it’s complicated
Author Name:Noks


L’s pov

Zee took the food and rushed back inside i think because of Bk.

Me:please come inside

This guy is god i tell you

NJ and bree walked ahead while Bk walked behind me i could feel his eyes on me i turned he just flashed a smile...mhm he has two dimples i just shook my head and kept walking

NJ:okay so Bree this is my one and only crazy sister

Me:hey Bree and welcome home

Bree:Thank you so much.

The others walked in laughing but stopped on their tracks i think because of Bk

I introduced everyone i served everyone with drinks conversations were flowing.

I was staring at BK the whole time the nigga had too much baggage He snapped at me


Bk: you’ve been staring at me for the past 20mins

Me:what happened to you.

I dont know what i meant but i just had this voice telling me to ask him that.


Me: whats bothering you soo much that you cant forgive yourself till this day. You havent found closure but you try so hard to forget no matter how hard you try you always find your self back there. You use your job as a distraction but still closure is just what you need until you find it your other half will also be in peace .

He just cried silently i went to give him a hug shame he was shaking 

Me:i dont know how but i just had this voice in me telling me to ask you but you’ll be fine trust me.and please pray today i know you like what the hell but trust me pray like you’ve never prayed before all shall reveal itself.

 I turned and everyone was lookig at us. 

Nj:its time

I looked at him and nodded.

Me:my life just changed in a min NJ i’m scared. 

Bk:Wow thank you


Bk: i dont know really

I just laughed and moved from his lap for some reason i felt like i belonged in his arms like he was the missing piece in my puzzle. But damn nigga is broken.We ate but my mind was just so far away. I think NJ noticed that he himself didnt know what to do also.

Bk’s pov

In my entire life i always felt rejected until today i found sense of belonging. Seeing Lungi just changed my whole life in a short amount of time. I felt something i’ve never felt with any woman before as young as she is she had me at her mercy. I felt butterflies in my stomach i had goose bumps my mouth went dry. The moment she held me in her arms i just broke down even more. For the first time in 6years i cried all because of her . I felt safe in her arms like i’ve always belonged there it felt warm and homely i felt like she’s everything i’ve been missing in my life she’s the piece i need to complete me i know i’m a player but damn if i had her i’ll never make her cry i’d changes my ways in a sec. i just fell inlove with my best friends sister. I wonder if we were to be together which will happen how will NJ take all of this considering he knows my histroy .this Nigga lives for his sister she’s everything to him. I see why he loves her she’s such a humble soul one of the rare most natural girl i’ve ever seen. Her friends are beautiful no doubt about that bahle. But yena Muhle isqubu has killer everything she’s just agggh i dont know how to describe such beauty only such that you thought existed in your dreams.

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