I am woken up by the sound of someone banging the bedroom door before it flies open and Lindani walks into the room with a huge smile on his face I hold on to the sleeping Lando a little tighter.
Lindani: "Wakey wakey sunshines."
Me: "Lindani what the fuck do you want? Go away. "
Lindani: "Bafo I know its really warm and cozy in there but we need to go the movers are here."
Me: "Fine now leave."
Lindani: "You know what?" He takes out his phone and takes a picture. WTF.
Me: "Dude!"
Lindani: "Relax I will send it to you now get up everyone is downstairs."
Me: "Yeah the boys........ "
Lindani: "Ooh and some hot ass girls in bum shorts although one of them is married cause she has a ring on her finger but the other one has none so she is fair game. But then again a ring has never stopped me." He turns around and walks out and closes the door behind him.
Lando: "Does he ever stop?" Lando says looking up to me with her chin resting on my chest.
Me: "I thought you were sleeping?"
Lando: "I was until he walked in and started yapping away." We get up and I help her pack away the duvet and sheets leaving the bed bare and ready to be moved. She goes to the bathroom and I follow her. She turns on the shower and gets in. She is a little shocked when I get in behind her.
Lando: "And now?"
Me: "Everyone is waiting for us showering together saves time." She rolls her eyes and turns her back to me and gets under the shower the water runs on her back and straight to her butt and I feel uNtshangase waking up. I decide to just shower cause if I allow him to take over we won't leave this place.

When we are done we dry ourselves. We go into the bedroom and she starts lotioning herself. I left my toiletry bag so I have no lotion. She throws the lotion at me and I am reluctant to even try it it smells girly.
Lando: "If you don't use that don't even talk to me. I don't want ashy people talking to me." She says walking into the closet. I laugh and just lotion myself. I guess I will be smelling like vanilla and strawberries for the rest of the day. Ugh.

I put on my grey sweatpants that I brought and a white t-shirt then put on my nike sneakers. She walks out of the closet wearing a denim bum short white vest with no bra and some black vans. I see the outline of her boobs as she lifts her hands to tie her braids in a ponytail.

Lando: "You want to take a picture?"
Me: "Actually......" I grab my phone and start clicking away.
Lando: "I was joking." She says with her hands on her tiny waist.
Me: "I wasn't." She starts posing as I take more pictures. She makes funny faces and pouty lips. She even turns around and twerks a bit. The door opens and Lindani pops in again.
Lindani: "Kumnandi ukuba yini mosi (its nice to be you) while some of us are working nina you are holding photoshoots and twerking contests." He says with his hands on his waist. Lando looks at me and then him before rushing out the room.
Me: "You just ruined my chances of getting a quickie before we leave." I say putting my phone in my pocket grabbing one of the boxes here and walking out.
Lindani: "You still have plenty of time bafo you will get some." He says grabbing a box and following me.



I make my way downstairs leaving Philani and Lindani. Lindani is the crazy type that is the life of any party he can be a bit much sometimes maybe I will get used to him eventually. I walk down the stairs and there is a whole lot of people including my two friends among a whole lot of men. I notice Sihle and Banele together with Nate and Senzo. The other 6 people I don't know.

Everyone looks up as I make my way down the stairs. The four guys I know have creepy smiles on their faces. I wonder why. I greet them and go to the kitchen where Faith and Buli are.

Me: "What's with the crazy looks?"
Buli: "Oh I am sure they are just amazed by the glow on your face."
Faith: "Let me guess you officially consumated your marriage last night." I blush.
Me: "More like this morning." They both scream and everyone turns to look at us including Philani and Lindani who have joined the others. "Please shut up."
Buli: "We want details spill."
Me: "Not now. There's a lot of work to be done please."
Buli: "Mxm. Uyabhora shem." She says walking into the lounge.
Faith: "I smell love in the air." She whispers as she walks past me.

The move goes faster than expected turns out the unknown guys are Phila's employees. Shady as they are I wonder what they do. Finally after everything has been packed into two trucks. One goes straight to the storage facility and the other one goes to Philani's new house. It is at a Private estate in Fourways.

Philani punches in a code at the gate and places his finger to be scanned why so much security though? I make a mental note to ask him about it. The gate opens and we drive into one long ass driveway with a beautifully manicured lawn on either side if it. The house itself looks like its just made of glass luckily you can't see anything through the glass walls. He stops the car in front of the garage as the others follow suit.

The boys offload everything and put it inside. The girls and I walk in and there are wows all around. This place is stunning. It has an open plan design with the kitchen on one side with clean line cabinets they have no handles which makes them really beautiful. There's an 8 plate stove with a griller built into it. The fridge looks like the cabinets and the sink is facing a long window that overlooks a beautiful mini fountain above a tiny pond with fish moving around.

The lounge has a ten seater corner couch with two chairs nect to it there's a book shelf on the wall with all sorts of books. The dining room has a huge round table and I count 16 chairs but I am sure it could fit more. I am interrupted by Philani who snakes his hand around my waist.
Philani: "You like it?" He asks with his lips planting kisses on my neck.
Me: "Its beautiful."
Philani: "We could build another one if you don't like this one."
Me: "No its perfect. When did you buy it?"
Philani: "I didn't buy it I built it." I turn around to look at him. "It was completed about two months back."
Me: "Why didn't you just buy a house? Its easier you know."
Philani: "I prefer building so I can make the house what I want it to be. Come on I have to show you something." He drags me up three flights of stairs and we walk through double doors into a bedroom it must be the master bedroom.

