I woke up to the sounds of Stevie Wonders version of happy birthday blasting on the speakers. Although not too loud it was enough to wake me up. I turned over on the bed and I was met with gold and black balloons floating around in my room. I smiled. I am officially 25 years old. My phone beeped and I turned over to take it from the side table and there sat a large bouquet of red roses. There was a card so I took it and opened it.

'Happy Birthday Mrs Biyela. Here's to many many more. I love you.

Mr Biyela'

I smiled and put the card back in its place. I was excited for my birthday. I dont usually celebrate it but this year is different. This year it's worth celebrating. Everything seems to be coming together just fine. I am married and happy I just found my father and my paternal family. I have my son and a baby on the way. Work is going well what more could a girl ask for.

I turned back around to look at the balloons and I noticed one of them had a little note. I sat up and took the note and read it.

'Your water is getting cold.'

I got out of the bed and as soon as I stepped on the carpet there were rose petals going from the bed to the bathroom. I followed the rose petals and opened the bathroom door. I found the tub filled with bubbles and rose petals on top. There were small candles lit up and a bottle of champagne on the side with a glass. I got in the tub and poured the alcohol free champagne on the glass and just relaxed. Good thing my birthday was on a Saturday otherwise I would be late for work.

I got out of the tub when the water was almost cold. I put on my gown and went to the bedroom. I lotioned and went downstairs. When I got to the kitchen I found Philani and Theo making breakfast. Well Philani was trying to make breakfast and Theo was just messing up. I stood by the entrance and watched them for a while before they noticed I was there.

Theo noticed me first and he started jumping around in his high chair wanting me to pick him up. I picked him up and kissed him all over while he giggled. I went over to Philani and kissed him.

Philani: "You know this was supposed to be breakfast in bed right." I laughed. With this mess it would have been lunch in bed. And he is nervous. Mr tough guy who has made me countless breakfasts in bed is nervous about my birthday breakfast. Sweet.
Me: "I know baby. But breakfast is breakfast regardless of where it's eaten."
Philani: "Okay have a seat food will be ready soon." I looked at the mess that is here and decided the lounge will be better.
Me: "I think we will sit in the lounge." He laughed and we left him there.

I sat on the couch with my baby and played with him. My phone rang and I took it out from my gown pocket. It was my dad. Yep. I get to say that now. I have a dad. The moment I said hello there was a loud chorus of people singing happy birthday. They weren't Destiny's Child but it's the thought that counts. By the time they were done I had a tear running down my face.

Dad: "Happy birthday Sthandwa Sam."
Me: "Thank you. How's everyone?"
Dad: "We are good. I wish you were here though. It's been 23 years since I last celebrated your birthday."
Me: "Well now we have a lifetime to celebrate." He chuckled.
Dad: "Yeah. Tell that boy to buy you a huge ass cake. And you will get your birthday present the next time I see you." I laughed.
Me: "Okay I will pass on the message. I love you."
Dad: "I love you too baby." He hung up.

I went back to Theo cause this guy was not done with breakfast yet. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. I went to open and found Buli and Faith. They splashed me with champagne soon as they saw me.

Buli: "Happy birthday bitch." She said hugging me once they were done drenching me.
Faith: "Happy birthday love." She hugged me too. They walked in and just as I was about to close the door a guy in a chef's uniform walked in followed by another guy and they had serving plates. I looked at Buli and Faith.
Buli: "What? They are here for your birthday breakfast. Guys please set up outside by the pool. We will be out in a sec." They left and we went to the lounge.
Me: "But Philani is making breakfast." Faith peeked into the kitchen and came back laughing.
Faith: "I dont think he is making breakfast I think breakfast is making him. Did you see the mess that side?" We giggle like schoolgirls.
Philani: "I can hear you." He shouts from the kitchen and we laugh some more. He came out of the kitchen. "Okay I am done. Breakfast is a bust."
Me: "Lucky for you we have plan B." He went upstairs to take a shower and I decided to go change since I was now drenched in champagne. I changed to a white maxi dress and blow dried my weave.

Philani came out of the bathroom and wrapped his hands around my waist looking at me through the mirror.

