Joburg the city of Gold. I was lucky enough to design my own office when i got here 3 years ago. All i wanted was floor to ceiling glass all around so i can watch the big city lights of Joburg.

After watching the city for close to an hour i finally decide to go home. I gather my handbag and laptop bag i throw my phone into my bag and leave. I am the last to leave i think. Or maybe not. Theres an office with lights still on i decide to check it out.

The door is slightly open so I just walk in. I just see a head peeking out from the chair but its facing the other direction must be mesmerised by the city too.

"They are amazing aren't they?" I say.
I think i scared him because he turned around so quick.
"Hi. What can I do for you?" He asks looking irritated.
"Oh nothing i was just passing by and I saw the lights on......" before i could even finish talking.
Him: "Are you a security guard?"
Me: "No. I just....."
Him: "You just decide to walk into peoples offices without even knocking."
Me: "I am sorry I was just...."
Him: "Yeah whatever can you please just leave." He turns around and goes back to his view.

I decide to just quietly walk out with my tail between my legs. I don't know who he is and its late maybe Nicki can tell me something about him tomorrow.

I get to the parking and there are two cars parked there one is mine and the other must be his. Its a Maserati Quattroporte GTS Gransport I know it because its on my vision board. A girl is allowed to dream right 😁.

I stand there just mesmerised by this beast before me. I can even imagine myself driving one. I am brought back to earth when I hear his voice behind me.
Him: "I don't think you can afford this one."
I just roll my eyes. I turn around and i find him standing there looking all sorts of gorgeous with his hands in his pockets.
Me: "Never underestimate the power of vision and ambition."
He chuckles. I am distracted by footsteps behind him. Its a woman. She is wearing a longsleeve off-shoulder dress that hugs her in all the right places. It is black and long with a slit that exposes her whole thigh. She has on a long curly weave and her makeup is on point basically she is perfect.
She walks over and puts her arm on his shoulder. They look like they just stepped out of a GQ cover.
Her: "honey you can have as much ambition as you want but you are never going to own a car like that."
She kisses him on the cheek. He wraps his arm around her waist and leads her to the passenger side and opens the door for her before getting in too.
He starts the car he drives out and as they pass by me the girl blows me a kiss.
I decide to take my BMW x5 and leave.
By the time i get to my place its almost 8 o'clock so i just make some hot chocolate and i warm up some muffins and switch on the tv.
I am not even sure what is playing on tv. My mind keeps replaying what happened today.
After a while of torturing myself i decide to go and sleep.

My alarm goes off at six. Today is friday so i am looking forward to the weekend. I need my rest i have been working outside the office for the last two weeks and its been hectic.

I walk into the bathroom and take a shower. When i am done i lotion my body and walk to the closet. The joys of living alone

I can walk around in my birthday suit and no one will bother me.
I pick out black jeans a black bodysuit and a white blazer and i end my look with black stilleto pumps. I decide to tie my braids in a bun i shape my eyebrows and put on some mascara and red lipstick and i am ready to go.

I decide to grab an apple on my way out. When i get to the office i greet the receptionist before making my way to the lift then going up to my office. I find Nicki my PA already at her desk.
Me: "Goodmorning Nicki."
Nicki: "Goodmorning Miss Shongwe. We are in a good mood this morning did we get some last night."
Me: "I thought you were on a drink water and mind your business diet this month."
Nicki: "I am. But i am curious."
Me: "And you know what they say about curiosity it killed a cat."
Nicki: "fine. But i will find the truth. I always do." I laughed. She probably will find "the truth".
The way she is so good at finding out stuff you would think she was in the FBI.
Nicki: "by the way Mr Biyela senior wants to see you in his office."
Me: "when."
Nicki: "10 minutes ago." She has a smirk on her face.
Me: "really Nicki..... geez." I have been waiting here for almost ten minutes mxm. I quickly rush to my office to leave my stuff and make my way to Mr Biyela's office. I knock and he tells me to come in.
I walk in and he is not alone. Mr Rudeboy is also here. I decide to focus on Mr Biyela.
Mr B: "Landokuhle I am glad you could make it. Please have a sit."
I sit down next to Mr rudeboy on the double couch. Mr Biyela is on the single couch. So maybe this is not a formal meeting so I relax a bit.
Mr B: "Landokuhle since you were not in the office the past few weeks I didn't get the chance to introduce you to my son this is Philani Biyela my first born. Philani this is Landokuhle our accountant and soon to be COO." The soon to be COO took me by surprise but I decided to focus on the introduction at hand. I gave him my hand to shake.
Me: "Nice to meet you Mr Biyela."
He takes my hand and shakes it. I look upto his eyes and i swear if looks could kill i would be dead right now. I divert my attention back to Mr Biyela senior.
Him: "Dad what do you mean soon to be COO? I thought Sihle would be the COO."
I decide to keep my mouth shut and let them sort out their family issues.
Mr B: "Philani i wasn't done yet. Now in a few months i plan on announcing my retirement. Of course as my eldest son you will take over. Your brothers and sister will also get shares in the company but you will have controlling shares obviously."
Philani: "Thanks dad I promise I won't disappoint you."
Mr B: "I Know you won't son. I have a condition though."
Philani: "Anything dad."
Mr B: "Good because I want you to marry Landokuhle."


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