it’s complicated
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Luzuko’s pov

I actually dont have feelings for Lungi i just like her as a sister maybe one of my brothers can date her she’s just fun to hang around i’ve only known her for a short while but it feels like i’ve known her forever plus she’s super naturally beautiful no doubt

Banzi: yaze yayinhle intombazane 

Me: i know bro

Banzi: i mean her friend muhle no doubt but her my goodness akashodi ngaLutho. I’d wife her in a second she’s every mans dream come true. Down to earth humble her eyes bafo those arent contact lens if they were she wouldnt have glasses on ayi suka nini madoda bayazala abanye abafazi

My brother talks for days ayi

Me: wow ayike 

We just laughed

Banzi:i dont mind picking you up the whole year just to see her everyday

Me:suyahlanya ke my car is coming back next week.

Banzi: i need her to be my miss party next week bro

Me:you have a gf neither i remind you

Banzi: mxm fuck you i’m serious thou.

Me: all her friends benza amasimba bafo aibo but they look like hoes bona

Banzi: Bk uzohlanya la 

Me: she’s actually Nj’s lil sister

Our older brother works with Nj in the ops they besties also but his such a player

Banzi:nah she’s too soft for him

Me:but she can change him for the better she has that power trust me

Banzi:but she’s Nj’s sister

Me: ileyo inkinga.

Banzi. How do you know

Me: i follow her on insta she always tags Nj when he’s here like 3weeks back they were together i saw her post. My god that girl is so natural none of her pics have make up.

Bk:okay fine we’ll try hook them up with.Bk but i swear Nj would kill for his sister.

We laughed

Me:i’ll still invite her to the party thou.i’ll ask her

He nodded okay. We then drove home.

Lungi’s pov.

We finally fetched the others then called NJ to go see the house. He gave us directions we finally got to this really nice house.

The gate opened and we saw NJ’s Maseratti my brother has nice cars shame as to when he drives them I dont know cause he’s always away overseas killing people. He was standing leaning on his car he looked good. My brother is a hunk no doubt

We all got out he gave me a warm hug and a kiss on my cheek

Me: i missed you too

NJ: uyaphapha yezwa.Sanibona

He hugged everyone

I introduced him to Lulu and Enhle

Enhle:Nice car 

NJ: thank you

Me:well this house is huge

NJ: expensive too

Zee: No amount lives a dent on your account kahle nje 

Boni:this was nothing to you

We all laughed my brother has a lot of money

NJ:ngempela hawu

Us:how much was it

NJ:.....he scrated his head....

Me:you about to lie might as well dont tell us i’ll find out eventually

I also have thug tendencies

We went inside the house wow i fell inlove immediately 


NJ; my job is done

We laughed

Lulu: its really beautiful 

Me: the kitchen thou.can i change a few things 

With my money that is.

NJ: if its your money then we good.

Zee: what are you changing

Me: i want to change the whole colour coordination and the kitchen then we set

Boni: i agree with you the kitchen is not your ideal one.

Boni knows me shame.but the house was awesome really huge it had 7 bedrooms will use the one of them for gym we have to buy gym equipment.

Nj: before you get ahead of yourselves. Uhmm theres someone engifuna nihlale naye.

Me:one of your clients

I said giving him a stern look.

He pulled me aside

NJ: yes

Me: who and why

NJ:she’s a princess from eShowe half coloured half black. Briana is the name Briana Okuhle Gumede will be doing her first year in varsity nawe cause i can only trust you.

Me: what course.

NJ: i dont know everything phela.And i need to you to do that program please its the only way the others can also see she’s safe.mina i know but they dont

Me:so what now?? I’m also in the ops if i do this

I scratched his head.he knows i dont like what he does


Me: Uyangidakelwa right now. Is that why you bought this house 


Me: so you thought buying me a house will change my mind. Wow NJ i cant believe you

NJ: Lungi i really need you as in yesterday please bae.

Me:this is a lot to take in NJ. I wont be a normal teenager if i agree.This is a huge decision

NJ:Ngiyakucela sis wami

He made that look i cant resist

Me: aggggh fine geez would you stop umubi

NJ:you wish

He pulled me into a hug and squeezed me.

We went back to the others we lied and said Briana is NJ’s cousin from his mom’s side of the family. My friends shouldnt know i’m in the ops its enough they know about NJ.

They all didnt mind. So now theres 6 of us. She’ll be coming to stay with us after the house has been renovated and fully furnished

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