Its 5 am and I am already up fuck Lando for running through my mind the whole night I only got two hours of sleep. Mxm.
I get up and make my way to the en-suite bathroom I wash my face then brush my teeth. I get out and go into the walk-in closet and take out some sweats and a vest. I decided to go down to the gym to let some steam off.

At 7 am I decided to go make myself some breakfast. Yep I was in the gym for almost 2 hours but I still couldn't get Lando out of my head.

As I made my way to the kitchen I was met by a tantalizing smell. Someone was in the kitchen. I peeked in and it was my sister Qhawekazi my parents only daughter 27 years old a qualified bcom graduate who prefers to travel the world dads favourite basically a spoilt brat.

I stood in the doorway and watched her as she moved around the kitchen with headsets on and singing out loud to Justin Timberlake. She doesn't have the best voice but you can't tell her that.

She spins around and she finally notices me. She laughs as she takes her headsets off and runs over to me to give me a hug. I missed her.
Kazi: "Hey."
Me: "its too early for you to be in my house Kazi."
Kazi: "Why aren't you at your apartment? Did you move out." She says going back to her pots. I sit on the high chair and watch her finish cooking.
Me: "Nah I just wanted to be far from everybody while I cleared my head." She places a plate in front of me with fried eggs toast sausages and some tomatoes. "When did you get back?"
Kazi: "I landed around 4 went to your apartment but you weren't there so I came here." She sits down next to me with her own plate and starts eating.
Me: "I should not have told you about thus place."
Kazi: "If you hadn't told me you would not be having a delicious breakfast right now."
Me: "You do know I can cook right?"
Kazi: "mxm whatever. So dad tells me you are taking over the company soon."
Me: "Did he also tell you that there is a condition attached to that takeover."
Kazi: "What condition is that?"
Me: "I have to get married first." I pick up the plates and place them in the sink.
Kazi: "Thats hectic bra. But then again you have been with Ayanda for almost a year now. Maybe its time you make an honest woman out of her."
Me: "Dad has a bride waiting already."
Kazi: "What? Who?"
Me: "Landokuhle something. She's the company CFO."
Kazi: "Wow bra is she nice?"
Me: "Mxm she is full of herself. Thinks the world revolves around her and she dresses like a whore. Also she is abusive."
Kazi: "Abusive how exactly?"
Me: "She slapped me." Silence. And then she burst out laughing. "Its not funny Kazi." She won't stop laughing.
Kazi: "Bhuti wami I think I love this girl already. Please marry her she'll have you on the straight and narrow in no time."
Me: "Ok Trevor Noah hold your horses. I am not marrying her not now not ever."
Kazi: "So what will you tell dad?"
Me: "Nothing yet. I have someone looking into her once I find what I am looking for then I will show it to dad and this lil golddigger will be out of our lives."
Kazi: "And if you don't find anything?"
Mhmm okay so I haven't thought that far yet but my gut tells me she is hiding something and my gut is never wrong.
Me: "I will cross that bridge when I get to it."
Kazi: "Okay. Good luck with that. Me I need a bath and sleep so..."
Me: "You are leaving?"
Kazi: "haha funny. See you later." She rushes up the stairs. Its good to have her back in SA. I missed talking to her she's nuts but she is the most sensible of my siblings.
She was right too what if I don't find anything? Am i ready to be someones husband let alone her husband? And why was I so concerned about her dress code last night. Honestly this girl is driving me nuts without doing anything. I really hope Sbu finds something on her otherwise I am screwed.



I am woken up by a throbbing pain in my head. I have a bhabhalaz from hell I tell you. It feels like my head is in a war with gravity everytime I try and lift it up gravity pulls it back. I am tempted to lay in this bed the whole day but my bladder is not having it I need to pee.

I force myself to get up and walk to the en-suite bathroom and sit on the toilet seat. You know that feeling of just letting go yep if it wasn't for this headache I would be enjoying that feeling now.

I finish and get up even that is a struggle I swear I am quitting alcohol. I take some pain blocks from the bathroom cabinet and down four all in one go. Hopefully they will make me sleep again.

I brush my teeth wash my face and drag myself back to bed hopefully nobody comes by. I lay in bed for about 15 minutes before I feel the pain blocks starting to work. I feel sleep coming and I am enjoying this Zen moment before Shesha geza starts blasting on my phone mental note I need to change my ringtone.

Me: "Joburg Motuary how can we help you."
Caller: "What the fuck?" Hangs up.
Good now I hope they don't call back so I can go back to sleep but luck left me a long time ago coz they call back.

Me: "Joburg Mortu..................."
Caller: "Lando futsek man come open the gate." They hang up again. I look at the caller ID and its Faith I could ignore her but she never gives up this one she might even jump over the fence.
I drag myself downstairs and buzz her in and unlock the door. I walk to the lounge and throw myself on the couch.

