It's been two days since the surgery was done. Baby is doing okay. Yes for now its baby Lando would kill me if I named her without her approval. According to her all my names are old fashioned. I told her if it's a boy we would name him Philani Junior and if it's a girl then it would be Philiswa so we can atleast have the same initials but my wife put her foot down and told me she ain't giving her daughter an old people name. So the naming has been put on pause.

I decided to drive to my house to take a shower and change clothes. I haven't been to my house since I came back from home. I got home and soon as I walked through the door I was welcomed by the most delicious aroma. It reminded me of Lando's cooking. Sometimes I could tell just by the smell what she was making but I just left her in a hospital bed so who was in my house? I took out my gun and walked slowly to the kitchen.

I immediately put the gun away when I saw Uche standing over the stove stirring something in a pot. I swear I am being tempted right now.

Me: "Uche!" She turned around and smiled when she saw me. "What are you doing here?"
Uche: "Well I thought I might make you a home cooked meal i am sure you haven't had that in a while."
Me: "Thanks but it wasn't necessary I just had food an hour ago."
Uche: "Takeaways dont count as food Philani. Take a seat I will dish up for you." She said turning back to her cooking. I decided to ignore her and go take my shower instead. I got upstairs and I took off my clothes and got into the shower. When I was done I walked out with a towel wrapped around me. I walked into Lando's closet and her scent immediately filled my nostrils. I took her maxi dress that was lying on the floor and held it close to my chest. It still smelt like her. I put it back in its place and went to my closet. I wasnt sure what to wear.

I was busy trying to decide what to wear when I felt warm hands on my back. I quickly turned around and found Uche standing there in lingerie. She looked good I will admit that much she wore a black lace thong and i could clearly see she had just got her Brazilian wax done. Her boobs were spilling out of the little cups of the bra she was wearing. She wore black heels with black stockings that ended just above her knees.

She walked over to me with her sexy walk and I felt my dick waking up. Talk about having a mind of it's own. She put her hands on my naked chest and started planting kisses on my chest. It has been a few weeks since I had sex and this felt good. But common sense wouldn't allow me to let this happen. I held both her hands and pulled her up just as she was trying to go down on me.

Uche: "What's wrong?"
Me: "You need to get dressed and leave." I could see the disappointment in her face.
Uche: "Philani I miss you. I know I fucked up but I am divorced now so we can be together again." She smiled.
Me: "And I am married. And right now my wife is in a hospital bed fighting for her life. I am sorry about your divorce......."
Uche: "I'm not. I love you and I am sure we can work this out." She said as she tried to put her hands back on my chest.
Me: "Uche........"
Uche: "Philani there was a time when I meant something to you........"
Me: "Yeah and that time is long gone. You made sure of that."
Uche: "And I am trying to fix that now. We can make this work I know we can. Please."
Me: "Uche like I said I am married so you need to get dressed and get the fuck out of my house. You and I were done a long time ago. I am married now and my wife needs me. So please leave and dont bother contacting me for anything. If it's about work you can call my PA." I pushed her out of the closet and closed the door.

I heard her footsteps fade away. I dont know why she doesn't get the message. I hope this time she gets it cause it would be a pity if what befell Ayanda would end up befalling her.

I put on my black Nike sweatpants and a black tshirt. Since the sun is out I decided to just carry a jacket to put on later. I put on my sneakers and walked out of the closet after spraying some cologne on.

I was busy putting on my watch when I heard a commotion happening downstairs. I grabbed my jacket and my phone and made my way downstairs. I stood on top of the stairs to see what's happening when I saw Gugu and Ntombi blocking Uche's way. Gugu had a knife in her hand and Ntombi had one too hers looked like an Okapi I cant be too sure. Clearly this knife wielding business runs in the family.

