Author: Noks

it’s complicated


I slept yet again with a smile on my face.

I woke up when Langa and Banzi came to the room.

Banzi: yeyi Bafo vuka manje

I laughed as Langa was slapping me with his tiny fingers

Me: sho bafo

Banzi: mxm 

I laughed making langa laugh too

Me:uhlekani wena 

He laughed more we laughed too

Banzi:iyahlanya lentwana.

Me:zithini have y’all ate

Banzi: khona umuntu ofikile la said she was sent by Lungi she made breakfast and fed Langa

Banzi: sooo ringa nami waHappy nje zolo lokho bukhala

Me:i’m inlove Bafo my woman is back

Banzi: gcine umpulile vele


We laughed and did the handshake

Banzi: nazoke atleast when you fuck up you’ll use sex and fuck her back to submission

We laughed Banzi is crazy

Me: she has me at her mercy bafo 

Banzi: just don’t hurt her again bafo y’all both miserable without each other

Me:mxm tsek lemme freshen up so we can eat.

I quickly showered and dressed up then went to join my brother.

Banzi: so long distance how is it going to work.

Me:i’m moving here bafo

Banzi: wow thats good

Me:yeah whole other reason why we came here i got a offer so i’m back to being a pharmacist

Banzi: thats nice Bafo plus vele maweNcosi akasekho jive ayikho

Me:speaking of that heyi bafo i actually got a sms she’s no more ngempela

Banzi:hade bafo

Me:akunaStress i’m just happy she accepted Langa even before 

Banzi:i’m happy for you really. You’ve grown Bayanda no more Bayanda wabantwana 

I punched him playfully

Me: i’m trying bafo eyi. When you find the right one you try by all means to keep them happy. Lungi has shown me nothing but love with all my flaws she didnt try to change me i changed because i felt the need to and i’m blinded by love is enough for me no other girl has treated me the way she does i can take the whole year explaining what she does to me worse at that point sex wasnt even involved manje its worse Bafo i’m connected to her we are one soul

Banzi clapped her hands

Banzi: i’m proud of you Bayanda Jayden Khumalo really wow first time hearing you speak like this ayi mina i’m a happy lil brother

We laughed we ate and spent the day chilling and talking and drinking and playing with Langa. Lungi came back sooner then we thought.

Her:zithandwa zami

She picks up Langa and spins him around he can’t stop laughing she kisses him all over.

Her:you miss me ncooohh nanish wami nsena

Langa just couldnt stop he was so hung up on her. She came to sit next to me 

Her:hey guys 

She perked my lips


We laughed

She stood up and left Langa next to me. She kissed Banzi’s cheek 

Her:uryt sbari

Banzi laughed so did we

Banzi:ngiryt skwiza

Me: you back early

Her:ha.a babe just a hour early i usually come back at 17:30 or 18:00

Me:oh ayt 

Her:i’m famished bo 

We laughed

Banzi:you glowing too

Her:aggg mahn its your brothers sperms

Yho she has no filter we all laughed

Banzi: wuuu too much info

Her: uzoba strong 

She walked to her room well our room now. I followed her Banzi whispered behind me

Banzi: Ngayibulali ingane yabantu

We laughed 

We laughed 

I walked in a found her stripping she didnt notice me . Damn the view was awesome 

Me: Damn

She turned smiling and walked to me

She stood on her toes and held my neck.

Her:eyes up her Mbulazi

She smiled i was looking at her boobs


She kissed me so deeply. 

She put her hands inside my pants damn i was erect immeddiately.she played with my dick yho its felt good i pushed her towards the bed. She switched on me and stripped me then pushed to my bed . She kissed me all the way down living wet sweet kisses on my body. She finally removed my underwear and my dick sprung free hard as a rock

Her:its like you get bigger everytime damn

We laughed she sucked on it like a lollipop damn she got me screaming like a bitch. I cummed in her mouth as always . She then did the 6.9 position wow. I was muffing her whole she sucked on my dick it felt good our moans filled the room. After we both came again she slowly sat on my dick damn i felt  sorry for her as she is still tight as hell yho. 

Me: you don’t need to babe

Her: i’ll manage 

She finally took me in and damn she rode me her pussy is tight. 

Me:shiiii.... you tight


Mhh she loves calling me Jay when i make her moan. She increased her pace i quickly switched position i had her one leg on my shoulder the other on my waist while i knelt and i upped the pace making her scream damn i was so close 


Me:ohhhh i’m cuming toooo

We came at the same time.

We did a few more rounds switching positions damn it was good.

Her: damn you want to kill or get me pregnant ngeke sbali

I laughed.

Me:what if i want to get you pregnant.

Her:No Khumalo maybe. Atleast when i’m 24 or 25 not now

Me:but i just came inside you

Her: got it covered dont worry. I started injection today and i took the morning after pill

Me: ayt babe its cool then

Her:lets let Nanish grow sthandwa sami i won’t deny you kids plus Olwethu is coming to stay with me

Me:yeah Nj told me but will you manage

Her:i don’t know but i’ll try

Me:we also moving here

She looked at me we were facing the ceiling

She screamed and kissed my face all over

Her: i’m happy

Me: i can’t stay away from you

Her:if i were you i wouldnt also

We laughed i tickled her

Her:i’ ...stooppp

I stopped yho she had tears 

Her:such a bully

Me: i love you

Her: me too

Me:uyaNya yazi

She laughed

Her:i love you to infinity and beyond

Me:forever and always 

Her:wider then the sea

Me:more then all the sands of the ocean

Her:then the whole universe

Me: then all the words in the dictionary

Her:weeh i’m out

We laughed

Me: we should really ink the two phases

Our bond will never break because our love is enough and i love you to inifinity and beyond forever and always

Her: tomorrow we’ll find a good ink artist

Me:i’m game

Her:can we take a bath now

I picked her up bridal style and we took a innocent shower. She washed my back and i washed hers

Her: i like your tattoos 

Me:thanx babe i like your too

She really has dope tats 

I have half a sleeve tattoo on my left arm. My twin brothers name and i also have wings like her on my back..

Finally we were done we wore swear pants and hoodies since it was a bit cold. We took selfies she claimed tp be hungry so she offered to take us to dinner. She bath Langa and changed him to warm clothes i captured the whole moment it was priceless i postes the video and pictures we took.

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