it’s complicated
Author Name:Noks


.In the morning i woke up early freshened up then took a quick shower i cleaned the house then made breakfast even thou it was hard figuring out where things were but i managed.

As i was dishing up for everyone Niso stood in the of the kitchen entrance damn nigga looked fine he was half naked.

Me: morning

I smiled at him

Niso: morning beautiful

I just laughed

Me: ulale kahle

Niso: kakhulu maShenge

Me: thats good. Sit please 

Niso: its actually the reason why i woke up early. The smell was irresistable 

I just smiled when i was done everyone was already in the kitchen 

L’s dad:wow. This is goodbest i ever had really 

I looked at the step mother she was fuming i just smiled

Zee: this what we have every morning... wait until you taste supper my word she should’ve been a chef

We all laughed ayi zee has a big mouth

Niso: looking forward too it

Ndiso: what course do you do

Me: shipping logistics

L’sdad/ndiso/niso: Wow 

Ayi these guys .. after breakfast Lulu washed the dishes everyone freshened up . We were in Lulu’s room

Me:Zee mara uyaphapha yezwa now i have to cook dinner.

They all just laughed

Enhle: i think L’s dad has a crush on you

Lulu: dont even think. He does vele

Me: shame poor man uzoba strong.

We all laughed and went outside to smoke we found the men smoking ayi kumnandi layikhaya. Only lulu doesnt smoke but she smokes weed.

Niso: i swear you the female version of me

Me: boy bye!

We all laughed

Zee: she’s everyone’s female version

L’sdad: she the young female version of me

Me:Ahwu mangamahle kodwa. A man with words 

We all laughed

L’sdad: you are a definition of a African Queen.

Me: i’m touched really Ngiyabonga Thobela

Ndiso: mhh yeses only you can say our clan names and make the speakers vibrate(he winked at me)

I just laughed we finished smoking . Went to buy a few things for dinner and of-course alcohol.

We got back i decided to make stuffed chicken fried breasts and a cream spinach and mashed potatoes pap .. with a greek  salad. The chicken is stuffed with mushrooms and greens peppers. When i was done i made dessert nothing fancy just a chocolate moss with cream and biscuit crumps and strawberries. When i was done i served everyone. Presentation is always on point.

Niso: Amen siyabonga jesu

Everyone just laughed

L’sdad: uphaphiswa yini wena?

Ndiso: i’ve never had such great food in my entire life hawe ma

Niso:you can say that again bafo

We all laughed. 

Stepmom:ifebe zenze njenake zifuna iAttention kwamadoda abantu

Me:isifebe unyoko weMama wabantu..the fucken whole time si la you’ve been fuckin breathing down our necks kanti yini siyakuqwashisa yini. Awuyithembi umdala kangaka shame what a low blow.. awukaze usibone sishaya ulayini kini registering to study being isifebe sorry. Mangabe eyakho indoda wayithola kanjalo my god no wonder why his cheating on you you sitting there talking shit about us ungasazi take a chill pill mfazi uzomelwa inhliziyo khona abalindele ukuthi ulahle iside akusekude futhi i’m talking about worthy people ayi inja efana nawe.neither i say more??

I looked at her waiting for an answer dololo umama ukuphendula

Me:thought as much.

L’sdad: Wow

Ndiso:Wow ngempela 

Niso: never thought i’d see this day

They just laughed yhoo ayike zinkulu ezakulomndeni.

Lulu: wewu i’m loving this weekend

Niso: you have no fuckin idea. Ngathi uBunny engafika njalo

We all just laughed yese this woman has been on our case we never created ourselfs to be looked at by other peoples men nxayi mahn.

We all stood up and cleared the table and brought dessert.

Niso: my my my

Me:my my my you sure look good tonight( i sang)

He just laughed he wasnt singing yena

Niso: thats my jam

Me: all time fav 

We laughed

Ndiso:arent yo eating

Boni:she hates desserts


Them:she doesnt eat dessert

Niso: you lie

Me: i dont lie 

Ndiso: why

Me: i hate everything mixed together

L’sdad:but you make the best dessert mhhm 

Me:dankie baba

After eating they cleared up we then decided to go to the club again today . So i was wearing a short backless maroon dress which showed my cleavage then i wore my silver studs red bottoms Louboutin 6inch heels i tied my hair into a neat kim kardashian middle line hairstyle girls looked good too we all settled for dresses its our last night we might as well. Ndiso walked in knocking he stopped on his tracks his mouth was literally hanging . Oh well my girls are hot shame we all go to the gym.

Lulu: close your damn mouth 



He asked walking but he too stopped and admired 

Niso:avuleka amazulu.

We all laughed

Niso: i’m sorry guys nibahle yezwa but maShenge takes the trophy wewu nkosazana emhlophe qwa.

Me: you sound like your dad...Ngiyabonga Mangamahle

Zee: she really is.

Ndiso: i mean no doubt guys nibahle kakhulu futhi i always thought my sister takes the crown god damn Lungi defines true Beauty

Ndiso/niso: A true AfricanQueen that is

We all laughed 

Me: ayi ke. Thank you thou.

Niso: those tattoo’s thou( he put his hand in his mouth)

I have 3 tattoos 

My moms name-left arm

A Quote on my lower back with a knowledge tree. Then i have wings on my upper back.

We finally managed to get out of the house Niso was driving my car with Zeeenhle and i. We got to the club people were turning heads we found a place to seat then ordered.

They friends came it was a dope night we danced the whole night this time we went to Niso’s place he has a nice intimate house shame.we got back at 6am Lulu called and told his dad said its fine said we going to come back when we about to go back to Durban. 

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