After a few minutes she walks in funds me face down on the couch.
Faith: "here!"
I look up and she hands me a smoothie.
Faith: "drink this if you want to cure that hangover."
I sit up and take a sip of the smoothie. I keep it in my mouth coz this thing not only smells bad it tastes just as bad.
Faith: "you can either swallow that thing or i will force feed you."
I slowly swallow and i feel tears forming. Why anybody would drink this is beyond me.
Faith: "Good girl! Now we need to talk about last night." I close the bottle and place it on the coffee table.
Me: "What about last night?"
Faith: "Your future husband I didn't like the way you were making fun of him."
Me: "Uh excuse my ignorance but weren't you there laughing too."
Faith: "I was drunk and I have been thinking about it that wasn't nice. You owe him an apology." What the fuck is she talking about? He started it when he called me a whore but now I am the one who has to apologize? I think not!
Me: "Faith I know you mean well but........."
Faith: "Lando you are about to marry the man the least you can do is show him a bit of respect. How is your marriage supposed to last if you can't respect your husband."
Someone please explain to me why people who have been married for two seconds all of a sunday think they are experts at this marriage thing. Girl has yet to celebrate the 3 years anniversary but she's an expert already. Honestly its too early for this.
Me: "Faith baby I know you mean well but you and I both know that my "marriage" is not normal. Also I AM NOT MARRIED YET PLEASE STOP."
Faith: "There is no such thing as normal when it comes to love."
Me: "Love! What are you talking about there's no love here this is purely business and loyalty to a man I have way too much respect for. Love is not part of this equation." She smiles moves over to my side and puts her arm around my shoulders.
Faith: "you don't know what the future holds Lala. You could fall in love with Philani and he could fall in love with you. We don't plan love it just happens."
Yep she is the romantic type alright she lives on cloud 9 80 percent of the time I wish she could come back to earth.
Me: "Faith here is my plan I will marry Philani because I respect his father as for love that is an overrated load of BS. And I am not planning on loving nobody but me. Got it!"
She laughs.
Faith: "You know what they say when we make plans God laughs." She gives me a peck on the cheek and waltzes off. This needs to be in Disney land where all things are roses and rainbows.

To think she disturbed my sleep for this argh I am too lazy to go back up those stairs so I just lay on the couch and off I go to lala land.


I wake up after a good rest but my neck hurts I should have just gone upstairs. I open my eyes and i am facing the back of the couch. The tv is on but i don't remember switching it on.

I am also met by the smell of perfume its expensive and it smells good. I turn around and the first thing I see are some nike sneakers on the coffee table. I decide to sit up and he is sitting on my couch with the remote in hand flipping through channels.

Philani: "I would say goodmorning but......." he looks at his watch. "Its already afternoon so Goodafternoon."
Me: "what are you doing in my house and who the fuck let you in?"
Philani: "Hows the hangover?" My hangover is fine thanks to Faiths stinking remedy but I ain't telling him that. Besides how did he know that? Mxm.
Me: "That is not what I asked."
Philani: "oh i have my ways but you shoulf learn to lock your doors anybody can walk in here."
Me: "You are a good example of that."
I get up and walk to the kitchen. I can feel his eyes on me and then I remember I am wearing bum short pjs and a tiny top.

I walk over to the fridge to find something to eat. Nothing! I turn around and he is leaning on the counter with his elbows.

I take my phone and order food from Uber Eats. I put my phone down once I am done and get some water to drink. He is still watching me I would say he was undressing me but theres very little to undress.

Me: "Please stop drooling." He blushes.
Philani: "Uhm.... please put something on."
Me: "Why? Are you uncomfortable with what I am wearing?"
Me: "You still haven't told me why you are here."
Philani: "How do you my father? Besides working for him ofcourse I want to know why my father trusts you so much he is willing to have you as part of our family."
Me: "I think this is a conversation you should be having with you father."
Philani: "Well I am marrying you not my father. Its only right that I get to know the future Mrs Biyela."
Me: "Why are you asking me when you already have people working overtime to find dirt on me. I understand though because I also have my own files on you."
Philani: "What?"
Me: " I don't really like you very much but I owe my life to your father. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here right now. So if you want to know more maybe you should wait on your guy to get you what you want."
The gate intercom buzzes and my food is here. I buzz the delivery guy in and I get my food.

I dish up for him and myself. He reluctantly takes the plate.
Me: "Its not poisoned." He chuckles. His actually cute when he smiles.
I get to look at him as he eats he is not bad he has brown skin not too tall broad shoulders and I can see his muscles through his top. His beard just finishes everything off perfectly.

Me: "why do you hate your dad?" He stops chewing and looks at me.
Philani: "I don't hate my dad. We are just not that close. He's never been much of a father to us anyway."
Me: "Why?"
Philani: "Lets just say he is not the kind of father I would wish upon anybody."
Me: "If I had a father who loved me protected me provided for me and did all he could to make sure my life was just a tad bit easier I would wish for every child to experience that. My dad died when I was little well according to my mother anyway. I had a stepdad who is probably a direct descendant of satan himself. So I would say you had better than me. So I would take a father like yours anyday anytime anywhere."


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