Nate: "You know I am tired of you doubting your kids and invalidating their pain. A mother is supposed to protect but you keep failing to do that even when countless opportunities have been presented to you to make things right."
Nelsiwe: "Ntombi will know what happened to me."
Nate: "Not really."

He takes the knife's sharp end and runs it down Nelsiwe's cheek and she flinches and winces as blood pours out.

Nelsiwe: "Please stop."
Nate: "People like you dont deserve to be called mothers. Your husband might have been the one to rape them but you are no different to him you are just the same. And you know what I do to people like you? I send them to their maker so they can quickly answer for their crimes because judgment day is too far. Now let's play Nelz."

He makes a phone call and a few minutes later Razor walks in with a toolbox. He places it on the coffee table next to Nate.

Razor: "Why do you always want to have fun without me?"
Nate: "Someone has to pave the way."
Razor: "Mxm. So where do we start? Liver or kidneys?"
Nate: "I think we should start with the liver. Then the kidneys. And finally the heart. I have a patient who needs a heart transplant and hopefully this heart will beat so much better in another body." Nelsiwe panics when she hears that.
Nelsiwe: "Please do whatever you want to do to me but beat me or whatever but you can't kill me."

Nate's phone rings he looks at the caller ID before walking out to answer it.

Nate: "Bra!"
Philani: "Whatever you do make sure she doesn't die and nothing leads back to us."
Nate: "Wheres the fun in that?"
Philani: "Nate trust me I would also love to rip that womans heart out with a teaspoon but she is still Landos mother." Nate sighs and wipes his face with his hand.
Nate: "Fine. I will figure something out."
Philani: "Thank you brother. But do make sure she suffers."
Nate: "Will do." He hangs up. He stands outside trying to come up with a way to punish Nelsiwe without anything leading back to him or Philani but it seemed impossible at first until he texted someone. They replied quickly and the smile on his face assured him that Nelsiwe would get what's coming to her eventually. And eventually would be tonight.

He walked back into the house and sat on the coffee table in front of a shivering and crying Nelsiwe.
Nate: "You are lucky Philani has such a good heart. He says he will kill me if anything happens to you. Unfortunately for me I value my friendship with him so I guess your ancestors are watching over you." He runs the knife down her cheek again creating another cut on her face. "Let's go man." Razor takes the toolbox and they walk out.

Razor: "So vele we are gonna leave her just like that?" He asks as they get into the car.
Nate: "Dont worry about it man. That woman will get what's coming to her." They drive off.

Meanwhile in White River Philani and Sbu together with Ntombi park just outside Sipho's house behind Sizwe and Lindani. Ntombi tries to get out of the car but Sbu stops her.

Ntombi: "Arent we going in?"
Philani: "We will but you will stay in the car. We dont know what your uncles plans are so it's better you stay in the car until we get Gugu to safety."
Ntombi: "He's my uncle he won't do anything to me or even Gugu."
Philani: "I am sure that's what Gugu thought about your father but look how that turned out." He says before getting out of the car and walking towards Sizwe and Lindani's car. He opens the backseat door and gets in.

Sizwe: "Bafo."
Philani: "So what's happening?"
Lindani: "From the looks of it the uncle is alone. He went out earlier and came back with takeaways so maybe Gugu is being kept here."
Philani: "That's good. Makes our work easier."
Lindani: "So how did it go in Mbuzini?"
Philani: "Not good. We found Ntombi there too and since we couldn't carry out our plan with her there we had to make some changes."
Sizwe: "What changes?"
Philani: "We had to leave Nate and Razor behind. But since Ntombi saw us there we had to make sure nothing comes back to us. Nate said he had a plan."
Sizwe: "You know all you had to do was say the word and I would gladly put one between her eyes even from miles away." Lindani and Philani laugh.
Lindani: "You and Nate are always itching for blood."
Sizwe: "Nope I hate blood that's why I shoot from far away most of the time."

Sipho walks out of his house and locks the door he gets into his car and drives off. Lindani Sizwe and Philani get out off the car soon as he leaves they go to the house Lindani picks the lock and they walk in. The house is dark they try to turn the lights on but they lights dont go on. Philani takes out his phone and switches on his torche. They walk into all the rooms and find nothing. Philani goes to the room on the far end of the house and tries to open but its locked. He picks the lock and opens the door. He moves his torch around and the light finds a figure curled on the single bed fills an entire side wall of the room. He walks over to it slowly.

He flashes his light on her and she shields her eyes from the brightness of it.
Philani: "Gugu!" She quickly turns around when she hears his voice. She looks at him for a few seconds before jumping into his arms sobbing. "Its okay you are safe now."

They fake her to the car with Ntombi and they hug for a while. Philani Lindani Sizwe and Sbu are standing outside the second car discussing what to do with Sipho when Nate and Razor finally join them.

