Its been a week since we came back from Mpumalanga I am now officially someone's wife. Philani and I went and signed at home affairs. We decided not to do the other traditional aspect of this marriage afterall its still on probabtion.

Today is Friday I am supposed to move in with Philani tomorrow my bags are packed most of my stuff will have to go into storage except for a few personal things. The truck is coming in the morning. Now its time to pack my stuff and go home my home I will be sleeping there for the last time today before renting it out.

But before I go there's one last thing I need to do. I walk into Mr Biyela senior's office and he is busy on his laptop. He looks up and smiles when he sees me come in.
Mr B: "Makoti shouldn't you be home cooking for your husband?" I smile.
Me: "I had something more pressing to take care off."
Mr B: "Yeah whats that?"
Me: "This." I place the flight ticket on his desk.
Mr B: "Huh! You never forget do you."
He picks it up and looks at it.
Me: "You said you would only go for treatment if I agreed to marry Philani I have held up my end now its your turn."
Mr B: sigh "Ok. So when do I leave?"
Me: "Next week Friday I have called the hospital and there will be a doctor at the airport to meet you they will run tests to see how far your cancer is and then take it from there." He leans back on his chair and looks at the ticket.
Mr B: "I can't believe I am about to die."
Me: "Don't say that these doctors know what they are doing. Besides you still have a zillion grandkids to spoil so you need to fight so you can come back home healthy." There's a smile plastered on his face.
Mr B: "Grandkids would be nice. Its a good thing my will has been revised so if God forbid I don't make it back everyone will be taken care off."
Me: "I don't think that will be necessary but I guess its better to stay prepared."
Mr B: "Thank you for keeping this secret. I don't want my kids worrying about me."
Me: "Of course. Although they deserve to know."
Mr B: "Tell you what lets hear what the doctors say if there is something they can do then there's nothing for them to know but if its serious then I will tell them."
Me: "You promise?"
Mr B: "I promise."
Me: "Ok. Anyways I have to go. I have some last minute packing to do."
Mr B: "So you are officially moving in with him?"
Me: "Yep. We are married afterall."
Mr B: "If he mistreats you in anyway even before the two years is up promise me you will let me know."
Me: "I promise."
Mr B: "Even if I don't make it promise me you won't stay if he treats you badly I won't hold it against you if you decide to leave him. There won't be any bekezelaring okay. If he is messing with your peace of mind pack your things and leave. I love you like my own daughter I don't want you staying in a toxic situation out of loyalty to me. I would rather have you happy and single than married and miserable. You understand?"
Me: "I understand baba."
Mr B: " Good. Goodnight."
Me: "Goodnight baba."
I leave him there and he goes back to his work. A workaholic till the end.

I understand why he is reluctant to tell everyone about his cancer its barely been two years since they buried their mother finding out that their father might be next would break even the strongest people. Hopefully this hospital in Sweden will help. Urgh life can be so unpredictable.

When I enter my street I notice some houses including mine are dark. Loadshedding. I open the gate and drive in to my house thank God my gate uses solar otherwise I would be stranded outside. I decide to stay outside in the car I am afraid of the dark so going in there will just freak me out. I put on the car light and just chill there.

I don't know when I fell asleep cause I am woken up by someone knocking on my window. I open my eyes and see a black figure by my window. My heart starts beating fast cause its still dark and I don't know how this person got in the gate. I take a deep breath when Philani calls my name.

I open the car door and he pokes his head in.
Philani: "Why are you sitting in the car?"
Me: "Cause its dark."
Philani: "And let me guess you are afraid of the dark?" He says with a slight smile on his face. "Girls!" He shakes his head and takes my gate remote opens the gate and drives his car in I guess he jumped over the first time.

He gets out the car and opens the boot and comes back with a big ass torch. I have to turn my head when he switches it on cause its too bright. I quickly grab my stuff from the car and lock it then follow him into the house. He flashes the torch around looking for a place to sit but there are boxes everywhere and there's no place to sit. He walks up the stairs and I want to ask him where he thinks he is going but the darkness he leaves behind scares the shit out of me so I just quietly follow the leader.

He opens all the rooms and they are all the same boxes everywhere. He eventually walks into my bedroom and like a robot I silently follow. He leaves the torch on the bed and walks out and comes back with some tiny scented candles lights them and places them all over the room. Seeing some light I begin to relax.

