I got home 20 minutes ago and Buli is still not here. I have been pacing up and down my living room. My heart is still beating very fast. I've taken off my blazer but somehow I still feel hot.

Eventually i get a call from Buli saying she is at the gate so I buzz her in. She walks into the house after some minutes and places four bottles of wine on the kitchen counter.

I take one bottle open it and just gulp down the wine. Buli has a shocked look on her face but i don't care. I need to calm my nerves.

When the bottle is half empty I take another one and go to sit on the couch. Buli follows with two wine glasses.

Buli: "so will you tell me whats going on."
Me: "Friend I have never done anything like this in my entire life."
Buli: "what did you do."
Me: "I slapped someone." Buli seems unfazed by this.
Buli: "relax that is standard procedure for a bad bitch. So who did you slap and why?" She takes a sip of her wine.
Me: "Philani Biyela!" She spits the wine out so fast it splatters all over my face and shirt. And then she burst out laughing.
Me: "its not funny Bulelwa."
Buli: "friend you not even married to the man but you are already abusing him" she says while laughing.
Mxm Buli can be nuts sometimes.
Buli: "Okay so tell me what happened from the beginning." She says after she is done laughing. I tell her everything.

It feels good sharing this with someone so if i die tomorrow atleast someone will know why i died. You never know what Philani is planning. Ok maybe I am exaggerating but still.

We spend the day talking and drinking. By 4 o'clock i am already tipsy. My phone rings and its a landline number.
Me: "hello"
Guy: "Are you busy?"
Me: "Nothing I can't get out off. What do you need."
Guy: "You!"
Me: "I will see you in 30 minutes." I hang up.
Buli: "Who was that?"
Me: "Work. I need to go there's a meeting."
Buli: "Bitch please a dick appointment does not count as a work meeting."

Lol. She knows me better than I thought. I run upstairs and change into a mini black dress that hugs me just right. I put on red lipstick and let my braids down I put on some mascara and shape my brows. I put on my long red coat coz its getting chilli outside winter is near. I finish my look off with some black thigh high boots. I look good even if I say so myself. I walk out. I see Buli standing at the bottom of the stairs as I walk down her mouth is wide open.
Buli: "Bitch you look so good I would be a Lesbian just for that look."
Me: "thank you babe." I take my bag from the table and we walk out and get into our cars and drive out.

I drive into SunMed Private Hospital and the parking lot is almost empty. I park get out of the car and walk into the reception area. There's a nurse there but I walk past her.
Nurse: "Excuse me" she shouts but I keep walking. I hear footsteps running towards me. She passes me and stops in front of me blocking my way. I stop.
Nurse: "Ma'am where do you think you are going?"
Me: "I am here to see Doctor Dlamini."
Nurse: "You couldn't tell me that at Reception. I had to run after you."
Me: "Sorry."
Nurse: "Thank you. Now do you have an appointment?" She says as she goes through the tablet in her hands.
Me: "Yes actually I do."
Nurse: "According to this you don't so please kindly turn around and leave."
Sigh. I take out my phone and make a call.
Me: "your receptionist is blocking my way...............Okay." I hang up.
Me: "Doctor Dlamini wants me to tell you that if I am not in his office in the next 90 seconds you can kiss your job goodbye." She swallows. "Now can I go through?"
Nurse: "Firstly I am not a receptionist I am a Nurse please put some respect on my profession. Secondly just cause you have a dick appointment with Dr Dlamini doesn't make you queen of the castle. You are not the first woman to walk through those doors for the same appointment. So go right ahead."
She walks back to her post with her 3 inch heels clicking on the floor. Savage much!

I walk into the office and he is sitting at his desk with a glass of whiskey.

My name is Ngcebo Dlamini I am 29 years old and a doctor by profession. I have known Lando for almost 7 years now. We met through my baby sister Faith. Although Faith still has no idea about our little arrangement she would freak out if she found out she said her friends were off-limits for me but this one I just couldn't resist.

