it’s complicated
Author Name:Noks

Chapter 1

Sometimes in life you meet the unexpected.

My name is Lungile Yamkelwa Buthelezi.

My story starts in varsity when i was 18years.

I currently live with my friends Zamahlase Khoza and Boniswa Ngema. We are a fun bunch always having fun so we doing our first year in varsity.

So its orientation day Zama and Boni go to howard campus and i go to westville campus ukzn. So i drop them off first and then head to my campus. I find parking then attend the orientation people keep looking at me oh well i know i’m the ish. Not to boost my ego but i do have everything. I’m average height a size 34 with a ass figure to die for average boobs izitho mtaka gogo and brackets wehh ngime kahle i’m light skinned almost caramel with blue eyes some think its contact lens. I dont have make up on. So i’m wearing a short with my white vans tshirt and hair is tied in a messy bun i have long hair so yeah why not . So i’m wearing my glasses they’ve now dimmed because of the sun and i have my car keys and phone on my hand. I’m walking around admiring the campus really not that i havent been here. So we in my block Shipping Logistics i did mention i’m blessed i also have the brains.

So theres a group of guys shuthi they well known oh well not my cup of tea they keep pointing at me i think they doing they last year cause they mentors . Finally one approaches me i keep walking

Guy: sorry sis

I ignore him and keep walkinghe catches up with me

Guy: sorry 

Me: what! 

Guy: umuhle thats all

I just laugh

Me: thank you

I walk away. After 3hrs i get my time table as i’m walking i bump into some girl damn muhle ughel

Me:i’m so sorry 

Girl: its cool. I should’ve also watched where i’m going

I notice she’s crying god knows my weakness for tears


She just bursts into tears i take her into my arms she cries i find a place to sit i ask her whats wrong

Girl: i got here late so i dont have accommodation and i cant go back home.

Me: i’m sorry. You can come stay with me and my friends babe its cool i stay with my friends theres space

Girl: i dont want to intrude

Me: look

Girl: oh sorry lulama

I smile

Me:Lulu its not a problem at all.

Girl: oh my god . Thank you so much 


She hugs me.

I finally help her with her things then we drive to howard

Lulu:wow nice car

Me: thnx babe

Its a AMG c63 matte grey black rims and red interior.

We finally get to howard i jump of first . I find the two chatting with some girl she looks like she has attitude for days

Me:zithandwa zami

I say kissing they cheeks. I left lulu in the car i greet the girl

69);">Zee: babe can she come stay with us

Me:who??? Miss attitude lo 

Boni: come on bunny. She didnt get accommodation

Me:the lord is on a mission today

Zee:whats up

Me: i have someone in my car naye same story 

Boni: wow so what now

Me:ayikho iyenze njani we take them in. They cant live on the streets

Girl: thank you so much 

Me: pleasure. Asambeni i’m hungry

Zee:sibaningi nathi manje 

Me:dude. Lemme call someone to help us with the things they wont fit.

We finally get to my car lulu jumps off

Me:guys uLulu lo 

I introduce them

Zee:nice to meet you lulu

Boni:same here

Zee:this is Enhle

Enhle:nice to meet you guys and thank you for helping us

Me: we family now. 

I called Tk Boni’s cousin. Said he’ll be here in 15mins so we chatted and got to know them better. Finally after some time tk came took the bags and went with Boni and Zee and I with Lulu and Enhle.

We finally get to my place. We have 3bedrooms i mean come on it was only the three of us 

Me: i’ll share with Lulu and then Enhle will share with zee then your clothes will stay in Boni’s  room cause its small.

Enhle:thank you again

Me:no stress babe.

Tk:my love

I hug him as he comes in with the last bit of things

Me: missed me

Tk:too much babe

I perk his lips

Tk is like a brother to me so i respect him. He is also Boni’s cousin

Me:ncooh babe zobaryt

I introduce him to the new members.then he says his goodbyes. I walk him out

Tk:dont you think you need a bigger car now

Me: i think buying a bigger apartment will be a start at the moment

We laugh

Tk: you like your space neh

Me: you know me. But this place uyabona nawe it really is for 3 people and now theres 5 of us

Tk: i know. Babe i’ll help you look for a bigger one.

Me: thanx you 

Tk: love you too

We share a hug then i head back inside.

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