Author: Noks

it’s complicated



Mhhm when last did those butterflies fly in my stomach i miss him i turn as he walks to the other side to sit damn he looks good. He’s wearing his black guess jeans with versace shoes his jeans folded an his ankles and a guess white tshirt on tucked in front only.

Me:what are you doing here Bayanda

Bk: its our birthday and anniversary.

I smile this man right here owns my heart i missed him

He takes my hands into his and stares deeply in my eyes we lost in each others gaze

Bk: i’m sorry for everything i did if i could turn back time i wouldn’t hurt you like that. I need you in my life maShenge you own my heart ifuna wena wedwa nobody else.uyithumbile inhliziyo yami nenqondo yami icabanga wena k’phela ngiyakuthanda themba lami. Losing you has to be the worst thing ever. Ngifuna wena wedwa uyisithandwa sami theres no one else i’d rather be with babe you amazing i want to grow with you and lay by your side and fall inlove with you every single day and tell you i love you every chance i get because you my better half and i need you in my life maKhumalo wami.

I was so emotional i cried as he said those words. Wow and he was so sincere 

Me: i love you too Jayden

He smiled and pulled me for a kiss i can see tears in his eyes we kissed for the longest time i miss him no lie.

Bk: am i forgiven

Me:yess but no more secrest Bayanda please

Bk: i swear

Me: you better

We laughed

Me:so you came all the way

Bk: uthando luzokumangaza sthandwa sami

I laughed 

Me: lizokumangaza ngempela. You even got Jade to be part of this how?

Bk: thats our secret babe.

I nod

Me: uphi uLanga pho

He looks at me and smile

Bk:at the hotel babe with Banzi

Me:Banzi uyazithanda izinto yho

We laughed we ordered and ate and spoke over light conversation it was good i won’t lie i missed him i’m lost in his eyes i’m like damn i love him


I smile

Bk: you looking at m like i’m meat

We laugh

Me: its just that i really love you Bayanda angazi noma my love sometimes isnt enough for you to hurt me so deeply but angikho lapho sthandwa sami all i’m trying to say is that i forgive you and i want to be with you forever i don’t see myself with somebody else other then you.

He shed tears ncooh baby wami

I stood up and pulled him to.

Me: i love you and no one else you and my son 

He smiled and looked at me we kissed for the longest time. Till we heard someone clearing they throat

Jade: wow i’m sorry

Me: you don’t have too thanks for doing this

I hug him

Jade: its my pleasure

Bk: Thank you again Jade i owe you

Jade: damn right you do Jayden

I look at them

Bk: uhm babe Jade and i are friends. He’s also in the ops

Me:oh wow thats nice

We laugh

Jade: okay love birds lets go now and hit the club


Bk:and work

Us:we’ll manage

We all laugh

We first go to Bk’s hotel since Jade is our chauffeur.

We find Langa and Banzi watching a cartoon movie

Me:ayi suwuMalume ngempela Lubanzi Khumalo

69 69);">He laughs standing to hug me.

Banzi: i miss you so much

Me: i missed you more sthandwa sami uyaphila

Banzi: now yes that i see you Durban isnt the same without you

We laugh

Banzi:and My brother was miserable without you

Bk punches him lightly

Me:ungakhulumi ngoMuntu wami kanjalo wena hawe


Bk: hey boy i want you to meet someone

We still standing 

He comes to where we standing

Bk: Langa this is Bunny my heart 

Langa: sawubona

I crotch in front of him and hold his tiny hands oh his cute with his offspring eyes wow photocopy yaBayanda no doubt.

Me:hi baby unjani

Him: i’m good are you my mommy

I stare into his eyes and i see something terrible i’m so lost in his eyes i’m seeing a vision his mom is dying and she told him that his fathers wife will always be his mom because she’s going to be a angel soon oh wow this girl didn’t hate me. Bk snaps me back to life

Bk: you crying babe

I wipe my tears as i look at him i see her in a angel form

Her:Take care of my son please and i’m sorry for hurting you. 

I smile i pick up Langa and i hug him

Me: of course baby i’m your mom neh and i love you so much my love

He hugs me back and places his head on my shoulder.

Banzi:ayi uzokumangaza uLanga he doesnt like anyone

We laugh

Bk:babe you okay

Me: sokhuluma babe i’m fine thou.

After sometime Langa sleeps Banzi takes him

I sit down on the sofa.

Me:uhm guys Langa’s mom is no more

Banzi: what do you mean?

Me: she’s in heaven Bayanda 

Bk: but simshiye eRight nje

Me: i think you should wait for a call.

Bk: wow 

Me: she died right after you left Bayanda.

Bk: at least not on our birthday

We laugh but you can tell his sad.

Me:i’m sorry babe

Bk:i’m okay sthandwa sami

He perks my lips

Jade:so no more clubbing

Bk: oh hell no we going 

We laugh. 

We live a nanny that Jade hired with Langa and we go to 1oak yho its a vibe we turn up. I met Scott  he knows Jade so we turn up with him it was good Banzi was drooling over eveyone 

Me:Banzi hold yourself

Banzi:yho ngiyazama ayi 

We laugh we had bottles of belvedere and wine nyana and hubbly. It was lit. At 2am we called it a night as we had work we decide that Bk signs out at the hotel and they stay with me so we went to the hotel first we fetched everything a sleeping Langa then we went to my place.

We got to my place Jade had already drove off. We ate pizza and wings.

I showed Banzi his room i was going to sleep with Both Bk and Langa.

Banzi:don’t you guys want privacy i mean you guys haven’t seen each other in a long time i don’t mind sleeping with Langa.

I looked at Bayanda 

Bk: ngajabula Bafo thank you.

He nodded and they went to sleep. 

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