Ntombi: "You dont listen do you I told you to go back to whatever hole you crawled out from but here you are."
Uche: "I dont take orders from little girls like you and you should be careful with that knife you might hurt yourself."
Ntombi: "Not if I hurt you first." She says with the knife aimed at Uche's chest. I figure I have heard enough so I walk down the stairs. Uche turns and sees me she rushes to me and hugs me with tears in her eyes.
Uche: "Thank God you are here they are insane they tried to kill me." I push her off of me.
Me: "I saw everything Uche there's no need for you to be dramatic about this. Since you were on your way out you can go. Girls where's your mother?"
Gugu: "She's at the hospital."
Me: "Okay i have to go there too. I will see you later. Uche have a safe flight. Bye." I leave them there. I get to the gate and instruct the security guards to make sure Uche never sets foot in my house ever again.


This place is beautiful. The endless green fields blue skies and even the yellow sunflowers that seemed to grow everywhere. I dont know how I ended up here but I dont think I want to leave. I have been walking for a while now but I cant seem to be getting tired and I dont even know where I am going.

After walking for a while I hear the sound of a river flowing. I decide to follow the sound and sure enough I find it theres a waterfall and endless rocks that go uphill. I am thirsty so I make my way down to the river. I kneel down and drink and I swear the water is amazing. I know water is tasteless but this one just tastes like natural God given water. When I get up I notice my dress has mud on the edges. I bend down and try to wash the mud off but it just spreads the mud so I give up.

I get up and look around me trying to figure out where to go next. Despite the fact that i seem to be the only person here I am not scared or panicking.

Voice: "It's time to go back home now baby." I quickly turn around and find my grandmother standing behind me.
Me: "Gogo?"
Gogo: "Kuhle wa gogo it's time to go home baby. They need you."

I couldn't even hear a word she said cause I just ran and threw myself at her. She engulfed me in her embrace and her hug was the way I remembered warm and peaceful. I held on to her for dear life not wanting to let her go. After a while she pulled away from me and we sat down on a rock by the river and I laid my head on her lap. She brushed my hair and I could feel myself falling asleep. I fought it though cause I didnt want to wake up and find her gone.

Gogo: "Baby you cant sleep you have to go home."
Me: "No gogo I want to stay with you."
Gogo: "You dont belong here Lando. You cant stay here Sthandwa sam you have to go back. They need you your babies and your husband they need you."
Me: "Then let's go together."
Gogo: "I cant baby I have to stay here. I cant go with you."
Me: "You can if I can go back then so can you."
Gogo: "Sthandwa sam I have been here for so long going back is impossible. But you still can." I lifted my head up from her lap and looked at her with tears in my eyes.
Me: "I dont want to leave you not again." She held my face in her hands and looked at me.
Gogo: "Of course you can you have so much to live for your babies are waiting for you to love them and your husband too you cant give up now you cant give up now you have to go back. And forgive your mother too."
She planted a kiss on my forehead before she walked away from me.

I watched her for a while not knowing if I should follow her or not after a while I got up from the rock and went after her. I ran after her but it felt like with every step I took my legs got weaker and weaker I screamed for her to wait for me but she kept going. I stopped to catch my breath I looked up again and she was nowhere in sight. There were clouds on the sky now I could tell the rain was coming. I started to run again but my legs wouldn't move.

I looked around me and the green luscious grass was gone the sunflowers had wilted this wasnt the place I was at just a few moments ago I went back to the river and it had become scary its flow was no longer musical and calming. I saw Philani on the other side with a baby in his arm the baby was covered in a pink blanket Theo was on his other arm. He looked up and smiled when he saw me.

Philani: "Lando." He shouted my name. I wanted so badly to go to them but the river was to dangerous to cross and there's no bridge anywhere what if I dont make it to the other side.
Me: "I dont know how to get there."
Philani: "Cross the river."
Me: "I cant it's too dangerous."
Philani: "Trust me. Cross."
Me: "I'm scared."
Philani: "Baby trust me come." I hesitated a bit as I put my one foot to see how deep the river is the water came up to my knee I wanted to go back but I decided to put my other foot in as well. I heard Theo saying mama I guess that was the fuel I needed. I took more steps in till the water was on my neck but I kept going.