Lindani: "Finally what took you so long?"
Nate: "Logistics brother."
Philani: "What did you decide?"
Nate: "Nothing that leads back to us but by the time the sun rises she will know the pain and heartache her daughters had to go through."
Philani: "Good. It's time to get back to Joburg."
Razor: "What about the uncle?"
Philani: "That is for you to decide. Do with him whatever you want. Just keep it clean and leave no footprints."
Razor: "Sure sure brazzo."
Sbu: "And Ntombi?"
Philani: "We'll drop her off at her uncle's house

and then take Gugu back to Joburg. We will see you guys at my wedding."
Sbu: "Sure thing."

They four guys get into the other cars and drive off while Sbu and Razor walk back into Sipho's house. They wait in the dark for almost half an hour before they hear a car drive in. They hear voices coming towards the house.

Guy 1: "How old is she anyway?"
Sipho: "Fifteen she's beautiful though so you will survive I know you dont like ugly girls.
Guy 2: "As long as I get my money I dont give a shit how she looks." They walk into the house and close the door. Sipho walks to the main switch in the kitchen and switches on the lights. He comes back to the lounge and finds the two guys with pistols pointed to their heads. He tries to run but Razor shoots him on the leg with the gun in his other hand and he falls to the floor screaming in pain.

Razor looks at Sbu and nods before they both hit the two guys with the pistols on the back of their heads and they fall to the ground unconscious. They then walk over to Sipho and squat next to him.

Razor: "Have you ever played Russian Roulette Sipho?" Sipho shakes his head. "Don't worry today we will teach you of course there will be twists and turns somewhere but you will learn"

They pull him up by the collar and sit him on the chair.

Sbu: "Let's play."



It's been a couple of days since I have heard from Gugu and Philani keeps telling me she is fine she just lost her phone. I guess that is better than finding out she has been kidnapped.

Today they are coming over to pay Lobola. I am nervous. I dont know why because I have been married to the man for a while now. Anyways my grandmother refuses for me to leave the house. I have been locked up in this room for three days now. Not that I am complaining being spoilt is nice. I can hear the sounds of people walking up and down outside preparing for the big day.

Yesterday morning my dad woke me up and told me to prepare for my welcoming ceremony. It was a nice surprise and I am glad we had it done. Now i fully feel like I belong in every way.

If you thought merging two races had too many obstacles try merging two different cultures. I dont know the logistics of what needs to be done and what won't be but my father has assured me that everything will work out for the best. I was busy on my phone trying to call Philani when my dad walked in.

Dad: "Babygirl."
Me: "Hi daddy." He gave me a hug before sitting next to me.
Dad: "Are you ready?"
Me: "I am nervous a bit but I am okay."
Dad: "It feels like I am losing you again."
Me: "You will never lose me ever again."
Dad: "Biyela senior told me about your deal and why you married Philani are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with him?" I take a deep breath before answering him. Truth is no one has ever asked me that so I never had to formulate an answer to it.
Me: "He's no saint but he loves me and I love him. I never thought we would get here but love has a weird way of creeping in when you least expect it." He laughs. "To answer your question I do want to spend the rest of my life with him."
Dad: "Good. And I can see he is overprotective of you but most importantly I like the way he loves you. You deserve to be happy babygirl. And with all that you have been through I am happy that you came out on the other side strong as you are. I wish I could have been there to protect you." Yes I finally decided to tell him about Vusi and his shenanigans. For the first time since we were reunited he was lost for words. All he did was hug me and I felt his tears wet my hair.

We had a lengthy discussion with him explaining to me what would happen. After a while he left. I sat in the room and said a long prayer thanking God for all he has done for me at that moment I understood why my late grandmother loved the verse in Isaiah 41 verse 10. God really had come through for me.

I ended up falling asleep while putting Theo down for his nap. I woke up and Faith Buli and Taki were quietly chatting on the couch. As soon as I saw them I started screaming and they joined me on the bed and we had a group hug before having a catch up session. Apparently Gugu and Siyanda had gone out together I guess I'll see her later.

Later in the night just before midnight sounds of singing were heard from the gate. It went on for a while before they were let in. I watched from the bedroom window as they draped one of my cousins draped a blanket around Philani and Lindani since he was the head negotiator. It was beautiful to watch but the big ceremony would happen tomorrow. I walked back to the bed preparing to sleep when my phone rang. I picked up.

Me: "Hello."
Ntombi: "Hey it's me."
Me: "Hey where are you? I thought you'd be here by now."
Ntombi: "I won't be able to come there was a robbery at home they beat up mum and raped her and right now she is in hospital. Lando I dont know what to do she has been unconscious since i found her." I could hear her sniffles through the phone. I kept quiet waiting for some sort of emotion to consume me but none came. I cut the call because I didnt know what words I could say to comfort Ntombi my mother might have been a monster to me but she was a mother to her. I sat on the bed and asked God for forgiveness not because I was responsible for her pain but because I felt joy sympathy at all. What kind of a daughter does that make me? What kind of a human being does that make me?


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