got… Wait. Did you say Cruywagen? 

Tammy : Yes. John Cruywagen


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