She walks into my office and locks the door behind her. I get a boner just looking at her. She takes of her coat and damn she looks good.

Her black mini dress hugs her hips just right. Her thigh high boots go all the way to her mid thigh and thanks to the length of her dress i can see just a bit of her caramel thigh. Her spaghetti strap dress holds her perky medium boobs and I can see her nipples over her dress.

She catwalks over to me and straddles me and her dress pulls up. She takes my glass and gulps down the contents before placing the glass on the desk. My hands are already fondling her butt.

She places her lips on mine and spills the whiskey into my mouth. I cough after swallowing the whiskey. She smiles.
Lando: "you are getting weak Dr Dlamini. You can't handle your whiskey no more."
Me: "well you did surprise me with that and you know I hate surprises."
Lando: "I know." She says as she places a kiss on my cheek and goes down my neck.
I move my hand all the way to her sweet haven and i can feel her moistness. I move her lace underwear aside and rub her clit. She moans in my neck and she starts grinding my hand as two of my fingers make their way inside her.
She moves her upper body back and rests on the desk with her eyes closed while i finger her.
I unzip her dress with my other hand and let the straps fall revealing her perky boobs. I kiss her boobs one after the other. Her moans get louder and I know she is about to cum so I go faster and within seconds she releases her juices all over my hand.
I pull my fingers out and put them in my mouth tasting her sweetness as she watches with a smile on her face. I lift her up and place her on top of the desk. I remove her thong and drag the chair closer to the desk before burying my mouth in her cooch.
I muff her and she screams louder and louder. Its a good thing this office is soundproof otherwise the whole hospital would come to a standstill.
I unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants before getting a condom from my drawer. I get up and let my pants fall to the floor together with my briefs.
I put the condom and enter her. She moans as I make my way in inch by inch until I am fully in. I move in and out of her as she holds on to the edge of the desk.
After a while i pull her off the desk and turn her around before entering her from behind. The sounds she is making are music to my ears. I feel myself nearing the edge so I pull out. I sit back on the chair and she straddles me and her hand slowly directs my shaft into her. She rides me so hard and so fast that we end up releasing at the same time.

I pull out and go to the mini bathroom to clean myself and bring a towel for her too.

Her phone beeps and she picks it up. Its a message.
Lando: "I have to go." I help her zip up her dress.
Me: "Where to?"
Lando: "dinner with the girls."
Me: "Ok. So when am i seeing you again."
Lando: "I don't know we will see." She picks up her coat puts it on and she blows me a kiss before she leaves.

I have been waiting here for almost 30 minutes and Ayanda still hasn't showed up for our date. She is lucky I had some phonecalls to make otherwise I would have left already.

My name is Philani Biyela I am 30 years old I am a businessman. This morning I woke up thinking I was about to takeover Biyela Holdings until my father put a spanner in the works and now I have to marry Landokuhle. Mxm.

Truth is I don't trust that girl. Something about her does not sit well with me. This morning she slapped the shit out of me my cheek still stings a bit. I don't even know why I find it hot though.

I am lost in thought when Ayanda finally shows up together with my best friend Lindani and his girlfriend for the night.

Ayanda: "earth to Philani." She snaps her fingers in my face. "What were you thinking about?"
Philani: "Nothing. Just work." I get up and give her a hug before pulling out a chair for her. I fist bump Lindani and shake his dates hand. Her name is Pearl she is your typical Joburg slay queen Lindani's favourites.

Lindani: "Have you ordered bro?"
Me: "not yet i didn't know you were coming."
Lindani: "yeah we just ran into Ayanda outside so we decided to join you."
Me: "cool. Lets order then."
I call the waiter over and we make our order. Conversation is flowing we are laughing and enjoying ourselves. Our food finally comes and we dig in.

