it’s complicated
Author Name:Noks


  1. 1month later....

Its saturday and we moving into our new house the house is really beautiful 

Zee: wow you should really be a interior designer

Lulu: i agree

I did my own design NJ paid for everything.the house’s colour coordination was greywhite and black with a little bit of sky blue

Boni:its like i’m in heaven  wow

Me:thanx guys . I wanted to accommodate everyone this is our house after all not mine only so its only fair everyone is connected.

Enhle:we dont deserve you yazi

We all laughed. Everyones clothes were already packed neatly i had a huge closet of course i had too others had a built in wardrobe .everyones room was huge shame no doubt. So i did finally do NJ’s programme it was so hard it was basically training how to shoot and other skills of being a gangster well i did know my way with a gun so i was good

To go. Everyone was happy to have me on we decided to order kfc dunked wings and Macdonalds while waiting for Bree. After sometime our food came at the same time i went to pay. As i was paying i saw NJ coming in well he does have his own key he parked .he was driving his GTI 6R 

He greeted then hugged me someone else also came out a girl and this hot guy 

The guy looked dreamy no lie. He was a version of Miguel but a lil lighter wow he was muscular not that much thou .had brackets ugunde iFade and it was neatly ruffed up his swag wow he looked good wearing all black only he had olive green the New air-forces NJ also bought for me same colour he had hazel green eyes yhooo this guy wow .

Nj bought me back to earth i was drooling


Me: everywhere NJ

I lied

Nj: it’ll be okay 

I just nodded they finally came closer to us

Guy:okay so where’s this sister of yourz .we have to rush somewhere

Wow rude AF 

69);">Wow rude AF 

NJ: Maybe if you looked up you’d see a statue besides me 

I laughed so hard the girl laughed to she was beautiful shame

Guys pov.

We really had to rush somewhere with NJ but no nigga thought it was time i met her sister. I’ve been asking to see her but he always refused until today i dont know whats so special about her.

So i was being rude but i swear i heard an angel laugh i shoot my head up to be met by the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen wow our eyes locked mhm damn she had to have light sky blue eyes we stared at each other for a while until i broke the gaze



She said sweetly my mind froze i quickly fixed myself

Me:Hey you good

Her:all the time

Nj:okay Lungi this is BK 

Me:Bayanda Khumalo and you must be Lungile

Her:Bunny is fine

She flashed a smile while shaking my hand .she has pefect white teeth and one dimple i noticed

Me:nice to meet you

A girl came shouting

Her:Bunny kanti...

She stopped on her tracks okay she’s really pretty but Lungi takes the cake


We agreed a union-sum.

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