Author: Noks

it’s complicated


L’s pov

I’m happy. I was having a good time bonding with Langa. 

Me:Nanish wena neh thats your nick name nsena .ayi baby nawe you look like you father.

The whole time he was laughing

Langa:kiss kiss

I perked his lips



Me:love you too nanish

I tickled him. I made him wear jeans and a hoodie with a vest underneath. And black superstars 

I whistled for him 

Me:awu wenana.Mntungwa Mbulazi Mashobane Mzilikazi Mabaso sukanin madoda Khumalo omncane.

He was dancing and laughing it brought joy in my heart.

Me: ayi asambe manje 

We walked hand in hand and met everyone already ready

Banzi: ayi ngeke lentwana isile. He loves you

Me: i love him too 

Langa:avyu too

We laughed 

Me:lets go my people 

We left i was driving the jeep since it was big. Not that Bk didnt know New York he just did’nt want to drive mxm. We drove to some restaurant downtown. We settled down and ordered Langa just had a mash and nuggets. 

Banzi: so how will everything work out 

Me:well i already enrolled Olwethu in kindergarten i’m sure they’ll take Nanish also.  

Banzi:uthwele kanzima

Me: unfortunately you don’t choose your destiny in life.all i can do is embrace it 

Banzi:spoken like a Queen

We laughed and ate over light conversation. They opted for dessert i just had a slice of a chocolate fudge cake.we didnt get Langa any sugar as it was already late.

We were finally done we went back home. 

We put Langa to sleep in my room while we had a bottle of GTV vodka

Banzi:this shit is strong no wonder asinayo in SA its expensive too

We laughed we smoked weed and just had fun listening to earthgang

Bk: i love earthgang reminds of that time. It got me my first kiss with you

I giggled 

We drank joking around everything was great nje. Oh you might be wondering what does Banzi do for a living well he has Tenders his into construction he has his own company. He is 2years older then me which make him 24. And Bk 26. Never date somebody your own age. 

After sometime we called it a night. It was 3am.

Bayanda wanted me next to him so i was in the middle while Langa and Bayanda slept besides me. 

I woke up to the sound of a Camera

Me:Lubanzi mahn

He laughed

Banzi:wake up good people breakfast is ready

Bk:tsek bafo

Banzi:this is a dope picture yazi.i’.m posting it on insta wow.

He showed it and damn it was on point Langa has his leg on my waist while Bayanda held my waist. Banzi made it black and white it looked like a professional photograph.

Me:this is cute send it to me please

Banzi: cha i’ll tag you

And right then i got a notification He tagged Bayanda and I . Already people were liking the pic. Caption: if this isn’t love then i don’t know. 

We woke up rinsed our faces and mouth and we all went to eat as Langa was also awake but he was grumpy i’m guessing since his mom has passed on. I fed him first he ate a lil shame. He was sitting on my lap the whole time

Bk:lemme take him 

He tried but he cried

Me:its fine babe. I’ll manage

Banzi made breakfast a full english breakfast that is.

Me: muntu uzodinga iGym after this yho. 

They laughed

Bk:you still good thou my love


We ate Bayanda did the dishes while i bathe Langa. I managed to put him to sleep shame babe. I took a shower Bayanda joined me and we had a steamy session yho it was good. We were now dressing up.

Bk:damn you bit my shoulder 

We laugh

Me:i have love bites all over we equal

He chuckled.

We spent the day watching movies since Langa wasn’t feeling well we decided to stay indoors. 

We were also  smoking weed and drinking again. We felt movement only one person has a key and yep it was NJ with Olwethu i jumped to take Olwethu and kissed NJ’s cheek


Me:i’m surprised oryt

We laughed

Wethu: sawubona Bunny

Me:hello baby wami nsena 

I kissed her all over her face she giggled and did the same to me.

Nj greeted Bk and Banzi 

Nj: wheres the lil man

Bk:his grumpy today

Nj:must be because he can feel something bad happening

Bk: yeah the funeral is next weekend

Banzi: jah neh kunzima

Nj: oh well. Bae you good

Me: very happy

Nj: Bayanda’s dick is that good neh

He said pulling my cheeks

Me: tsek NJ

Nj:finally yho. You needed to get laid ayi 

I punched him playfully 

We laughed. Nj took they bags to his room. My place has 4bedrooms by the way he came back after with a crying Langa he opened his arms for me i took him

Nj:ahh my sister is already playing happy families yho ayi kunzima

Me: ayi Njabulo

Nj:ngiyadlala i’m proud of you

He said kissing my cheek

Nj:and thnx for taking BK back yho besengihlala ubhampa phela lomuntu ngisho ngibhosha damn

We laughed

Bk:unedrama yerr

Nj:Banzi back me up

Banzi: its the truth

They fist bump while laughing 


Nj:she should dump your ass often.

Me:ayi hawu angisathandi

We all laughed.

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