Me: "Who wants dessert?"
Ayanda: "Not me. I am on a diet so no sweet stuff for me."
Pearl: "I would love dessert but I am full so I will pass. Thank you."
Lindani is busy on his phone so I don't think he even heard me. I call the waiter over and order a chocolate cake. The ladies get up and go to the toilet.
Me: "Lindani!"
Lindani: "Mhmmm"
Me: "Dude." I grab the phone from him. "Whats going on?"
Lindani: "Its work bra."
Me: "stop lying. Tell me whats going on."
Lindani: "ok. I just got a text from someone saying she's pregnant."
Me: "Ok who?"
Lindani: "Thats the thing I have no idea. I have been trying to remember who I smashed raw and I can't come up with anyone." I laugh. "Dude its not funny."
Me: "That is why I always tell you get one girl and stick to her and you won't be having such problems." He doesn't answer me. Instead i notice he is looking over my shoulder at something or someone. I turn around to look and there's a woman with her back to us. She just took off her coat and revealed a mini black dress that hugs her tight. I look back at him and his eyes are still glued to her.
Me: "See what I am talking about. You have one problem and you want to create another."
Lindani: "You are right. I should get her and stick to her. Man the things I would do to her."
I laugh Lindani is such a man whore honestly. I turn around to look at this girl and she is sitting down. Her head turns and our eyes meet.
Me: "No ways."
Lindani: "What?"
I don't answer him. I just get up and walk over to her table. I pull out a chair and sit down. She is ignoring me cause she has her eyes glued to the menu.
Me: "what are you doing here?" She closes the menu puts it on the table and folds her arms over it.
Lando: "Sawubona nawe (hello to you too) Mr Biyela junior. How are you this evening."
Me: "Don't fuck with me Landokuhle what are you doing here and why are you dressed like that?"
Lando: "Its a restaurant so take a guess what I am doing. As for my clothes what is wrong with them?"
Me: "You are dressed like a whore."
Lando: "Well you did call me a golddigger so maybe I am just living up to your expectations."
Me: "You need to go home now." Just then two girls show up. They both sit down.
Girl 1: "Mr Biyela sawubona."
Me: "Mxm." I get up to leave. I overhear their conversation as i leave.
Girl 1: "was it something I said?"
Lando: "of course not babe he is a natural born jackass. Its got nothing to do with you." I feel my jaw clench.
Girl 2: "And you are about to marry him?"
Lando: "its a hard job but somebodys gotta do it." They burst out laughing.

I get back to the table and the girls are back.
Ayanda: "Who was that?"
Me: "No one important."
Ayanda: "Really?"
Me: "Ayanda not now please. Its time to go." I call the waiter and pay the bill. We get up and leave. I notice Lando and her friends as we leave looking at us and as we walk out the door they burst out laughing.
Its been less than 24 hours since I was introduced to this girl and already she is driving me nuts.
We get into the car and I go over to Ayandas place to drop her off. She is so busy on her phone she doesn't even realise we are here.
Me: "Ayanda we are here."
Ayanda: "okay." She looks up and sees where we are. "I thought we were going to your place."
Me: "I have some work to do so maybe next time."
Ayanda: "Is this about that girl? Who is she and why were you so worked up when you came back from her table? You didn't even eat your cake."
Me: "Ayanda please I am tired I just need to sleep so please."
Ayanda: "I thought you had to work! Babe please tell me whats going on."
I reach over to her side and open the door for her.
Me: "Ayanda get out."
Ayanda: "Really Philani you are going to treat me like this because of some whore...."
Me: "GET OUT!!!!" She quickly grabs her bag and gets out. I close the door and leave her standing there. I decide to call my IT guy Sbu.
Sbu: "bozza yam."
Me: "yeah I need you to do a background check on someone."
Sbu: "sure boss who is it."
Me: "her name is Landokuhle Shongwe. She is the CFO at Biyela Holdings."
Sbu: "ngphez'kwayo boss" (i am on it)
I hang up. Its time to find out who this girl is and why my father likes her so damn much.


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