Philani: "Have you eaten?" I shake my head. "Ok I will go get some food." He takes the big torch and walks out. I decide to take a quick shower before he gets back I take some of the candles into the bathroom and shower I walk out dry and lotion myself before putting on some pjs. They are short and I do not have the energy to rummage through my things looking for decent ones. Luckily theres a gown in the bathroom so I put it on even though its hot. Husband or not I am not walking around half naked in front of him.

I take the candles back to the bedroom can't be leaving unattended candles or else I will wake up in the midst of a fire.
My phone rings and I don't pick it up instead I decided to stand by the window and watch in envy all those that have lights although faraway but still.

My phone rings again so I pick it up its Ngcebo.
Me: "Hello."
Ngcebo: "Hey beautiful where are you?"
Me: "My place why?"
Ngcebo: "Want me to come by. I heard loadshedding hit your side and I know you and darkness don't get along. I will bring wine." I sigh I miss him but having two man in the same house is not a good idea.
Me: "Uhm.... No .... its okay i am sorted."
Ngcebo: "Please I will bring your favourite ice cream too." Begging doesn't suit him.
Me: "Tempting but......."
Philani: "Who is that?" I turn around and he is standing by the door with spur and nandos takeaways hanging from his hands. When the fuck did he get here?
Ngcebo: "Is that a man? Lando unobani? (Who's with you). Ngcebo's voice brings me back to the present. Philani is looking at me waiting for an answer and Ngcebo too.
Me: "No one important." I'm not sure who that answer is directed to.
Ngcebo: "Who is not important? Me or him?" Ngcebo and his loud mouth. I decide to cut the call.
Philani: "Who was that?"
Me: "Nobody! What did you get." I say as I sit on the bed. This will have to serve as a table too. He comes and sits on the bed too.
Philani: "Ribs and chicken. I wasn't sure what you wanted so I got both."
Me: "I will take the ribs thank you very much." I take the plastic with ribs and open it. Just then my phone rings and its Ngcebo. I look at the phone not sure if I should answer or not.
Philani: "Let me guess nobody is calling again." He is looking at me so i decide to switch my phone off. I really hope Ngcebo doesn't show up here.
Me: "Can we eat?" I say avoiding looking at him. He lets out a hmmph.

We eat in silence when we are done he takes the leftovers and takes them to the kitchen together with the bones and empty packets. This gown is hot and I feel like i will faint. I get up and open the windows.
Philani: "Are you planning on giving the mosquitoes a buffet? Why are you opening the windows?" He really knows how to sneak up on people.
Me: "Its hot."
Philani: "Take off your gown." He closes the windows again. He walks over to close the one I am standing next to. When he is done he stands facing me with his hands in his pockets. His scent is intoxicating. Its musky and manly I close my eyes and take it in. There is something sexy about a man who smells good. My eyes fly open when I feel his hands untying my robe. I immediately put my hands over his and he stops and looks at me.
Me: "What are you doing?"
Philani: "You Will faint."
Me: "I Am Pretty sure I won't."
Philani: "And I am 100% sure you will." I look at him. Even in dim light he is still as handsome. "Your hands are soft." And then I remember my hands are on top of his I quickly let go. Stupid me now he quickly opens my gown and sees my crop top and bum short pyjamas. "Nice."
Shit! I try to close the gown but he won't let me.
Philani: "Lando I am tired I won't be able to pick you up and take you to the hospital when you faint." I look down. "I won't do anything to you forcing myself on a woman is not one of my traits."
Me: "Promise!"
Philani: "I Promise. Unless of course you want me too." He smiles. Mxm. Idiot. I take off the gown and get under the covers. He laughs.

I look up and he is taking off his shirt.
Me: "What are you doing?"
Philani: "Getting ready for bed."
Me: "Here?" He can't be serious isn't he supposed to go to his place.
Philani: "Yes here I am not driving in the middle of the night and coming back here tomorrow to help you move. Ok that makes sense. He goes around blowing out the candles until one is left. He stands by the bed and takes off his vest revealing his dark chocolate six pack. I swallow the lump in my throat and I feel a tingling sensation between my thighs.
He takes off his pants and is left with his briefs. He takes the clothes and walks to the corner where he puts them on top of a box. As he walks back to bed I notice the bulge in his briefs Jesus Christ this man is gifted.
Philani: "You want to take a picture?" I look away blushing. He laughs.