Philani: "Happy birthday babe."
Me: "It really is a happy one. Thank you for making it beautiful." He smiled and started kissing my neck. "Babe we have guests."
Philani: "I know." He turned me around and kissed me before picking me up and wrapping my legs around his waist lifting my dress up. He pinned me against the wall and let the towel fall and I felt my underwear being moved to the side before I felt him enter me. He moved in and out of me for a while before I released. He moved a few more times and then released.

He moved and sat on the bed with me on top of him and his dick inside of me. We kissed for a while before I pulled out and smiled at him.

Me: "Babe you do know we left our son with our guests right. We cant sit here forever." He stopped kissing my neck and looked at me.
Philani: "They won't steal him. I know where they live." I laughed. He got up still carrying me. He placed me on the bathroom counter and took a wet towel and cleaned me. When he was done I got down and we went back to the bedroom.
I left him while he was getting dressed.



She left and I got dressed. I decided to wear all white to match with her. She thinks matching outfits are cheesy but I think she lowkey likes it when we match especially when Theo gets involved too. I decided to call her dad to find out how they are doing. They arrived last night for Lando's surprise dinner party. He answered after the second ring.

Mr S: "Mkhwenyana (son-in-law)."
Me: "Baba ni right? (Are you okay?)"
Mr S: "Yeah we are fine. How are the preparations going?"
Me: "Good. I actually wanted to find out if everyone has an outfit for tonight."
Mr S: "Yeah everyone has an outfit. I am pretty sure no one travelled all the way here without one."
Me: "Ok. I will see you later then."
Mr S: "Ok. Tell me something though. Will Lando's mother be there as well?"
Me: "No."
Mr S: "I take it they aren't that close then cause she doesn't want to talk about her. Everytime I try she changes the subject."
Me: "Its complicated I am sure when she is good and ready she will tell you all about it. But please just dont push her. Let her tell you in her own time."
Mr S: "Ok. Thank you. We will see you later then."
Me: "Sure thing. Bye." I hung up.

I went downstairs and the gang was already here. Mbusi even brought the twins. We went out to the pool area and had our breakfast. Lando was happy. She smiled a lot and laughed a lot too. This was perfect.

After breakfast I left to go pick up Ntombi from campus. After that we went to the airport to pick up Gugu. We waited for a while before we saw her coming. Ntombi ran to her and they had a loud but beautiful reunion. We got into the car and drove to the mall. We went to the Louis Vuitton shop first because they wanted bags for tonight. Ntombi hesitated a bit. I took a seat and let them look around.

Ntombi: "I have a question these bags do they come with a lifetime guarantee and insurance cause they are fucken expensive." She said and Gugu laughed.
Gugu: "They are nice though."
Ntombi: "Yep but you will need 24 hour security for each of them."
Sales Assistant: "Sweety do they come with a lifetime guarantee and insurance cause they are fucken expensive." She said and Gugu laughed.
Gugu: "They are nice though."
Ntombi: "Yep but you will need 24 hour security for each of them."
Sales Assistant: "Sweety I think these are out of your price range maybe you can try Mr Price I am sure it will be better for you." She said to them before walking over to me with a smile on her face. "Sir how can I help you today? See anything you like?"
Me: "Yes actually I do. But dont worry your colleague will help me." I call another saleslady over.
Lady 2: "Yes sir."
Me: "Please help my sisters over there. They are looking for bags and possibly even shoes. Please get them whatever they want." I look at the first lady. "Money is not a problem."
Lady 2: "Of course sir. Glad to help." She walks to where Gugu and Ntombi are. I turn back to the first lady.
Me: "The next time you decide to disrespect people remember this you work here this is not your father's shop. Do your job and leave the judgment at the door. Are we clear?" She nods and I go back to replying my emails and she goes to wherever I dont care as long as it's far from me or the girls. Mxm.

When we are done shopping we bought takeaways and drive to Dainfern since they'll be here till the party tonight. We got to the house and found Sihle and Banele in the kitchen cooking.

Me: "Hey."
Sihle: "Brotherman."
Gugu: "We bought takeaways." She says showing them the food.
Banele: "Thank God for you Gugzin. Sihle was about to kill me with his food." They take out the takeaways and eat. It's nice to see Gugu laugh and be a kid. I see Ntombi look at her and wipe a tear from her eyes. I dont know how long it will take but she needs to let go of her self-inflicted guilt.

I say my goodbyes and drive to the hotel to see how its going. I find Kazi busy shouting orders at the staff. She has appointed herself as the event planner.

