it’s complicated
Author Name:Noks


So we were on our way back to durban listening to deep house.i got a call from my brother my phone was connected to the bluetooth.

Zee:Shenge Omdala

We just laughed ayi this girl

Nj:MaKhoza omuhle

Zee: awu sukanini madoda


Nj: baby uryt

Me:all the time bae.

Nj: good i got you a house

We all screamed

Boni:what would we do without you

Nj:Nothing actually 

We laughed

Boni: ayi phela Njabulo’s ego is the size of the universe 

We all laughed

Me: where and how fast kanjeNj

Nj: the less details you know the better buts its actually nice i just need you to see it then find a interior designer then my job is done.

Me: ukephi

Nj: Glenmore

Us:wow okay

Nj: yeah so today or k’sasa

Me:k’sasa Nj we tired

Nj: ayt i’ll organise it for tomorrow after you done attending.

Me:ayt babe

Nj:the car??

Me: i’ll go to the dealership sometime this week 

Nj:do you want to trade that one or

Me: this is my baby thou Nj i cant kanjalo nje

Nj:so what now

Me:i’ll just buy the other one keep this one too. They can use it cause they go to howard

Nj:mhmm go to the dealership then tell me which car you want.but after this babe i’m done

Me:Ngiyabonga Shenge

Nj:whatever sis.bye i love you

Me:to the moon and back

Nj:to the stars and back

Me:bye babe.

***end of pc***

Enhle:such a awesome brother

Zee:his the best shame

Lulu: what does he do

We all went silent well my brother is in some ops shit gangster in other words that take out drug lords and other muffias they work for the state yess he kills people his the best actually

Me:his an engineer and has other businesses also like some mine construction in mpumalanga 

Enhle: the one that was recently opened

Me:yeah how do you know

69);">Me:yeah how do you know

Enhle:my brother works there.

Lulu:Your brother is thee Njabulo Buthelezi NJ


Them: wow

We finally got to durban we were dog tired shame yhoo we just ordered macDonalds and slept. 

In the morning we all had morning class we took a shower i wore my my blue skinny jeans with a red yeezy hoody and yezuz sneakers i had the dopest sneaker collection of-course Nj hooks me up. I took my things and put on my glasses okay! back to school i drove the howardees  first then it was me and Lulu we got to campus parted ways i got to my lecture 3mins later i walked in and my god all eyes were on me.

Lecture: you late

Me:and i have no excuse but i’m really sorry 

He just nodded i walked to the far end took notes the guy next to kept looking at me i just ignored him and focused on what i came here for. After 2hrs i attended my last class then went to wait for Lulu in my car. I was so hungry we never had breakfast we were basically late.


I looked up to met by this hunk

Me: hey

Him: i’m Luzuko Khumalo

Me:Lungile Buthelezi

Luz:nice to meet you.i just have to say umuhle


Luz: can we be friends

The guy was not flirting or anything

Me:sure why not

We exchanged numbers

Luz:we should party together

Me: no doubt 

We laughed finally lulu came while we were smokin

Lulu: sanibona

Me: lumy


I introduced them to one another. Some guy came towards us my my my they look alike

Lulu: aibo 

Me: i know right 

We were shocked these guys are hot super hot for that matter

Luz: guys meet my brother Lubanzi Khumalo

Us: nice to meet you

He just laughed wewu muhle umfana his smile

Banzi: nice to meet you ladies

Me: siyajabula ukwazi nathi Mntungwa

Them:hhm nkosi

We laughed okay something about me calling people by they clan names affects people.

Me:guys it was nice meeting you. Zuko ungahlobisi ngeNumber yami 

Luz: ayt bye

We got into our car

Lulu: gods creation

Me:yeyi weLulu bahle abantu 

We just laughed!

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