it’s complicated
Author Name:Noks


L’s pov.

Finally they left. We got to know Bree a little bit better she was really beautiful shame no doubt she was your kelly rowland type . It was Friday by the way so we decided to go to 47th avenue with Luzuko and his brother and their friends. So i took a quick shower then wore my white ripped jean with my white off shoulder crop top.Bree walked in while i was putting on my nude stilettos 

Me: whats up babe

I said patting the space next to me so she can sit

Bree:firstly you looking bomb

Me: thank you. You too

She was wearing a high waist skirt with a white crop top and nude heels also they looked alike and she left her weave loose 

Bree:Thank you.

Me: so whats bothering you?

I looked at her she took a deep breath

Bree:firstly i’m sorry for making your life miserable

I stopped her . I know my life changed drastically but i dont want her to feel like its her fault

Me: firstly and lastly don’t ever say that again( i took her hands into mine) listen to me Okuhle(she smiled) i made a decision to always protect you i know i sound fake but everyone here is family just because we met in a different case scenario doesnt mean you should feel some typer of way and think that i’m just being nice cause its my job.No. I also want you to know me for who i am not as someone who has your life at her hands ngifuna ungazi as Lungile Yamkelwa Buthelezi a person who is wild(she laughed) ngempela thou stop beating yourself i’m your lets say i’m your newly found sister/lover/bestie everything your heart desires i’m your smile keeper (she smiled..lihle leli darkie) and she smiles

We just laughed

Me: You are really beautiful YeYeYe 

She just blushed

Bree: Thank you so much for everything

Me:can we go turn the fuck up now

She screamed so loud


Me:thats my girl

We shared a hug she kissed my cheek.

We finally got to the others down stairs 


Me: i know right

She was complementing Bree

Zee: umuhle mntana omuntu

Bree:Thank you zee

Me:you guys look bomb my my my

 We all laughed

Zee- a white backless dress with red heels 

Lulu: white jeans with a white body suite which showed he twins with nude heels

Enhle- a white short with a white body suite with red heels

Boni: was also rocking a skirt with a white ivy park crop top with olive nude heels naye.

We all blended perfectly

Boni: i so love this mirror

We had a mirror downstairs for selfies

We took a mirror selfie . We all had our weaves on point. I had a curled 26 inch Malaysian. We requested uber cause ayi ziyawa today.

Me: lets bounce 


We laughed we headed out got into the uber and we went to 47th avenue. We got there i called zuko to ask him ukephi said they were in the vip. I spotted him and guess what BK was there nigga looked fly as hell. Zuko met us half way we shared a hug i also hugged Banzi and greeted they friends

Bk:Hawu maShenge omuhle

I froze on my tracks wow wow wow i felt my speakers vibrate

Zee: and  she just died and came back 

I laughed they know what that does to me.

He stood up and hugged me he smelt heavenly 


He just smiled

Zuko: so you guys have met already

Its then i realised his zuko’s older brother oh wow now that i see it bayafana shame bonke

BK:this is the Lungii you were talking about

He says looking at his brothers and they nod

Me: am i famous or something

We all laughed i met they eldest brother bahle abafana baka Khumalo no lie.

Bandile Khumalo-26 

Bayanda Khumalo-22

Lubanzi Khumalo-20

Luzuko Khumalo-18

Luzuko Khumalo-18

We turned up the whole night it was a great night yho Bk can dance omg ..we took so many pictures it was lit shame. We finally decide to retire at 5am.

We were in the parking lot. Leaning on  Bk’s car. He was next to me everyone was having they own conversation he was right next to me

We were waiting for our uber.

Bk:so maShenge(i looked at him)

We stared at each other i think we were both lost in each others gaze it was tense 

Bk:...clears throat.... what course do you do?

Me: Shipping logistics 

Bk: wow beauty and brains

Me: i’m blessed actually


Our uber ride came i hugged him once more he kissed my cheek . We said our goodbyes

We first went to macDonalds after pleading with the driver. Then we got home ate then slept.

I was woken up by a call i answered my phone


Me:Hello(sleepy voice)

*******Bk’s pov******

Wow so i got Lungi’s number from my brother Zuko. I decided to call her and ask if they got home safe since they didnt call. Last night was lit AF wow these girls can turn up and she can dance i was so impressed.


Lungi: hey who is this

Me:Bk babe

Lungi:mhmm whats up

This girls voice is so sexy right now 

Me: nothing much just called to check if you got home safe

Lungi: so you decided to wake me up

Me:i’m sorry. I also wanted to know if you want to go out for breakfast

Lungi: pick me in 30mins 

She dropped the call wow okay i got up freshened up then wore my jean shorts and my white milestone tshirt with my black yeezy sneakers i put on my tag heuer watch. I have tons of time piece i love them. I ruffed up my fade then sprayed perfume. I got in my c63 and drove to her place. I got there and buzzed i was let in by Bree. I went inside they were all half dead i just laughed

Zee: and then why you here

Me: i’m taking Lungi out.

They looked at each other and just laughed at me like really laughed some even formed tears

Me: did i say anything wrong

Enhle: Lungi udlalile ngawe. Go upstairs last door on you left uzobona nawe.

They continued to laugh i went upstairs i found her room i knocked and nobody answered so i let myself in . She’s fast asleep half naked wow this girl has a nice body. She’s wearing a baggy tshirt and only her panties her bum is showing a lil i got hard instantly. I shook her lightly she looked at me smiling. Wow how can someone wake up beautiful

Lungi:Heyyy you here already

I just looked at her i so wanted to smile but i had to keep a straight face

Lungi: ungangibuki kanjalo please i’m sorry. I’ll make it up too 

I kept quite.

She got up left me sitting on her couch she made the bed ayi my dick was acting up yho. She then went to her ensuite took a shower the whole time i’m pressing my phone. After a while i hear the water stops she comes back i hear a falling sound i shoot my head up. She dropped her phone. What catches me off guard is that she’s naked totally naked and she doesnt see anything wrong

Me:uhmmm....clears are

Lungi: i know. And you’ve seen all this before so theres nothing to hide

Me:wow you have an amazing body


She lotioned her body i swear everything was in slow motion. 

She asked me to lotion her back i did she kept moaning and my dick was painfull as hell i lotioned her all the way to her butt she laughed i bended her over i got on my knees she put her on foot on the ointment and i muffed her. Mhmm she tasted really good she kept moaning softly i fingered her she screamed so much and jumped and moved away. Okay she turned to look at me i saw tears in her eyes

Me: i’m so sorry 

Her: its cool please just wash your hands and wait downstairs for me

I tried getting to her she stepped back

Me: i really am sorry

She pointed the ensuite i went inside . This girl is a neat freak. As i was washing my hand i see blood then i realise she’s a virgin thats why she was crying wow. I’ve never met a virgin before this girl she’s everything i need. I went back out she was already dressed in her matching bra and panty she got that lace fettish. I walked out and went downstairs and sat with the others who were drinking wine and smoking hubbly it was already 13:15


Them: ungasiQali

I just laughed and surrendered. I sat down and waited 3mins she 

Walked down slightly rushing

Lungi: okay lets bounce

She looked breath taking but she was so simple. She had jean bum shorts but not too short and a black milestone tshirt with yeezys as well. My kinda girl. She had on a nice time piece i know NJ bought for her. Seems like we have a lot in common.

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