it’s complicated
Author Name:Noks


3.I hung up then finished packing. We finally left the house starting at tops to buy alcohol then we went to buy weed finally we were on the road to Dundee yhoo ayi kude shame no doubt. We finally made it after 4hrs because i was speeding. We arrived at Lulu’s house

Us: wow

We just laughed we were so high they were drunk except for Lulu and i we were tipsy

Lulu: come on guys really

Zee:you never told us you lived in a palace mos

We just laughed we finally parked next to 4 beautiful cars.

Lulu walked ahead of us we were busy admiring and chatting. We all were wearing dresses just to show respect above the knee thou asibona oGogo phela. Lulu knocked while walking in it was already late so bese kumnyama 

Voice: Ngena

Lulu: sanibonani

They were all shocked smiles formed on they faces god damn bahle abantu even the father


I whispered 

We looked at each other and giggles

Voice: wow Lumy you are here

Lulu: yebo baba its me

Guy: sis 

They hugged. The little girl also jumped on Lulu .. oh well i got to see the evil step mother who wasnt happy at all

Her: kaze ukipitephi.. ngoba siyazi you didnt get accommodation uBusy neyiFebe lezi.

We couldnt help but laugh yho loMama doesnt know us shame..thats the thing about us mawusijwayela kabi its like we sense it at the same time then we react

Dad:kahle nkosikazi. They actually the ones that helped her



Us:yebo sawubona

He just laughed as well as Lulu’s brother mother of jesus he’s cute shame.he looks like the younger one sandiso.

Dad: Thank you so much for what you’ve done for Lumy

Us:yebo baba

They just laughed again. Shame Lulu’s father is sexy

Dad: you must be Bunny

I just laughed

Dad: nkosi iba nami nkosazana.

We just laughed okay his a flirt

Me: Lungile baba

Dad: emhlophe qwa intokazi le. Niyaphila kodwa

Us: we good

Finally we were told to get our things more like sandiso and i

Him: i’m...

Me: sandiso i know 

We laughed

69 69);">Him: damn you beautiful

Me: and not interested boy bye!

He laughed i also joined in

Him: was worth a try. Nigga gotta test the waters here

Me: nigga aint going to test shit in here

We laughed his dope

Him: ayt ayt maShenge omuhle

Yeah hey i just smiles it didnt sound that effective like my brother we were finally done.  We went to Lulu’ s room its so huge shame 

Me: you brother is such a flirt 

Lulu: yeap he does

Me: not for me thou..his cute but nah i’ll pass

Zee: ayi mina uyangenzela shame

Me: maybe Sboniso will do it for me

We just laughed

Sboniso called Lulu said we should go to some club called underground he’ll meet us there so we changed I changed into ripped jeans tight black with my nude backless crop top and givenchy stilletoes .. i had my hair tied in a messy bun god damn we all looked good

Sandiso: my my my ... i’m in heaven and all i’m seeing are angels 

We all burst into laughter

Lulu:bounce Ndiso! (She half shouted)

He just laughed and walked out we all dont really put on make up we took our bomber jackets and headed to the club Sandiso was with Zee and Enhle. Well vele they both have bitch tendencies i was playing domoroza-babes wodumo still drinking that alcohol. We were singing along ayike me and my gqom playlist it’s too much. 

We finally parked me and my girls we from dubane so siyabhenga. I got out yeses we were dancing sishaya amaVosho with heels Lulu and Enhle couldnt believe it.

Voice: madoda

We looked up heaven must be testing us yeses the guy was super hot


They hugged 

Lulu introduced us he hugged me last then we had a staring contest till he gave up after sometime

Him: wow nice eyes

Lulu:her real eyes that is

Me:Ngiyabonga mangamahle

Him:mhhhm a woman after my heart 

I just smiled

And went back to dancing 

Ndiso:yeses niyabhenga yezwa

Zee: we durbanyts nje we have too 

Me: koze kuse

We laughed Sboniso’s friends came to us.

Sboniso couldnt take his eyes off me ... mina i was just dancing i can dance till sunrise

I decided to play devil-tipcee.

We love this track 

Niso: i love these girls

We just laughed we went back to lulu’s house by 3am aibo we were turnt.

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