it’s complicated
Author Name:Noks

Chapter 2

We help Lulu and Enhle settle down after sometime we done

Me: Meeting everyone

I shout in the lounge

Me: okay first and foremost i’m Lungile Yamkelwa Buthelezi birthday is on the 4th of september.

In this house we are a family doesnt matter that i’ve known you for 2secs . I dont tolerate bullshit well we dont. I’ve known these bitches for years now they my day ones always have each others back. In this house we live by simple rules we all contribute to water electricity and food. Petrol its fine i got it i’ll take you to campus bring you back mawuthanda i’m not forced . We take turns to cook and wash dishes we clean ungabi iletype elandelwayo. We love turning up. We have movie nights test time tables should always be visible so we know when to stop harrasing you at the end sizofunda sonke la. Isikhathi sokudlala asikho. Just feel at home.

Them: siyabonga

Me: with that being said i’m hungry

Lulu: nami

We all laughed


Me: since we have new members. And its thursday lets go to pearls or something

Zee: can we go to Casa Bella

Me: no stress . 

We all freshen up.

They got style shame we drive to umhlanga playing deep house and talking i light a cigarette and smoke. Surprisingly Enhle smokes Lulu prefers weed .Ayi we like these 2 already. We finally get to Casa Bella

We place our orders its good a thing we all drink we order a bottle of wine finally our food comes we dig in while laughing and getting to know each other more.



Zee:dental theraphy

Boni-supply chain

Me:shipping logistics

After a while Zee and I settle the bill. 

We finally go back to our place which is in Westville by Westwood mall. We finally get there we freshen up and call it a night.

So i’m sleeping with Lulu we rolling weed about to smoke

Lulu: so Bunny( i just laugh) is Tk your man

Me: No babe he’s Boni’s cousin. But i knew him before Boni cause i used to party with his brother who is my age so he was our driver. And we just became kissing buddies and his more of a brother to me.

Lulu: ohh ayi ghel he really cares about youi saw the way he was with you

Me: yeah we have been through a lot of shit together and we understand each other.

Lulu: why not just date.

Me: i prefer him as my “brother” you know plus he likes sex and mina i’m still a virgin and i’m not ready

Lulu:wow same here but after umhlonyane wami. Damn i’m breaking it

We just laughed and smoked

Me: so tell me usukaphi?

Lulu: well i’m Lulama Msomi 18. I’m from dundee i’m not poor nor am i rich i’m the last born my older brother is Sboniso 26 and i also have another brother Sandiso 23. They my everything my father is still alive but married again my mom died when i was 12. My step mother doesnt really love me🤷🏽‍♀️ for only reasons known by her. I have a step sister who is 7 years old she’s a brat. After my dad remarried he never wanted any kids so yeah.

Me: wow i’m sorry about your mom babe. Cant wait to meet your brothers hhey so i can drool over them.

We just laughed

Lulu: they really cool my dad also.

Me: ayt babe weekend will go to Dundee just so they know who you live with you know.

Lulu: Thank you so much. You like a sister i never had

She sobbed ayi this one is a cry baby

I just hugged her again

Me: ncooh dont cry babe. You my sister as weelll neh. 

Lulu: hahah thnx Bunny

Me: ayi the Bunny name thou

She just shrugged we finally finished smokin then slept aibo One would swear we dating she legit is cuddling me. 

School only starts next week monday and today its friday so we turning up.

I woke up first took a quick shower then made breakfast for everyone 

Enhle woke up first

Enhle: morning

Me: hey babe. Ulale kahle

Enhle: very well thnx

I looked at her and we laughed Zamq is a bad sleeper

Me: thought as much. Zee was in karate mode

Enhle: my my my god damn. That girl uku summer slam.

Voice: uba loyo

We just laughed


Boni: sorry shame i would offer you my room but ke space dololo babe.

Enhle: i’ll manage.

 Everyone finally came we sat down said grace then we ate

Enhle: god damn


We just laughed

Enhle:the food is that good 

Me: you almost gave me a heart attack.

We just laughed. After breakfast Lulu and Enhle washed the dishes while zee and Boni went to take a shower.

Lulu:sugezile Bunnies

Me: ehhe kuyanda sisi

She laughed i just smiled she’s a awesome soul Enhle has attitude nyana but she’s also good

Lulu: i’m sorry my Bunny we still going right

fuck i forgot!

Me: yess babe. Lemme get everyone on board 

She nodded

After everyone had a bath it was now 13:30pm

Me:guys can we go to eDundee to see Lulu’s father its important as in y’day

Boni: i’m game if therez clubs that side and hot guys

Zee:couldnt have said it better

We laughed

Lulu: i got it covered dont worry

Me: okay but next week we going to Enhle’s side

Enhle:fine by me

We packed. NJ called while i was packing . Well NJ and i share a father he’s the best shame

Me: Shenge


I just melted only he can do that

Me:whats up bro

Nj:just checking on my sexy sister. 

Me:awu Nj thou 

Nj: you aint blushing right??

We just laughed

Nj: so wenzani today

Me: ngisaya eDundee bae


I told him everything about Lulu and Enhle

Nj:dont you rather want a house. I mean come on its better then renting a flat besides there aren’t any 6bedroom flats

Me:if you invest in it i’m cool bro

He laughed

Nj: its a lot to ask for bae considering you want a bigger car on top

Me: i’ll buy the car nj

Nj: fine then. You should start house hunting

I squealed. Causing him to shout eyi Njabulo uneDrama mayethandile

Me: sorry yhoo

Nj:mxm take care i love you

Me: to the stars and back

Nj:to the moon and back 


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