Me: "Hey sis." She gives me a hug.
Kazi: "I am so tired. I didnt think planning this dinner would be this exhausting."
Me: "You seem to be enjoying it though."
Kazi: "I am. I might just even turn this into a business."
Me: "Good. That means I will save money when you start planning our wedding."
Kazi: "Heck no. Family or not business is business. Everyone pays. Have you seen your father?"
Me: "Not today. Why are you avoiding him anyways?"
Kazi: "Promise you won't get mad."
Me: "I will try not to."
Kazi: "Dad saw me and Sizwe having sex on the kitchen counter. Now I cant look at him in the eyes." I want to laugh but I control myself.
Me: "You and Sizwe need to respect dads space. You cant be fucking anywhere you want."
Kazi: "I know. I didnt know dad had installed cameras in the house."
Me: "Cameras or not you shouldn't have done that. Anyways I need to go try and convince Lando to come to dinner with me." I give her a peck on the cheek and leave. Now to convince that anti social wife of mine to go out.



A lot of people I know usually look forward to their birthdays. They are always excited about it but not me. This is the first birthday I have truly celebrated. Not the fake forced to celebrate type of thing but to truly celebrate. There is a lot that I am thankful for.

After breakfast the boys decided to braai. Although Philani dissapeared saying he had some business to take care of I still had a great time. My friends showed up and gave me some gifts. Even Ntombi and Gugu called me to wish me a happy birthday.

After the others left I decided to take a shower and curl up on the bed with a good book. I was just about to start my book when Philani walked in.

Philani: "Hey why are you in bed?" He asks almost like he is shocked to see me there.
Me: "That is what people usually do in the evening they get into bed and sleep."
Philani: "Not today you are not." He pulls the covers away. I am only in my underwear and one of his vests. He sees that and he walks over to me with a smirk on his face.
Me: "What are you doing?" I can feel myself drip into my underwear. He starts kissing me from my feet and goes all the way up to my face. I let out a little moan with every kiss he plants on me. He gets to my face and kisses me so passionately my hands involuntarily go to the back of his head drawing him in. He pulls out when things get heated.
Philani: "You need to get ready we are going out for dinner." He says before walking away to the bathroom. He leaves me here dripping wet. Mxm. If he thinks I am going anywhere with him after this then he doesn't know me very well.

I pull the covers from the floor and cover myself. I take my book and start reading. He comes out a few minutes later from the bathroom stark naked. He seems shocked to see me still in bed. I look at him and forget that I am angry and just admire his physique. He is really hot and well endowed and all I want to do right now is have him buried inside of me. He shakes his head and walks to the closet with my eyes following his every movement.

He comes back with a black dress and puts it on the bed.

Philani: "Get dressed we are leaving in a few minutes." He snaps his fingers in front of my face. "Stop drooling and get dressed."
Me: "Where are we going?" I ask coming back to my senses.
Philani: "I told you dinner. And I am not taking no for an answer." He walks back to the closet to get dressed. I decide to indulge him and put the dress on. It's nice but it's a little tight around my abdomen and if I am going to be eating I need room to breathe.

I take it off and walk back to the closet to get another dress. It's also black but it's a little stretchy so my expanding tummy can breathe. He zips me up and I put my shoes on. I do a little makeup and leave my hair flowing. I need to change it soon and go back to my braids.

When we are done we leave. He won't tell me where we are going no matter how many times i ask and beg so i decide to let it go. We got to the hotel where we first had our "date" if i can call it that.

We are led to the same private dining area we used before and many times after that. We get inside and it's dark. It's not loadshedding because the lobby has lights. He walks with me till I am in the centre of the room.

Philani: "Let me see if the lights are working." He tries to leave but I hold on tight to his hand. "Lando I am coming back."
Me: "I am going with you." He laughs.
Philani: "Fine." He holds me close to him. "Lights!" He shouts and the lights immediately go on. While I am amazed at that I hear the deafening sound of people screaming "Surprise!"

He takes a step back and I look around me. As beautiful as this room is it's the people in it that make it extremely amazing. My whole family is here including my dad and grandma. Gogo Biyela is also here and so many of the Biyela family. Basically this is what love looks like. Everything seems to be happening in slow motion even the tears falling down my face.


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