He gets into bed. I see him fumbling with something under the covers and before I know it he throws his briefs on the floor. Oh shit! How am I supposed to sleep with a snake in the bed even if I didn't see it I know it's there. I clear my throat and look at him.
Philani: "I Sleep better naked." Geez this guy.

I keep tossing and turning trying to sleep but I can't. Eventually he drags me close to him and puts my head on his chest. I try to protest.
Philani: "Sleep!" I try to move away but he won't let go. "Lando sleep!" He commands. I decide to relax with my head on his chest. Why does this feel so right though. Why do I feel like my head belongs on his chest like this is where I am meant to be. I drift off to sleep.



I woke up with her still in my arms. She looks so peaceful when she sleeps. A month ago if anyone would have told me I would be married to a woman I have known for less than a month I would have laughed in their faces but here I am married. I don't know what it is about her that keeps drawing me in I mean any normal person would be fighting this whole situation but not me because here I am with her in my arms and it feels so right.

She is feisty but sweet strong but vulnerable she is stubborn but meek she is just perfect. I plant a kiss on the top of her head her braids smell nice. She moves her one leg and throws it in between mine with her knee kissing uNtshangase. I think she realized that cause she looks up at me with her sleepy eyes and smiles. She looks so perfect how can one person be this beautiful even this early.
Me: "Morning!"
Lando: "How long have you been up?"
Me: "Long enough to watch an angel sleep."
Lando: "Really where's the angel?"
Me: "I am looking at her." She blushes and looks away. She looks up and notices the electricity is back.
Lando: "I guess we should get ready before the truck comes."
Me: "I know what you are trying to do and it won't work." I pick up my watch and its still 5:30. "We still have four more hours before the movers come."
Lando: "Ok I guess its back to sleep then." I laugh. She turns her back to me pretending to sleep.

I pull her back with her butt on my crotch. I run my fingers on her tiny stomach while planting kisses on her neck. I move my hand up to her boobs and I play with her erect nipples.
Lando: "Philani......"
Me: "Yeah..." I continue massaging her boobs and kissing her arm.
Me: "Tell me to stop." She moans as my hand goes into her pyjama bottoms. "Do you want me to stop?"
Me: "I need words Lando do you want me to stop?" She opens her thighs a little bit more giving me access to her little haven.
Lando: "No! Don't................... don't stop." She turns around and lays on her back before grabbing my face with both her hands and planting a kiss on my lips. My fingers are doing their magic between her legs and her moans in my mouth make me harder.

I break the kiss and take off her top before planting kisses all the way from her neck down to her boobs. She moans as I put one in my mouth and play with the other. I feel her squirming beneath me so I keep going down and pull down her bottoms. I plant small kisses on the inside of her thighs before burying my mouth and tongue inside her. I lick and suck her little nub. She moans and squirms with every movement I make. I decide to bring my fingers back into her. She moans harder as they make their way in. I work my magic with my fingers inside her and my tongue on her little nub until I feel her cum on my face but i keep going.

When she has calmed down I move up and kiss her and she tastes herself in my mouth. She wraps her legs around my waist as I enter her haven. She moans as I try to push myself in but she is so tight. Eventually I get it all in. I balance myself on my hands and watch her as I slowly thrust into her.
Me: "Open your eyes." She shakes her head. I stop moving. "Open your eyes." She takes a deep breath and opens her eyes while biting her bottom lip. I begin to move again while watching her and her sparkling eyes.
Me: "You like that?" I ask as I slam into her.
Lando: "Ah....... uh.......yes.......harder......." she screams. I don't need another invitation as I go harder and faster with her screaming and moaning. We both reach our peak at the same time. I collapse on top of her. She plants little kisses on my shoulder and her hands are making patterns on my back. I roll over still inside her and bring her with me and lay her on my chest trying to catch my break.
Me: "I love you Landokuhle." I say as i kiss the top of her head. She says nothing instead I hear her quiet snoring. She is fast asleep. I smile and kiss her again before sleeping.


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