We walk into a huge floor length mirror and he presses a button before the mirror slides open and right before me is a huge closet lets just call it a dressing room cause I have never seen a closet this huge. Its beautiful but what catches my eye are the four rotating pillars on one side that look like shoe racks.
Me: "So when did you decide to put these in?" I ask when reality hits as beautiful as this is it was never meant to be mine. Maybe he had Ayanda in mind when he built it and that realizations stings a bit.
Philani: "It was always in the original plans."
Me: "I actually thought this was a bachelor pad." I say walking around admiring the beauty of this masterpiece.
Philani: "I had this built in because I knew I would get married one day and this would be our home."
Me: "You and who?"
Philani: "Me and whoever gets to be Mrs Biyela."
That hurts. Here I was thinking it was special for me but it was for whoever would be lucky enough to be picked in the raffle for the position of Mrs Biyela.
Me: "Its nice." I say as I walk out into the bedroom. He follows me.
Philani: "You don't like the closet?" He sounds almost disappointed.
Me: I Turn to look at him. "Its beautiful I like it any woman would be lucky to have it. Lets go back to the others and help. I walk out leaving him there.

Luckily most of my stuff has been unpacked all thats left are my clothes and shoes that need to be packed away. I let the guys move the rest upstairs. I tell them to use the lift though. I join the others who are now relaxed by the pool with beers and meat on the braai we got here an hour ago they are quick shem. I grab a bottle of brutal fruit and join the girls on the couch.


The party never stops with these people. By 8 o'clock we had braai'd atleast three times more alcohol was bought and people got kak drunk pretty fast. Buli being the drunkard that she is got so drunk she couldn't drive so now she's sleeping in the guestroom. I left everyone downstairs and went to unpack my clothes.

I was busy doing that when Faith walked into the open closet.
Faith: "Wena satan why would you leave me with those guys."
Me: "Hawu askies I thought you were having fun."
Faith: "I was but now I am leaving."
Me: "You are drunk you can't drive like that. And I can't even ask one of them to drive you cause they are just as drunk."
Faith: "Relax hubby is coming over to pick me up." She walks around the closet. "This is nice and huge every girls dream."
Me: "Yeah its nice."
Faith: "why do you sound like that?"
Me: "Like what?"
Faith: "Like you don't like the closet. You always said you would have a huge ass closet in your house and now you have it."
Me: "Yeah but this was never mine to begin with. He probably had someone else in mind when he built it."
Faith: "True. But now its yours. Stop trying to find problems where there are none. He married you and gave all this to you just enjoy it."
Me: "In my head I know that but there's this stinging feeling in my tummy."
Faith: "Its not in your tummy its in your heart and its called jealousy. It usually happens when you love someone."
The house phone rings and I go and pick it up.
Philani: "Tell Faith her husband is here."
Me: "Ok." I hang up and pass the message on to Faith. We hug and she leaves. I decide to take a shower the bathroom is huge the tub could fit atleast 4 adults and the shower is just beautiful. I get under it and switch on the taps its like I am standing in the rain. I get out and lotion then brush my teeth pit on my decent PJs and go into the bedroom. I get into this big bed and in minutes its lights out.


I woke up the next morning with Philani sprawled in the bed snoring. I go into the bathroom and pee. Then I wash my face amd brush my teeth. I change my pyjamas and put on sweats and a vest. I decide to go down and start with breakfast. I find Banele with his face down on the kitchen counter.
Me: "Good morning."
Banele: "Please stop shouting. Good morning to you too." I wasn't even shouting I swear I am surrounded by drunkards. I text Faith asking for her hangover recipe and she sends it to me. Luckily for me I have all the ingredients. I put everything in the blender and blend. Banele lifts his head up and shouts my name but I ignore him. After a while I switch it off and Banele has his hands covering his ears.
Banele: "Why are you trying to kill me?"
Me: "I am trying to make you a remedy for that hangover."
Banele: "I don't want no remedy I want you to put your hand inside my head and pull out this tokoloshe that is hammering away inside my head." I laugh it was fun drinking but now......
Me: "Drink this it will drown the tokoloshe." I say handing him a glass of the smoothie. He takes it and gulps it down in one go.
Banele: "Thank you for this shit now I need to lie down. I will see you later." He gets up and throws himself on the couch. I start with breakfast and set the table. I call everyone down and give them the stinky hangover concoction before they eat. When we are done Buli helps me clean up when we are done she leaves followed by the guys.

I go back upstairs and find Philani laying on the bed.
Philani: "Come lets sleep."
Me: "No can do I need a shower then I have to go buy groceries."
Philani: "We will do that later come." He puts his hand out for me to take. Oh what the heck I get on the bed and we just lay there talking and laughing. Its nice being with him. Eventually we both fall asleep in each other's arms. 


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