In the middle of the river I looked up and saw Philani was no longer just with the kids my friends and family were there too. Even my mother was there cheering me on. I lost focus for a bit and I found myself under the water. I could feel it filling up my lungs. The more I tried to gasp for air the more the water filled my lungs. After a while my eyes couldn't stay open.

I opened my eyes and I could hear voices around me. My eyes darted around the room it was white and there were some beeping sounds. I felt something big going down my throat. My mouth was dry I wanted to remove this thing in my mouth so I can drink some water. I tried to move my hand up but I couldn't. I tried and tried again but each time I tried I would feel my body in pain. I got frustrated and the machines started beeping faster and rapidly.

I heard the voices I had heard before coming towards me I noticed one of them was Nate and then it clicked I am in a hospital. And immediately I remembered why I was here I was shot. My heart started beating faster.

Nate: "Lando calm down you're okay now. Calm down." I dont know why but hearing Nate's calm voice made me believe when he said I am okay. "I am going to remove these tubes okay." I nodded my head.

He removed the tubes and gave me a glass of water before he propped up the pillows behind me and helped me sit up. I looked at the doctor behind him and realized it was Ngcebo. I haven't seen him in a while. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

Ngcebo: "Welcome back to the land of the living Mrs Biyela."
Me: "Thank you Doctor." I said with a bit of difficulty. He laughed.
Ngcebo: "Let's check you out to make sure you're fully okay." He said coming closer to me with a file in his hand I guess it must be my medical file. I looked at Nate with a questioning look. How did Ngcebo end up being my doctor and how did Philani allow it?
Nate: "Dr Dlamini here is the reason why you are back with us." I guess I have some catching up to do.
Ngcebo: "Well everything looks in order." He says stepping back again. "I will be back cause we still need to run some more tests." He walked out leaving me with Nate.
Me: "Philani." I wanted to ask where Philani was but my throat was still a bit painful but Nate understood.
Nate: "Let me call him." He took out his phone and dialed. "Brother where are you?.............. I have someone here who needs to speak to you but since you are in the building already I will wait for you." He hung up and looked at me. "He is on his way." I nodded. I looked out the window and my hand involuntarily made it's way to my stomach. I felt my heart slow down when I realized I wasn't pregnant anymore. A tear escaped my eye. I said a little prayer hoping my baby didnt die when I was shot.

Just then Philani walked in with his eyes glued to his phone. Nate grabbed the phone from him and he looked up at him.

Philani: "What the fuck is wrong w.............." he didnt finish his sentence as he turned to look at me. "Lando?" He asked almost unbelieving it was me. I smiled at him inspite of the tears that filled my eyes. He slowly walked over to me and sat on the bed next to me.
Me: "Hi." I saw a tear fall from his eye as he brought me in for a hug. I could feel the pain on my shoulder but I didnt care. This is where I wanted to be. Pretty soon my other shoulder was now wet from his tears. I felt him wipe the tears before pulling back to look at me. I smiled and he attacked me with a kiss. A hungry and passionate kiss. My hand still hadn't moved from my stomach.

I pulled away from him and the only thing connecting us were our foreheads. I figured he didnt want me to see him cry.
Me: "Philani."
Philani: "Mhmmm."
Me: "What happened to our baby?" He moved back to look at me he had this smirk or grin on his face inspite of his red eyes I could see the joy in them too.
Philani: "She's okay baby she's in the NICU I'll take you to her later."
Me: "We have a daughter?"
Philani: "Yeah and she's perfect baby. She's literally an angel." I smiled. I loved how he talked about her. She's daddy little princess already.
Me: "You didnt name her did you?" He laughed. I moved a bit as he came and laid next to me putting my head on his shoulder.
Philani: "No wouldn't dream of it. I was waiting for you." I sighed and held on to the man I love. Gogo was right this is where i belong.


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