Author: Noks

it’s complicated


Bayanda picked me up and we went to my room bridal style. I loved how strong his perfume was even the alcohol couldnt top it. We got to my room he we stripped each other we werent that drunk just tipsy nyana. Bayanda was kissing my whole body his eyes were red and half open we were both naked he kissed me passionately pushing me to the bed finally i laid on my back he got on top of me.he looked at me 

Bk: are you ready

Me: make love to me Bayanda Khumalo

He smiled at carried on kissing me. Bayanda’s four play is on another level. Uvele ubone izulu elimcane damn he trailed down kisses all over my body

Bk:damn i missed these

I giggled he means my boobs his obsession. Finally he got to my honepot he teased me with his tongue 

Bk:home sweet home

We laughed

He muffed me like its the first time muffing me he then inserted 2 fingers oh wow i was in heaven

Bk:cum for me babe

Ngathobela umthetho its been long since he did this but today we going all the way. I released my juices he licked me clean he then kisse me deeply and i tasted myself. While he stroked his dick 

He looked at me one more time while positioning himself

Bk: i love you 

Me: i love you too

He inserted himself yho i screamed he shut me up with a kiss it was painful

Bk:relax babe i we’ll be gentle i promise

I tried relaxing he tried but no luck on his 3rd try i felt my walls expand damn it was painful i had tears 

Bk:i’m sorry 

He wiped my tears

He started gently he was groaning and i was moaning finally after a while pleasure kicked in he upped his pace yho i was in heaven 

Me:ohhhh... ahhh...fucccck


It felt really good our souls were connecting this was deep after a while i felt i was about to cum

Me:jay....i’m...c..ohh shiiiiii ahhh

I released soon after he was fast damn


He released after me.

He stayed inside and layed on my chest yho his heavy

Me:uyasinda ndoda

He laughed and layed besides me.

Bk’s pov

To say i’m happy is a understatement i can’t describe how i feel. I looked at her she looked at me we layed on our sides

Me:Thank you


Me:for trusting me enough 

Her:i wouldnt want anybody else Mntungwa.

Mhhhm wabusisa inhliziyo yami when she said that

Me:Ngiyakuthanda maShenge. 

I kissed her deeply she responded i missed her lips she pulled out.

Her: i have work in a few Bayanda. You want to drain the little energy i have too ngeke sbali

We laughed i pulled her to my chest and i sang Carly Thomas-emotional softly her fav song.

I saw she was asleep i kissed her forehead and i slept also with a smile on my face. 

In the morning i felt her move i opened my eyes

Me:suyavuka njalo

Her: i also wish i can sleep again yho. 

I felt sorry for her we slept around 04:30am and she has to wake up at 05:45am

Me:sorry babe

Her: its fine my love

She perked my lips and went to shower. I noticed blood on the sheets oh well she was a virgin after all i took it out and searched for another sheet i found them eventually and put them on she came as i was changing them 


I nodded . She carried on to lotion her body. I just wanted to bend her over and fuck her but i thought against it she’s tired. She got dressed in a pants suit tight fit with a white blouse and black heels she looked good shame. I was now laying in bed looking at her. She then came to me and crawled to bed she was balancing on the side with her hands i was inbetween her she looked at me i smiled at her she showed me her perfect teeth and that one dimple the smile that brightens up my day 

Her:i love you more then anything in this world. When i said i’ll take care of Langa i mean’t it because you are my heart without it i can’t function we not perfect we’ll never be. But because our love is enough our bond will never break.

She then kissed my forehead and kissed my lips shortly i wanted more but we can’t

Her: take care i’ll see you after work. 

She walked out of the room damn my lady is sexy view was great 

I was still blushing from what she said i really love this woman whole heartedly.

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